The Best Project Management Software

10 Best Project Management Software For Your Business

“Project Management” is defined as the application of knowledge, processes, and technique to efficiently achieve the objectives of a given project. Relevant across a range of fields – from nonprofit organizations and schools to tech companies and beyond – project management allows professionals the necessary tools and resources to ensure the completion of their projects. 

The purpose of a project management software is to lessen the workload of organizing, carrying-out, and completing tasks, thereby improving productivity and boosting efficiency. You can think of project management software as compact, digital substitutes for the flowing sheets of spreadsheets and towering stacks of planners that have burdened professionals in the past.

A “tech-savvy” upgrade, if you will.

A typical project management software might be equipped with workflow analytics, an interactive calendar, file storage, ability to create teams and virtually assign tasks to members, and progress reports – just to name a few features.

Given the plethora of options available in the market for project management software, it is understandable that navigation can be confusing and even intimidating. With this in mind, we have curated the following, detailed list of project management software to help you discover which one caters to the needs and price-range of your business.

1. Basecamp

With more than a decade under its belt, Basecamp has proven itself a credible tool in the project management field and amassed a solid reputation with a loyal customer base.

Basecamp - Best Project Management Software

Equipped with a simple interface, Basecamp strikes me as a straightforward and user-friendly software that is easy to navigate.

Collaboration and communication with clients are clearly prioritized, as evident by the integration of core features such as direct messages, real-time chats, and ability to share tasks with those inside and outside of the organization.

Furthermore, it is easy to save client-feedback and track reports on the progress of your project.

Unfortunately, Basecamp forgoes any sort of budgeting or reporting features, therefore it is recommended that it not be used for extremely large external projects. 

How much does Basecamp cost?

  • Free Package:
    • $0/month per user
    • Maximum level of 3 projects with a 20 user limit for each project and an allocated 1 GB of storage in total.
  • “Full-Access” Package:
    • $99/month flat
    • Full access to all features and integration and with no cap on the amount of users.


  • Reputable and credible with over a decade of experience
  • User-friendly interface
  • Communication with clients prioritized
  • Streamlined management and collaboration system


  • Lack of budgeting and reporting features — not well suited for large, external projects
  • Expensive for smaller businesses

2. Scoro

Perhaps the most impressive quality about Scoro is its ability to effectively compress multiple software mechanisms into one all-encompassing package.

Scoro - Best Project Management Software

This unique ability allows Scoro to adeptly handle any aspect of the project management process, be it the planning phase, the proposal phase, the performance phase, all the way to the billing phase.

Condense and data-driven, Scoro appropriately reflects the corporate-based audience towards which it is clearly catered.

Admittedly, Scoro’s user interface takes some getting used to, as the main dashboard itself packs a variety of information including a list of projects, billable hours, planned tasks, a compact calendar and financial tracking devices. While definitely a learning curve, this comprehensive interface lives up to Scoro’s stated objective of helping you “manage not just projects but your entire company in one place.”

How much does Scoro cost?

  • “Essential” Package:
    • $26/month per user
    • Customizable Dashboards, Task Management, Calendar, Invoice, Quotes, Time Tracking, Outlook Integration, Summary Work Reports
  • Standard “Work-Hub” Package:
    • $37/month per user
    • All “Essential” package features + Detailed Work Reports, Zapier Integration, Billable Time
  • Pro “Work-Hub” Package:
    • $49/month per user
    • All Standard “Work-Hub” package features + Client Profiles, Labor Cost Calculations, Formula Metrics
  • Standard “Sales-Hub” Package:
    • $37/month per user
    • All Standard “Work-Hub” package features + Sales-focused Performance Metrics, Finances, and Reports
  • Pro “Sales-Hub” Package:
    • $49/month per user
    • All Pro “Work-Hub” package features + Sales-focused Performance Metrics, Finances, and Reports
  • “Ultimate” Package:
    • $73/month per user
    • Unlimited access to all features that Scoro has to offer including advance automation and reporting capabilities


  • Concise, all-in-one software adept to perform all parts of the project management process
  • Able to handle large, data-heavy projects efficiently
  • For higher paying customers, Scoro offers extensive support including onboarding, email support, video-tutorials, phone-support etc


  • The high-price range caters the product towards businesses with deep pockets and high-scale projects
  • Comfortable navigation of the user interface requires some time

3. Trello

Based on a kanban (Japanese for ‘signboard or billboard’ ) card-based system of organization, Trello offers a unique approach to project management.

