Best Remote Desktop Software and Access Tools

18 Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools

The Best Remote Desktop Software and Access Tools allow individuals to use their computer to view and control a host computer, over a network, without being physically there. The purpose of using such kind of software may differ from one to another.

Nevertheless, some of the common usages include desktop sharing, remote managing, transmitting data, and more. Corporates of all sizes and types often deploy or install a remote access software in their workplace for easy and convenient accessibility.

On one hand, this grant of access is to support and assist their customers in addressing an issue. On the other hand, it can be helpful to share, edit, and manage files and folders between team members. Eventually, it increases productivity, saves time, and lessen the complexity of critical issues. 

Without further ado, we have researched and reviewed 18 Best Remote Desktop Software and Access Tools that fit with your business needs and goals. Check them out!

Selecting the Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools

Before choosing the best remote desktop software, it is essential to understand and learn about several factors that can help you to narrow down to your final choice. Indeed, this step is imperative, especially with the sheer number of remote access software that is currently available on the market. For this reason, you want to make sure that you are choosing the right one that meets your business needs and goals.

1. Purpose

The reason why the best remote desktop software and access tools are crucial is that they allow operators and business owners to obtain access to files wherever they are and whenever they want, with no restrictions. Yet, what makes this software unique and different from cloud-based ones is the fact that they offer IT solutions with the power to direct and fix any issues end-users are unable to resolve.  

2. Security

The next factor to consider is security. Without a doubt, you want to make sure that the software is sufficiently secure to transmit your files and data in general safely. For instance, the best remote access software can incorporate two-factor authentication, codes and brute force security, or encryption programs such as RSA and RC4. This helps to ensure that your files and information are protected and guarded.

3. Usability

Undoubtedly, being able to take over remotely on present issues where end users are incapable of resolving might require some extensive technical IT knowledge. Nonetheless, this is mainly when we are dealing with a complex software interface. Therefore, the usability of the software will either depend on the IT skills of your team or its interface. In fact, some software comes with easy to comprehend and use interfaces, and they do not require a high level of IT knowledge. Yet, it remains important that you know some basic skills.

4. Customer Support Services

The first reason why this software exists is to offer assistance to employees or end-users in general when in trouble. Though, assistance is incomplete with supportive customer services. Evidently, the customer support will provide the right guidance for end-users to resolve and seek a solution. With that said, constant communication with the customer is essential to figure out precisely all the details on the arising problem and how it happened in the first place.

5. Sign-ins

The best thing about remote access tools is their ability to integrate with Active Directory. First, an active directory helps you manage different devices on a specific network. In other words, it allows you to build and operate domains, users, groups, and more within a system. In like manner, it allows you to concentrate and control IT sign-ins. 

6. Scalability

Seemingly, the best remote desktop software and access tools provide the ultimate productivity to a mass number of users and their ability to integrate into the software instantly and hassle-free. You want to make sure that you are choosing software that will help you grow your business.

Not only that but also offer your employees the adequate and comprehensive support they need. Nevertheless, in order to achieve this scalability, 3 main and effective elements should be considered. In particular, these elements include license type (generally depends on the organization’s employee base), Wan Bandwidth (per user), and hardware resources. 

Other important features include Cross-platform access, logs and reporting, session scheduling and recording, and more.

1. RemotePC

Starting off the list of the best remote desktop software and access tools with RemotePC. Certainly, this software is commonly used for personal and professional purposes. Many businesses have adopted and deployed this software to manage remote operations when needed. In particular, RemotePC is always On remote access by which you can take full control over your PC anywhere in the world. Moreover, it features one-time instant access, multi-to-multi monitor, logs and reports, compliance, and more.

RemotePC - Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools

You can also use the drag and drop folder to transfer files, you can invite your team members to collaborate on a task or help address an issue, and you can chat and send messages between PCs. More importantly, if you don’t feel the need to install the software, you can easily use the web version.


RemotePC offers four pricing plans:

  • Consumer plan costs $29.50 per year for two computers.
  • Soho plan costs $69.50 per year for 10 computers
  • Team plan costs $249.50 per year for 50 computers and more
  • Enterprise plan costs $499.50 per year for 100 computers and more.


