Best PayPal Alternatives

18 Best PayPal Alternatives: Top Solutions

If you are setting up a payment form or opening up an e-commerce business soon, you will probably need an online payment platform that will help you accept money or help you to send and receive money if you are using it for personal use. PayPal just happens to be one of many.

Undoubtedly, the most popular and familiar online payment option for many is PayPal. The site holds over 254 million users. Whether it is for business or for personal use, PayPal proved itself over years to be efficient and effective in making quick and secure transactions. 

Nevertheless, there are plenty of other fast, secure, and convenient online payment processors that are considered as the best PayPal alternatives, offering you top solutions, business-wise. 

In this review, we’ll walk you through the different options for accepting online payments that you can come across. Check them out.

How to Choose the Best PayPal Alternative? 

Before we dig through the best PayPal alternative in 2020, there are a couple of important factors that you should be aware of. Here are some of the things you should take into consideration when looking for and evaluating an online payment option. 

1. Fees

This is the first thing to look for when considering an online payment platform that is an alternative to PayPal. Fees include Transaction fees, Monthly fees, Niche services, and more. You should include all these in your monthly budget and see if it works with you or not. 

2. Easy to use

You already have enough complicated things on your sleeves and the last thing you want a complex online payment system. Therefore, a simple and easy to comprehend system would be beneficial for you and your customers as well. Look for a platform where you don’t need to have IT skills so you can easily integrate it into your store. 

3. Payment Method Options

The best PayPal alternative includes more than one payment method. It shouldn’t be limited to dollars or euros only. The more, the better. The best option is when the platform allows for real-time conversions, enabling diversified payment methods. 

4. Customer Service

This is one of the important factors that go unestimated. Responsive customer service is quite important especially when it comes to online payments. You never know when you will need clarification about a certain problem. Or when you have problems with your account, cards, or more. That’s why a good and reachable customer service is crucial. 

5. Trustworthy 

The best PayPal alternative is a platform that doesn’t corrupt your trust and enthusiasm toward what you do with profit consolidation. Such platforms don’t give you enough room to grow as it continues yearly to scrape gains out of its clients. That’s why a well-reputed and well-established platform with reliable support to its customers is the one to go for.  

6. Mobile-friendly

There must be a way to pay as you go that makes payment easy and fast. Nowadays, with technological development, it becomes easier to use a mobile application for online payment. A mobile-friendly platform makes it seamless to login to your account, manage your transaction, and make payments hassle-free.

7. Transparency and Visibility

A lot of online payment platforms surprises you with unexpected fees that weren’t part of the deal.  Such platforms start incorporating small changes here and there that you didn’t take into consideration. This can be a great loss for your gains and business overall.

Check out the Top 18 Best PayPal Alternatives in 2020


Starting off the list of the best PayPal alternatives, pride itself as one of the best online payment providers in 2020. Founded in 1996, the platform ensures that electronic and credit card payments accepted in person, online, or over the phone are simple and hassle-free. - Best PayPal Alternatives

It offers you the best solution to streamline payment processing while relocating your focus on other important aspects of your business growth. 

Some of its features include Advanced fraud detection, dedicated customer manager, payment options, account updater, invoicing, recurring payment, and simple checkout. 

To better understand how it works, offers plenty of resources and insights on the platform and how you can start managing your payment processing. 


Authorize. Net offers two pricing plans:

  • All-in-One Option: set you up with a merchant account and a payment gateway. No set up fees. Monthly gateway: $25. Per transaction 2.9% + 30¢
  • Payment Gateway Only: No setup fee. Monthly gateway $25 and Per transaction 10¢, daily batch fee 10¢ 
  • Enterprise solution: the pricing is tailored if you process more than $500K per year.


  • data security and fraud prevention
  • 24/7 support
  • Reliability 
  • Accept payment with or without a website


Expensive compared to other competitors.

2. Payoneer

Payoneer is ideal for businesses and not personal one-to-one use. Indeed, Payoneer allows millions of businesses, networks, marketplaces, and professionals from all around the world to join a robust platform where they can grow and scale up their businesses.

Payoneer - Best PayPal Alternatives

With over 4 million users and 21 global offices, Payoneers is surely one of the leading online payment industries. 

Generally, Payoneer offers four different solutions including getting Paid, Manage funds, Pay, and working capital. In the Get paid solution, you can receive payment from accounts, marketplaces, and networks, and you can also request a payment.

When it comes to the Manage funds solution, you can withdraw to your bank, manage currencies, and manage multiple store payments. On the other hand, the Pay solution allows you to pay your VAT and contractors. Finally, you can get paid working capital by the marketplace.