Trello - Best Project Management Software

The visually-oriented kanban card-based system allows users to work in a collaborative and organized manner while simultaneously being transparent with team members and prioritizing the tasks at hand.

Trello’s simple and easily navigable interface renders it as an ideal introduction to the project management world, particularly for small teams and individuals. Trello’s cloud based platform also makes it easily accessible through a computer, phone, or tablet, thereby optimizing the efficiency of its users.

Trello is able to support both individual and group projects and the language used in the card-based system is easy to decipher. Within the cards, users are able to archive files, store images, assign due-dates, and attach links to name a few features.

How much does Trello cost?

  • Free Package:
    • $0/month per user
    • Unlimited Personal Boards,Cards, and Lists; 10 Team Boards, and 1 “Power-Up” (integration with other services).
  • “Business Class” Package:
    • $9.99/month per user
    • All “Free” package features + Unlimited Team boards, Unlimited Power-ups, and various admin and security features.
  • “Enterprise” Package:
    • $20.83/month per user
    • All “Business Class’ package features + Unlimited Command Runs + Public Board Management


  • Cloud Based platform easy to access: Available on web, mobile, and desktop
  • Kanban Card-Based system: Creative and Transparent
  • Simple Interface: Great for beginners


  • Limited Reporting Capabilities: Inconvenient for major projects

4. LiquidPlanner

Designed for complex projects with numerous contributors, LiquidPlanner is specifically catered towards its corporate customers, the likes of which include T-Mobile, Twitter, and various Fortune-500 firms.

LiquidPlanner - Best Project Management Software

Distinguishing it from other project management software, LiquidPlanner utilizes a unique scheduling methodology that heavily prioritizes task management.

Called the “Smart Schedule,” this unique scheduling feature prioritizes work through assigning people resources, tracking progress and estimating hours required to complete projects or tasks. In reviewing its “Smart Schedule” feature, LiquidPlanner’s official site states, “Scheduling multiple projects becomes easier than ever before. People know what to work on. Whenever priorities change, so do your schedules – automatically.”

Other features include an iOS and Android mobile app, cloud storage services, and unlimited internal dashboards, all of which boost efficiency by allowing easier access to users.

How much does LiquidPlanner cost?

  • Free Package:
    • $0/month per user
    • Unlimited Access to all available features for a 14-day trial period.
    • No need to enter Credit Card information to sign up.
  • “”Professional” Package:
    • $45/month per user
    • Google Drive/Dropbox integration, Comments with tasks, Time Tracking, Analytics, 100 GB storage
  • “Enterprise” Package:
    • Price is unavailable online: Contact LiquidPlanner
    • Access to all available features including: 500 GB storage, Resource Workload report, Expenses etc


  • “Smart Schedule” that prioritizes work
  • Ideal for Corporate-based business with complex projects
  • 14-Day free trial available
  • Cloud-storage services


  • Steep Learning curve due to advance features
  • Minimum requirement of 5 users: Not ideal for smaller businesses or personal use

5. Zoho Projects

Supported in over 16 different languages and equipped with all the standard features of a project management software, Zoho Projects is well-suited for a diverse range of businesses and projects.

Some fundamental features include a built-in time tracker, workflow management, customizable reporting, and the ability to integrate with other productivity tools from the same company such as Zoho Docs and Zoho Analytics.

Another unique Zoho Projects tool is a feature called “Gamescope” which allows team members to partake in some healthy and fun competition by means of game-like tactics such as leader-boards, trophies, and productivity challenges.

Tasks can be viewed and organized in both the previously discussed kanban style or a more traditional style. Communication and collaboration has also been made simple with the software’s built-in chat-app, which saves users the time of having to switch between third-party applications.

How much does Zoho Projects cost?