  • Outstanding performance
  • Great security measurement
  • Access to limitless concurrent sessions
  • Variety of accessibility choices.
  • Record and save remote sessions.


  • Some of the features are not available on the web version.
  • The mobile application can be improved.

2. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is another popular remote access software. With over 2 billion devices connected, you can tell the efficiency and convenience of this software. First, this software comes with a free version and other pricing plans for those who are looking for more advanced features. Moreover, the users of this software highly praise its security and fast connection. Eventually, it allows a smoother and hassle-free user experience. Besides, it features VPN alternative, Cross-platform access, and remote device control. 

TeamViewer - Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools


TeamViewer offers three pricing plans:

  • Single user plan (business license) costs $19.90 per month for one seat one session.
  • Multi-user plan (premium license) costs $43.90 per month for multiple seats and one remote session.
  • Team plan (corporate license) costs $79.90 per month for multiple seats and three remote session


  • Ideal for different purposes and everyone
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free version
  • Flexible file sharing options
  • Time-saving shortcuts


Bit pricey

3. Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager is a compelling, robust, easy-to-use remote software solution for PCs, Macs, and other devices. Indeed, this software is designed to assist organizations of all sizes, from single users to large corporations. In particular, Remote Desktop Manager allows you to manage your remote connection from a single platform, to control and store your passwords, to safeguard access to sensitive assets, to share IT solutions between your team members, and more.

Remote Desktop Manager - Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools


Remote Desktop Manager offers four pricing plans:

  • Single user plan costs $199.99 per one-year subscription and $479.99 per 3-year subscription.
  • Site plan costs $4.999.99 per one-year and $11,999.99 per three-year subscription.

For more details on other plans, you can check out their official pricing page, here.


  • High level of security
  • Ease of management
  • Audits and reports
  • User friendly


Can lag sometimes

4. Splashtop

Reliable, secure, and easy to deploy are the three main qualities of Splashtop. The software is a versatile remote access system. For instance, it includes a sheer number of powerful features, including easy deployment, easy to use interface, and unmatched and robust security.

Splashtop - Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools

You can easily access it from any device. Moreover, you can remote reboot, share screen, transfer files, session recording, remote wake, remote print, and more. When it comes to monitoring and management features, you can set up configurable alerts, view events log, and more. Nevertheless, most of these features are exclusive only for a premium plan. 


Splashtop offers four different categories, each comes with different pricing plans:

For business and Individuals:

  • Business Access Solo plan costs $5 per month and billed annually at $60.
  • Business Access Pro plan costs $8.25 per month per user and billed annually at $99
  • Volume Licenses Business Access Pro plan costs $4.54 per month per user. For 10-49 users, you can save up to 45%.

For managed service providers

  • Plus remote support plan costs $25 per month and billed at $299 per 25 computers per year.
  • Premium remote support plan costs $40 per month and billed at $479 per 25 computers per year.

For IT, support, and Help desks

  • SOS plan costs $15 per month
  • SOS+10 plan costs $16 per month
  • Unlimited plan costs $29 per month
  • Enterprise plan: you will need to contact a sales representative for a quote.

For teachers

  • Mirroring360 Pro plan costs $29.99 per year per teacher.
  • Classroom cloud plan costs starting at $29.99 per year per teacher


  • Secure AWS cloud infrastructure 
  • High-performance engine
  • Easy deployment
  • Impressive and high-level security
  • High-performance engine
  • Categorized plans to meet with everyone’s needs and goals


A bit on the expensive side

5. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist highlights six different features including remote support, unattended remote access, screen sharing, security, customization, and integrations. Undoubtedly, these features make it one of the most prevalent choices on the market.

Zoho Assist - Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools

Thus, customization wise, the software allows you to embed your client widget on your site and enable him to join you. Besides, you can customize your URL portal, add your brand’s logo, build various divisions within an organization with specific email templates and configurations. 


Zoho Assist offers two packages with different pricing plans:

1st set is Remote support 

  • Standard plan costs $10 per month for one technician.
  • Professional plan costs $15 per month for one technician.
  • Enterprise plan cost $25 per month for one technician.