Payoneer fees apply depending on three major actions:

  • Your Suppliers & Contractors: 1%ACH Bank Debit, 3% Credit card, and 1% Local bank transfer
  • From your Payoneer Balance, pay your Suppliers, Contractors & Business Partners for free
  • If Recipient Has a Payoneer Account: up to %2
  • If Recipient Does Not Have a Payoneer Account: 1.50 USD/EURO/GBP to a non-Payoneer customer
Withdraw from Bank
  • To Your Local Bank Account: Up to %2
  • To a Bank Account in The Same Currency: 1.50 USD/ EUR/GBP
Get Paid
  • Another Payoneer Customer is Free.
  • Via Receiving Accounts: $ 0-1% Fee varies by country
  • Directly From Your Customers: 3% Credit Card (all currencies) 1% ACH Bank Debit (USD)
  • Via Marketplaces & Networks: vary depending on the marketplace
Other Fees
  • Manage Currencies With Payoneer: 0.5% of the amount to transfer
  • Account fee: apply if there is no transaction in the last 12 months: $29.95


  • Secure and reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Great and responsive customer service



3. Square

Square is offering simple yet powerful tools to help and encourage businesses who are seeking to turn their ideas into real action.  Nevertheless, Square is commonly linked with in-person point-of-sale (POS) payment processing.

Square - Best PayPal Alternatives

Plus, they consider eCommerce options in their solutions as well. Their API integration deals smoothly with credit card payments and other types of payment.

Moreover, their services include Square Payments, In Person, By Invoice, accept and record payments on your computer, adding online payment solutions on your Website, Merchant Services, and more. Besides, the company dedicates a risk brand manager to help you obtain insight into payment fraud patterns. Also, it helps you pre-set rules and, and warnings for risk management.


Square pricing is as follows:

In-person Payment
  • Software is free
  •  Hardware is Free for the first reader; $10 for each additional one
  • Payment: 2.6% + 10¢
Card not Present Payment
  • Square Invoices transactions cost 2.9% + 30¢
  • Card-not-present transactions cost 3.5% + 15¢
  • Square Virtual Terminal transactions cost 3.5% + 15¢
  • Card on File transactions cost 3.5% + 15¢
  • eCommerce transactions cost 2.9% + 30¢
Custom Builds
  • Terminal API and Reader SDK transactions cost 2.6% + 10¢
  • In-App Payments SDK transactions cost 2.9% + 30¢
  • Online Payment APIs transactions cost 2.9% + 30¢
  • Business: free
  • Employees: Employee Payroll $29 per month + $5 per person paid per month, Contractor Payroll $5 per person paid per month
  • Customers: Loyalty Starting at $45 per month, Email Marketing Starting at $15 per month, Gift Cards Starting at 80¢


  • Interesting features
  • Affordable prices
  • intuitive dashboard for better tracking and management


Learning curve

4. Google Pay

Google Pay is the best platform simply because it is easy to use, fast and no fees apply. You can utilize it to pay in applications, on your websites, in your eCommerce store using cards held in your Google account. 

Google Pay - Best PayPal Alternatives

With that said, you will no longer lose money with every transaction just as you do in PayPal. You save your money and your business. In fact, on this online payment platform, you can enter your card information to your online Google account and leverage it from a fast, conventional payment gateway. Anywhere. Anytime.

The only disadvantage of this platform is the fact that you can’t use it if you are staying outside of the United States. The app is limited to only the USA residents.


GooglePay is one of the cheapest online payment services. Everything is for free, except for payment by credit card, which costs 2.9%.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Secure
  • Near-field communication technology


Limited to residents in the US

5. 2Checkout

2Checkout is another payment provider not the best PayPal alternative list for 2020. The platform is generally used by e-commerce businesses since it is easy to arrange subscriptions.

2Checkout - Best PayPal Alternatives

Founded in 2006, the company ever since worked on providing flexible and global payment solutions. It strives continuously to provide its customers with a seamless and efficient payment experience, turning them into loyal customers.

Some of its services include Global Payments, Digital Commerce, Subscription Billing, Reporting & Analytics, Global Tax & Financial Services Risk Management & Compliance, Merchant & Shopper Services, Partner Sales, and more. When it comes to its products, the company offers four main products including 2Sell, 2Subscribe, 2Monetize, Add-ons.


2Checkout has three pricing plans:
  • 2Sell plan costs 3.5% + $0.35 per successful sale
  • 2Subscribe plan costs 4.5% + $0.45 per successful sale
  • 2Monetize plan costs 6.0% + $0.60 per successful sale

Custom pricing for the enterprise.