  • Free Package:
    • $0/month per user
    • Maximum of 5 users, 2 projects, and 10 MB file attachments
  • “Standard” Package:
    • $3/month per user
    • Maximum of 10 users, 10 projects, 5 project templates, and 5 GB file storage
    • Custom Status for Tasks and Projects, Zoho CRM Integration
  • “Express” Package:
    • $4/month per user
    • Maximum of 50 users, Unlimited projects, 10 project templates, and 20 GB file storage
    • All “Standard’ package features + Custom Views, Interactive Gantt charts, Timesheet approval, Zoho Invoice Integration
  • “Premium” Package:
    • $5/month per user
    • Maximum of 100 users, Unlimited projects, 20 project templates, and 100 GB file storage
    • All “Express” package features + Task Automation with Blueprint, Project Budget, Task Rollup, Business Rules and Automaton for Issues
  • “Enterprise” Package:
    • $6/month per user
    • Unlimited users, Unlimited projects, 30 project templates, and 120 GB file storage
    • All “Premium” package features + Global Gantt Chart, Personalized Web Domain, Roles and Profiles, Custom Fields


  • Varied Integration (with Zoho tools as well as Google and Microsoft)
  • Relatively well priced and accessible to many price-ranges
  • Unique features such as “Gamescope”
  • Cloud-based system: Easily Accessible


  • Limits on number of projects and users based on which package is purchased.
  • Features such as Gantt Charts and third-party integration are limited to higher priced packages.

6. Podio

Podio primarily focuses on providing its users with a communication-focused digital workplace through which to efficiently generate new ideas.

Podio - Best Project Management Software

Currently used by 500,000+ businesses globally, Podio enables users to be transparent and accountable within their teams by organizing and tracking multiple tasks in one easily-accessible location.

To further emphasize Podio’s communication-focused atmosphere, it is equipped with an instant messaging function to share ideas and check-in with team-members. Users are also able to share files and attachments efficiently through Podio’s integrated third-party applications such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

In regards to task management, Podio aids in the completion of both personal and shared tasks by including a task list with labels to help you prioritize, and then allowing team-members to view these shared tasks to ensure its completion.

How much does Podio cost?

  • Free Package:
    • $0/month per user: For up to 5 users
    • Task Management and Workspaces
  • “Basic” Package:
    • $9/month per user
    • Unlimited Users, Additional user Management
  • “Plus” Package:
    • $14/month per user
    • All “Basic” package features + Automated workflows, Read-only access
  • “Premium” Package:
    • $24/month per user
    • All “Plus” package features + Interactive dashboards, Visual Reports, Contact Syncing


  • Workflows save time and make it easy to link items for automation
  • Communication focused: Instant messaging function and ability to share files easily
  • Highly customizable
  • Available in 5+ languages


Steep learning curve in regards to navigating the detailed user interface

7. Asana

If you are looking to track tasks and productivity, look no further than Asana.

Asana - Best Project Management Software

This cloud-based project management software places a big emphasis on tracking, as evident by key features such as its to-do lists, reminders, due-date, calendars, and ability to track the actual task progression of your team-members.

The newest addition to Asana includes an automation feature which allows users to streamline processes, reduce errors, and spend less time on routine tasks. Asana’s flexible user-interface makes task management and working with varying team sizes easy.

Furthermore, from routine tasks to company goals, Asana showcases everything in one place so that users are able to prioritize their individual responsibilities and the collective objective of the team.

How much does Asana cost?

  • Free Package:
    • $0/month per user: For up to 15 users
    • Tasks, List/Board/Calendar View, Integrate with third-party apps
  • “Premium” Package:
    • $10.99/month per user
    • Timeline, Advanced Search and Reporting, Unlimited free guests, Admin Console
  • “Business” Package:
    • $24.99/month per user
    • All “Premium” package features + Portfolios, Workload Lock custom fields, Advance integration with Adobe Creative Cloud and Tableau etc
  • “Enterprise” Package:
    • Price is unavailable online: Contact Asana
    • All “Premium” package features + Data export and deletion, Priority Support, Block native integration


  • Tracking-oriented features
  • Flexible user interface
  • Cloud-based
  • Collaboration and Team-oriented


  • Costly for small businesses
  • Limited Customer Support

8. Teamwork Projects

A simple yet powerful application with a full feature set, Teamwork Projects offers both basic and advanced tools for enhancing your project management experience.