2nd set is Unattended support

  • Standard plan costs $10 per month for 25 unattended computers.
  • Professional plan costs $15 per month for 25 unattended computers 


  • Great consoling
  • Easy deployment 
  • Analysis of your remote support details
  • Mobile SDK for iOS/Android integrations
  • ITSM and Service Desk Solutions integrations
  • Two-factor authentication


  • Limited free version
  • File over 2GB can lag when transferring

6. LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn Pro regards security as one of its high priorities when it comes to remote access tools. Equally important, this software increases productivity, improves performance, and properly assists your clients or employees whenever they need it. Moreover, the software allows you to access your files and applications easily. Besides, you can use the drag and drop builder to transfer files seamlessly with no size limitations. 

LogMeIn Pro - Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools


LogMeIn Pro offers three pricing plans:

  • Individual plan costs $30 per month with access up to 2 computers
  • power users plan costs $70 per month with access up to 5 computers
  • Small business plan costs $129 per month with access up to 10 computers


  • Unlimited remote access
  • User-friendly interface
  • 1TB File Storage
  • Multi-Monitor Display



7. ISL Light Remote Desktop

ISL Light Remote Desktop is a safe and robust desktop software to assist your clients in accessing unattended computers. Moreover, the software is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux computer, or mobile device. To start with, ISL remote software is easy to use and doesn’t require any IT skills. Besides, it enables you to bridge with and control any server or remote PCs instantly and anywhere in the world. 

ISL Light Remote Desktop - Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools

The software also highlights some features including branding customization, allowing you to add a more personalized touch to your workflow. It also enables you to display multiple monitors in desktop remote sessions. Consequently, this helps you view and control the remote computer and drag and drop files from one computer to another.

Furthermore, ISL Online permits two-factor authentication for maximized security. It also integrates with external security systems and guarantees AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption.


Islonline offers three pricing plans with a free version:

  • Pay per use plan costs $145 per 500 min per year. It is ideal for small businesses. 
  • Cloud plan costs $469 per license per year. It makes the perfect option for Multi-user licenses for expanding businesses.
  • Self-hosted plan costs $990 per license per lifetime, and it is ideal for large businesses. It also required a server installation in this plan.


  • Cross-platform
  • High-speed screen sharing  
  • Rich customization options 
  • OEM white-labeling.
  • Connect via RDP
  • Increased security


Limited user administration

8. Connectwise Control

ConnectWise Control is used to be referred to as iScreen connect. By using this software, you can easily personalize with your logo, customize colors, choose your workflow, edit over 1.200 settings, and localize your language. Moreover, the software operates perfectly on every platform. With that said, you can connect with any type of device you have. 

Connectwise Control - Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools


Connectwise Control offers two pricing set:

Support set :

  • One plan costs $19 per month with one user can make one connection
  • Standard plan costs $35 per month with one user can make three connection
  • Premium plan costs $45 per month with one user can make ten connection

Access set:

  • For 25 unattended access agents, it costs $30. Depending on the number of access agents, the prices vary accordingly. Check out more, here.


  • Product integration and extension
  • OEM and Custom Development
  • Ideal for team collaboration
  • Designed for advanced remote support
  • Powerful remote capabilities


More work should be done on the mobile app.

9. Parallels Access

Parallels Access is a desktop software tool that helps end-users to remain connected with their personal or work system remotely. There is no need to be physically present for this purpose. Certainly, this software manages, edits, and transfers files and data in general from one the user computer to the host computer.

Parallels Access - Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools

Besides, it stores your files locally and allows you to preview them even without network availability. Recently, they added a new feature that enables you to share files with your friends and colleagues without a cloud server.


Parallels Access offers three pricing plans:

  • One year plan costs $19.99 for one user account.
  • Two-year plan costs $34.99 for one user account.
  • Business plan costs $94.99 per year for an unlimited user account


  • Easy to use
  • Straightforward features
  • Affordable prices.


Need more advanced features

10. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a free remote desktop software that’s accessible on the web, Android, and iOS. It’s fast and simple to use. However, it might be limited in terms of options, especially compared to other software mentioned on this list. Thus, it allows you to connect to your computer securely from other different devices.