No credit card is needed. You pay once you start selling.


  • Ideal for digital services
  • Different products and industries
  • A wide array of international currencies 


More improvement on withdraws 

6. WePay

WePay prides itself on serving the distinctive needs of its customer’s websites(or shoppers in general). Founded in Boston in 2008, the company continues to include technologies in its solution, ensuring a fast and facilitated payment process. 

WePay - Best PayPal Alternatives

Moreover, WePay is prepared to manage complicated payment requests, such as numerous payers or crowdfunding campaigns, and more. The company also stands out with experienced and dedicated customer support that makes sure all clients are satisfied and get all the answers they need. 

Besides, it offers three main products, including Link, Clear, and Core. First, Link is associated with merchants to chase. Second, Clear is its white label solution. And lastly, Core is created for large payment facilitators.


WePay does not display its fees on its official website.

However, reviewing users feedback, here are some numbers:

  • 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction
  • 1% + $0.30 for ACH payments

For more details, make sure to contact their sales representative.


  • Honest and transparent 
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Cover Fraud Loses


More improvement on the dashboard

7. Skrill

Skrill is one of the popular and leading online payment platforms. Founded in 2001, Skrill has helped millions of users to send and receive money and pay online.

Skrill - Best PayPal Alternatives

To start with, the platform is indeed easy to use. From one single dashboard, you can manage and track your money and keep a close eye on your instant transactions. Skrill enables you to make a wallet where you can centralize all your payment data in one area. Moreover, the platform offers a wide variety of currencies choices, giving you the option to choose the currency you want. Once you set up your Skrill, you can easily integrate your bank accounts.


  • Deposit Funds for Local and Global Payment Methods: Free
  • Withdraw Funds Global Payment Methods: Free
  • Send Money, Receive Money: Free
  • Keep Skrilling: If there was no transaction taking place in the last 12 months, they deduct a service fee of EUR 5.00 (or equivalent) monthly from your account.
  • Currency Conversion: Skrill account charge a fee of 3.99% for every transaction that involves currency conversions

Please note that these fees apply only in the USA. They may differ depending on your country and the currency involved. therefore, make sure to enter your country to get more details on fees and other charges that may apply.


  • Reduced costs
  • Easy to use and secure
  • Suitable for online stores
  • data centralization
  • Wide variety of currencies


Support service is not the best

8. Dwolla

Founded in 2008, Dwolla vision was to create a simple and easy-to-use platform that will ensure a seamless money transfer process. The platform also wanted to make sure that it’s customers do not have to pay high fees for such processes. That’s why they ensured to reduce fees and charges and work more on offering the best customer experience for their users.

Dwolla - Best PayPal Alternatives

Dwolla offers plenty of invaluable features including Addenda Records, automated notifications, digital wallet functionality, Bank verification, Custom feature Development, Customer transfer limits, Customized notifications, integrated partner functionality, and more.


Dwolla offers three pricing plans:
  • Pay as you go for free
  • Scale plan costs $2K per month
  • Enterprise plan costs $10K per month


  • A plethora of useful features
  • Dedicated support team
  • Easy to use 
  • Different transfer types


Credit card option is not available 

9. Stripe

Stripe is just another powerful online payment solution. The company supported millions of companies of all sizes—from startups to Fortune 500s. You can leverage from Strip software solutions and easy to use APIs for smoother and efficient online payments. Moreover, it sustains a capacity of development languages, including Ruby, Python, PHP, and Java. 

Stripe - Best PayPal Alternatives

Stripe enables over 135 currencies. Some of its features include mobile payments, visa checkout, internationalization, subscription billing, and one-click checkout, and more. What makes Stripe stand out from the crowd is its fastest-improving platform, battle-tested reliability, intelligent optimizations, and direct integrations. 


Stripe offers two plans:
  • Integrated plan where you pay as you go, and it costs 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card charge
  • Customized: you will need to contact the sales representative for more details.

If you want to know more about their pricing details, check out this page.


  • Plenty of resources
  • Excellent Dashboard
  • Accurate payment process
  • A large number of integrations


Limited customization

10. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is designed for small to medium businesses, large enterprises, partners, nonprofits, and for shoppers. It provides its client with more than just an online payment solution. It operates seamlessly with your website.

Amazon Pay - Best PayPal Alternatives

Moreover, it is optimized for mobile applications, meaning that you can check out just using the application. Furthermore, you can just ask Alexa to help you shop or donate.


  • Domestic transactions fees cost a fixed 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
  • Cross-border fees cost 3.9% + $0.30 per transaction.
  • $0.30 authorization fee

For more details, please contact the Amazon team.