Teamwork Projects - Best Project Management Software

Offering a variety of viewing options, be it the kanban style, traditional lists, calendar view, or Gantt charts, Teamwork Projects truly allows the user to customize their dashboard.

Equipped with “status updates” such as the ones you would typically find in social-media platforms, Teamwork makes for a dynamic workplace wherein team-members can stay up to date on each other’s tasks in a creative manner.

The software is also accessible through mobile devices, the Web, Android, and Google Chrome, allowing for efficient integration wherever and whenever.

Client feedback and team productivity is also prioritized through an automated customer satisfaction feature which helps users reflect on the quality of their service. Some other key features of Team Project include the ability to add milestones, use notes/notebooks for research materials and implement sub-tasks.

How much does Teamwork Projects cost?

  • Free Package:
    • $0/month per user: For up to 5 users and 2 projects
    • Limited Board View, Subtasks, Teamwork Chat Instant Messenger
  • “Pro” Package:
    • $9/month per user: For up to 300 projects
    • Time tracking, Billing and Invoicing, Task List Templates, Dashboards, Unlimited Free Collaborators, 20 project templates
  • “Premium” Package:
    • $15/month per user: For up to 600 projects
    • All “Pro” package features + Manage Workload Capacity, Project Portfolio View, Custom Fields, Project Time Budget, 50 project templates
  • “Enterprise” Package:
    • Price is unavailable online: Contact Teamwork Projects
    • All “Premium” package features + Unlimited Projects, Add 100+ team members, Password Policies, Priority Support, Enterprise Class Security


  • Drag and Drop Abilities: Easy to use and understand
  • Streamlines communication between team members
  • Automated Customer Satisfaction feature allows accountability within teams
  • Easy Integration with Third Party applications


User- Interface is a steep learning curve: Although it is easy to use, one can easily get lost in the dashboard

9. Wrike

If you are looking to hit the ground running, then Wrike is the best option for you. With its completely functional, yet visually simple interface, it is ideal for those wanting to start their projects and business right away -without having to dedicate time to understanding the intricacies of a complicated system.

Wrike - Best Project Management Software

Suitable for rapidly shifting demands of any project, some key agile features include issue tracking, budget management, project reporting and Gantt charts. In terms of accountability features such as time logs also allow users the ability to review previous projects to predict the trend and cost of future projects. 

Wrike also offers its own add-on tools as extensions such as Wrike Resources (for resource management), Wrike Proof (for asset review), and Wrike Analyze ( for analytics and reporting), thereby making integration effortless and efficient.

How much does Wrike cost?

  • Free Package:
    • $0/month per user: For up to 5 users
    • Managing tasks, File Sharing, Spreadsheet View, real-time activity stream
  • “Professional” Package:
    • $9.80/month per user
    • All “Free” package features +  Subtasks, Dashboards with custom widgets, Time-tracking, Workload view, Reports, MS project and Excel integration
  • “Business” Package:
    • $24.80/month per user
    • All “Professional” package features + Custom fields and workflows, Graphical analytics, Report templates, Resource management, Request Forms, Time tracking, Salesforce integration
  • “Marketers” Package:
    • $34.60/month per user
    • All “Business” package features + Proofing and Approval, Adobe Creative Cloud Extension, Tailored Workspaces
  • “Enterprise” Package:
    • Price is unavailable online: Contact Wrike
    • All “Professional” package features + Custom fields, Custom workflows, critical path, progress reports, 20 shareable dashboards etc


  • Agile features suitable for all needs
  • Functional yet simple user-interface
  • Wrike’s own add-on tools available for integration


  • Interface can at times be a bit…plain
  • Paid plans tend to be on the more expensive side


Made up entirely of customizable spreadsheets, takes a unique approach to project management. Through said spreadsheets, users are able to view the activities and progress of team members, thereby creating a dynamic workspace. - Best Project Management Software

Equipped with a sleek user interface, provides users with a modern-day feel. It utilizes the drag and drop approach to build projects, create schedules, and assign tasks to team members.