Chrome Remote Desktop - Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools


Chrome Remote Desktop is entirely free to use. Surely, there are no perks or needed subscriptions. All you need is to sign in into your Google account to be able to set it up.


  • Free 
  • Easy to use and fast
  • Available on the web, Android, and iOS.


  • Limited advanced features
  • Compatible with google chrome only

11. Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities is a remote desktop software for business. Assuredly, this software enables you the power to control your IT infrastructure effectively and hassle-free. For instance, it shows you full control and views over your host computer. Moreover, it encompasses two-factor authentication for added security.

Remote Utilities - Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools


Remote utilities offer five pricing plans based on licenses types:

  • Endpoint plan costs $29
  • started plan costs $99 
  • Mini plan costs $249  
  • Pro plan costs $499
  • Site plan costs $12k

It is a one-time subscription.


  • Active directory support
  • 2-factor authentication for an ultimate security
  • MSI Configuration
  • The sheer number of powerful and useful features


Suitable for windows devices only

12. Ultra VNC

Ultra VNC is a powerful and free remote access software providing scalable solutions for different kinds of businesses. Hence, the software enables you to the screen of the host computer over a network. Consequently, you can easily control it remotely with zero interruption.

Ultra VNC - Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools

In brief, this means you can manage and operate the host computer from your present location remotely. Nevertheless, to achieve this remote connection, a VNC server must be deployed on the desktop computer desktop.


UltraVNC is Free and shared beneath the terms of the GNU General Public License.


  • Robus and free software
  • VNC server-client connection
  • Easy management and control


May not be ideal for non-tech savvy people

13. Anydesk

Anydesk is one of the leading remote connection software that offers remote connection and assistance solutions for all kinds of end-users. With over 200+million downloads, you clearly state that many users trust and rely on this software for their personal and business goals. 

AnyDesk - Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools

Some of the features include unattended access, remote printing, remote support, the smooth performance of processes, encryption tech for high-level security, verified and secured connected, real-time collaboration between the team members or with the customers, high frame rates, and more.


Anydesk offers three pricing plans:

  • Lite plan costs $10.99 per month (excluding VAT) for one device and one session. This plan is ideal for freelancers and small businesses.
  • Professional plan costs $20.99 per month (excluding VAT) for Multiple devices and one or more concurrent sessions. This one is ideal for medium-sized corporations.
  • Power plan costs $52.49 per month (excluding VAT) for multiple devices and unlimited concurrent sessions. This last pricing plan is excellent for larger organizations.


  • Efficient bandwidth use
  • Services’ agility
  • Ultimate security and data protection
  • Easy to use


Screen sharing resolution can be enhanced.

14. AeroAdmin

AeroAdmin is a fully packaged software that allows complete remote computer control, monitoring, and management. Besides the fact that it is free, there are several reasons why you should include this software in the list of the best remote desktop software and access tools.

AeroAdmin - Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools

Indeed, the software helps you save your money and time by creating a simplified process to operate the program. Consequently, with few clicks, everything is under your control and ready to be managed accordingly. More importantly, there is no need for installation as you can operate the program using the application version.

Equally important, the software ensures the safety and confidentiality of your data as the program operates using the encryption program. Not only that but it also emphasizes authentication measures for a maximized security.


AeroAdmin is free software. Likewise, it is available for everyone, both personal and business, with restrictions. 


  • Ultimate security for your confidential data
  • Money and time saving
  • Rich of powerful features
  • Free and reliable for commercial and personal use
  • AES + RSA Encryption


Slow browsing and disconnect oftentimes

15. VNC Connect

VNC Connect is another popular remote access software around the world. Different companies use this software for easy and effective remote management. Above all, the software highlights several powerful features including, Intuitive remote control, cross-platform support, attended and unattended access, direct and cloud connectivity, file transfer, printing and chat, virtual desktops under Linux, and more.

VNC Connect - Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools

Besides, it offers remote access to your devices from anywhere in the world and whenever it is needed. VNC Connect provides secure and reliable screen sharing.