  • Quick, secure, and simple checkout for customers
  • Enhance conversion
  • Decrease cart abandonment 


Fees are a bit higher compared to other competitors

11. Shopify Payments

Shopify eliminates 3rd party hassles. With Shopify payment, you can accept credit cards and other popular payment processes. Generally, this payment provider is easy to set up. Once you set it up, you can instantly start selling with a single click only.

Shopify Payments - Best PayPal Alternatives

Moreover, Shopify provides you with good options for payment methods, ensuring your customer a seamless playing experience. Furthermore, from a single dashboard, Shopify offers full transparency and visibility to your account activities. This ensures complete control over your cash flow.

Features wise, the platform guarantees your business and payment data security. In particular, it supports 3D secure checkouts. 


Shopify offers three pricing plans:
  • Advanced Shopify plan costs $299 per month. This is an ideal plan to help you scale your business
  • Shopify plan costs $79 per month. This plan is for those who need to grow their business.
  • Basic Shopify plan costs $29 per month. The last one is for those who are just starting their business. 


  • PCI compliant
  • 3D secure checkout
  • Seamless integration


May not be available in certain stores and countries.

12. Intuit

Intuit strives for global powering prosperity, “More Money, More Time, More Confidence.” Firstly, the company offers three types of products; Products for Individuals, Accountants, and Small Businesses.

Intuit - Best PayPal Alternatives

For individuals, there are flexible plans for contractors and freelancers, also what is known as a Quickbooks self-employed plan. Also, we have Mint, Turbo Tax (maximum refund), and Turbo(tackle debt and achieve your dream). For a small business, they provide services including, Checks and Tax Forms, QuickBooks Payroll, Payments, and TSheets. And lastly, for accounts, we have Lacerte Tax, ProConnect Tax, ProSeries Tax, and QuickBooks Online.

You can check out their Blog and Support page for further details on products and more.


Intuit pricing depends on their clients and products.

Intuit has three different clients, including individuals, small businesses, and accounts. Each target has different pricing that differs in terms of pricing. 

Make sure to check each product and service individually for more details on pricing. 


  • Easy to use
  • Innovative
  • Customer-oriented
  • High-value insights


Lack of some important features

13. Braintree Payments

Founded in 2007, Braintree offers international e-commerce means that sellers ought to create businesses, accept and receive payments, and facilitate exchange. It provides a simple payment solution and comes with a variety of payment methods.

Braintree Payments - Best PayPal Alternatives

The company has clients over 40 countries and counties. They enable them to accept, split and choose over 130 curries depending on their needs and preferences. 

In general, Braintree payment has 2 main products; Braintree Direct and Braintree extend. The Braintree Direct allows you to accept payment online so you can sell your services and products hassle-free. On the other hand, Braintree extends has to do more with your payment data.


 Braintree Payments offers two different pricing plans:
  • Standard pricing plan costs 2.9% + $.30 per transaction
  • Custom pricing plans depend on your business volumes and model.

ACH Direct Debit costs 0.75% per transaction


  • Data security and Fraud tools
  • Reporting
  • International scale
  • serverless connections.


On the expensive side

14. Worldpay

Worldpay provides an online payment solution at competitive pricing. Moreover, the platform comes with plenty of features including, PCI compliance, real-time data, fast payout, recurring billing, Global reach, Fraud prevention, and more.

Worldpay - Best PayPal Alternatives
At Worldpay, you have two options:
  • Sign up for monthly paid services
  • Sign up for a merchant account

The second option allows you to benefit from fees trade-off during transactions. Nevertheless, Worldpay continues to witness substantial developments in the last years. 


Worldpay has two pricing plans:
  • Gateway Standard plan costs From £19 per month
  • Gateway Advanced plan costs From £45per month 


  • User friendly
  • Competitive pricing
  • Great reporting


An absent support service

15. Adyen

Adyen is very popular among Uber, eBay, and other companies that deal with B2C transactions. It is a powerful software that offers a payment solution that you access anywhere and from any device. The company provides five products in general, including Online payments, point of sale in-store payments and terminals, platforms payment solution, unified commerce, issuing physical and virtual cards.

Adyen - Best PayPal Alternatives

Moreover, Adyenhas has over 250 payment methods and 150 international currencies. It also allows you to scrutinize transaction data and enhance your business performance.


Adyen fees depend on the payment method and location-based.

The processing fee costs $0.12 for all payment methods.


  • Global Acquiring
  • Risk management
  • Data-rich insights


Complicated pricing plans

16. Venmo

Founded in 2009, Venmo is created to facilitate sending and receiving payment between friends and family, and why not professionals. Once you set it up, you will see how easy it is to use the application. It’s secure, fast, and will improve your friendships! That’s what they say at least.