Furthermore, integrations for file storage such as those through Google Drive and Dropbox are also available through

Simple and collaboration-oriented, is perfect for newcomers and small businesses hoping to forgo the steep learning curve otherwise associated with similar project management software.

How much does cost?

  • “Basic” Package:
    • $39/month per 5 user
    • Kanban view, Two-Factor authentication, 5 GB storage, Basic activity log, 1 dashboard
  • “Standard” Package:
    • $49/month per 5 user
    • All “Basic” package features + Timeline view, Map view, Calendar view, 50 GB storage, Unlimited activity log, 5 dashboards
  • “Pro” Package:
    • $79/month per 5 user
    • All “Standard” package features + Time tracking, Formula column, Chart View, Unlimited guests, Unlimited storage, 20 dashboards
  • “Enterprise” Package:
    • Price is unavailable online: Contact
    • All “Pro” package features + VIP support, One-on-one training, Session management, Unlimited dashboards, Audit log


  • Sleek User-interface: Modern approach to project management
  • Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox
  • 14-day free trial period
  • Simple and Collaboration-oriented


Pricing system bit confusing at times

How to Select The Best Project Management Software:

The best project management software for any business is entirely dependent upon its specific needs and requirements. In other words, there is no right answer. Here are a few things to consider when debating which of the software from the list will cater to your needs:

1. User Size

Many project management software often offer a free-version of their application to businesses that require fewer people on each team ( about 5-10 users). Alternatively, some priced packages from the list of project management software above require a minimum level of users. Therefore, when picking which software is best for your business, it is important to take note of such minute yet important details.

2. Pricing

It goes without saying that pricing plays a major role in deciding which project management software you would ultimately end up choosing. As evidenced by the diverse price-ranges of the software from our list, any business regardless of its budget should be able to find its perfect fit.

For example, a flat rate such as that offered by Basecamp is a great idea for larger businesses yet it might hurt the pockets of smaller businesses with fewer personnel. Therefore, it is a good idea to take the user size of your business into account when selecting your project management software.

3. Project Complexity or Features

Perhaps the most important consideration to make in selecting your ideal project management software is to reflect on what you actually need it to do. For example, what features are absolutely necessary for your business? Some software offer more complex tools than others, yet there is no need for such tools if you do not plan on running a corporate business.

Another important question to ask yourself is what is the level of complexity that you need your software to handle? For example, Trello is great for simple projects with fewer members, however for more complex projects, you might have to consider software such as LiquidPlanner, Scoro, or Zoho Projects.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What constitutes a “Project”?

A project is an effort or initiative to create a new and unique product or service. A project has to have a defined start date and a defined end date. A project is not a recurring activity, but rather a single initiative.

2. What is “Project Management” and what is a “Project Management Software”?

Project management is the application of knowledge, processes, and technique to efficiently achieve the objectives of a given project. It can be applied to a vast range of professional fields such as tech companies, auto manufacturers, schools etc.

A project management software, on the other hand works to lessen the workload of organizing, carrying-out, and completing tasks.

3. What are some standard features to expect in a Project Management Software?

Projects Management software contain many features that set them apart from one another, however these are some standard features to expect out of most (f not all) of them:

a. Project Planning and Scheduling
. Team Collaboration
. Time Tracking
. Reporting
. Project Budgeting
. Billing & Quotes

4. What are the benefits of using a Project Management Software?

The main benefit of a project management software is the ability to track numerous tasks and organize them within the context of the overarching project. This allows team-members a better sense of their own progress and what else needs to be in order to obtain their collective objective. In simple terms, a project management software is an organizational tool that optimizes the productivity and efficiency of its users.


The modern-day vast market of project management software makes it (understandably) intimidating to select the best option for you and your business.

However, putting in the effort to understand the unique features and limitations of individual software will not only help you make a more informed decision but also save you time and money later on!

Ultimately, your ideal project management software will help you run your business more smoothly and hassle-free than ever before!

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