Venmo - Best PayPal Alternatives

With more than 60 million users and counting, Venmo has certainly made its footprint in this industry loud and clear. You can send and receive, pay business, in-app, and online. Moreover, you can even set up a business account.


  • ATM withdrawals cost $2.50 when it’s out of network
  • Electronic withdrawals standard or instant transfer cost 1% (min.$0.25 fee max. $10 fee)
  • Sending money to people using your credit card costs 3% of the transaction.
  • Over the counter, cash withdrawal costs $3 per signature withdrawal

For more details, check out their official pricing website page, here.


  • Over 60 million users
  • Easy to use, secure, and fast payment process
  • Ideal for different purposes


Default privacy setting

17. is another powerful PayPal alternative that is easy and affordable and accepts credit cards for your business. The company offers an Electronic Keypad Terminal for real-time processing on face-to-face exchanges. It also has wireless and mobile credit card processing.
At, you can easily apply for a Merchant account, enjoy High-Risk ACH and eCheck Processing. - Best PayPal Alternatives

Pricing features the lowest merchant account costs.

  • Discount rate costs as low as 0.25%
  • Transaction fee is as low as 15 cents.


  • No application fee and no cancellation fees
  • Affordable prices
  • Work together with different industries, including the ones with high risks


Annual PCI Compliance fee

18. TransferWise

Last but not least is Transferwise. The company pride itself on over 8 million happy customers with more than£4 billion monthly transactions. 

Transferwise - Best PayPal Alternatives

Some of the platform features include a multi-currency accountTransferWise Debit Mastercard, send money, and get real exchange rate, receive international bank details, and more. 


Send money fees:

  • Advanced transfer and Low-cost transfer costs 3.75 GBP includes 0.26 GBP fixed fee and 3.49 GBP(0.35%)variable fee
  • Fast and easy transfer costs 6.73 GBP

Ordering a TransferWise debit card costs £5

2% deduction from ATM withdrawals over £200 per month


  • Over 50 currencies
  • Low costs and fair 
  • Transparent and open when it comes to fees


Budgeting tools are not available

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why are Online Payment Services Essential?

Simply because they make your business financial and transactional processes much easier. Today, with many e-commerce businesses scaling up and expanding to global markets, payment via cash or checks can become a chore if not a hurdle to your business. This is where online payment services come to light.

They bring on several edges that can help both of you and your potential customers. Plus nowadays, people are more and more comfortable paying online. It’s convenient and fast.  The entire procedure – from submitting an online payment to managing your bank account – is made a breeze. 

2. What are the benefits of online payment services?

a. Speed
You will be able to save time with online payment as the whole process may take a few seconds of your precious time. 

b. Instant and Hassle-free
Having to deal with cash and checks and all the related documentation can be daunting. With online payment, you are dealing with a paperless process free from the extra hassles of manual payment

c. Enhanced Cash Flow
Much of the processes right now are automated, resulting in an instantaneous validation of transactions. 

3. Are there any risks of using online payment services?

The short answer is yes.

There are some risks when using an online payment service and the most common one is vulnerability to cybercriminals. They can steal not only your money but also yours and your customer private data. That is for sure the last thing you want to encounter.

That’s why a secure, reliable, and trustworthy online payment platform is important in this aspect.

4. What’s the difference between a payment gateway and a payment processor?

Payment gateway and payment processor are generally used interchangeably. However, there is a difference to highlight.  A payment processor is a system that disseminates transactions between the online seller and the bank. On the other hand, a payment gateway ascertains payments during a transaction- an essential validation.

5. How does the Online Payment Process operate?

For the whole process to take place, you will need your online business store or shopping cart, an online payment provider account, and a call to action to stirs the transaction process (like BUY NOW).

Once you integrate your online shop with the payment provider, you enable potential customers with online payment options so they can pay for products or services (depending on your business).

The whole payment process takes place when the potential customer proceeds with his payment and click on the buy now button or whatever call to action you have set up on your website. The customer will enter its credit and debit card details to request a transaction.

After verifying the card details and securing the fact that there is enough credit to purchase the product or service, the system approves the transaction and notify you and your customers.

In another case, the provider can decline your transaction for a number or reason, including not enough credit, incorrect details, and more.


The best PayPal alternative solutions differ depending on their industry targets, payment methods, smart technology involved, and their core values. Whether you are a business, account, marketplace, or simply an individual who is interested in making the payment process easy and accessible, you can certainly check out the list above to choose the one that fits with your needs.

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