VNC Connect offers two pricing plans:

  • Professional plan costs $3.34 for one remote computer per month. The Instant support cost $16.67 per named technician per month
  • Enterprise plan costs $4.59 for one remote computer per month. The Instant support cost $33.34 per named technician per month


  • Effective online team management software
  • Remote deployment
  • Multilingual support 
  • No lag time


The need of introducing more advanced features.

16. Ammyy

Ammyy is free remote desktop software. It enables PC sharing and controlling. The software is absolute for many reasons. First, you don’t need installation. All you have to do is download it, set an ID, and start desktop remote sharing. Secondly, it is user friendly, and it doesn’ require any IT knowledge or skills. Therefore, both professionals and non-professionals can use the software for their needs. Moreover, it features a high standard of data transfer security, voice chat, file manager, and more.

Ammyy - Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools


Ammyy offers three pricing plans:

  • Starter plan v3 costs $33.9
  • Premium v3 plan costs $66.9 
  • Corporate v3 plan costs $99.9 


  • User-friendly interface
  • Secured and fast
  • High performance
  • Easy management of files 


Lags quite a bit

17. Iperius Remote

Iperius Remote Connect simply and rapidly to a host computer over a network. It allows you to control and manage the computer as if you were locally present there. Moreover, the software enables you to transfer data securely, chat, share the screen with your employees/customers, and display detailed statistics. Besides, you can share a list of your contacts while imposing limitations on particular permissions.

Iperius Remote - Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools


Iperius Remote offers four pricing plans:

  • Small plan costs $96, and it comes with two concurrent connections.
  • Medium plan costs $246, and it comes with five concurrent connections.
  •  Large plan costs $386, and it comes with ten concurrent connections.
  • X large plan costs $596, and it comes with 15 concurrent connections.


  • Unattended access
  • Easy to use
  • Stable and fast performance
  • Specified statistics


More advanced features should be considered.

18. Mikogo

The last but not the least in the list of the best remote desktop software and access tools is Mikogo. Like most software we have seen so far, Mikogo is all about quality. The software allows you to share your desktop with your team members in the best quality possible.

Mikogo - Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools

Moreover, the best about this software is there is no need to download or install it, and you can connect via the browser. So that you can save you time and get right into business. Thus, this software’s features include, switch presenter, remote control, voice conferencing, session scheduler and recording, multi-user whiteboard, file transfer, chat, and more.


Mikogo offers three pricing plans:

  • Standard plan costs $14 per month ($168 annually). This plan is for one single-user license and one participant/session.
  • Professional plan costs $16 per month ($ 192 annually). It is for one single-user license and 25 participants/session.
  • Team plan costs $48 per month ($ 576 annually). The plan is for five single-user licenses and 25 participants/sessions.


  • Available in 30 languages
  • Customization of screen sharing
  • No installation required
  • Available on different devices


Limited free version

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is Remote Desktop access?

Remote PC desktop software and access tools enable you to access any remotely located devices whenever and wherever you are. Nevertheless, the aim and role of remote access depend on a large part of the end-user and the particular program in control.

Commonly, IT units in any organization or business use the remote access software for their IT operations. The software allows them for easy and effective access to different devices within the company. Eventually, this access assists them with installations, settlements, and other essential applications.

Thus, the use of remote access software is not limited to IT companies or departments. Undoubtedly, non-IT companies can use the software to offer their employees or clients with essential remote assistance and help desk capacities. Moreover, the software can be a great tool to access company devices when employees are working remotely. 

In brief, remote access allows users to connect to other devices remotely and gives the power to control these devices. The owner of the host devices, however, can either offer full accessibility with no restrictions or limit their control to particular units. 

2. Who needs the best remote desktop software and access tools?

The best remote desktop software and access tools usability is not limited to a particular group of users. Certainly, it is for everyone. For instance, businesses of all kinds and sizes can grant their employees access to office devices by using remote software.

In fact, this happens a lot, especially when employees are working remotely or on their days off. Moreover, instructors or educators can also benefit from using this software. Thus, they present their lessons to multiple learners at the same time. Above all, the first beneficiaries of the best remote desktop software and access tools are IT units in any company. Certainly, it is quite useful, cost-effective, time-saving, and practical.

3. What are the benefits of using the best Remote desktop software?

In truth, there are many benefits of using remote desktop software. Some of these benefits, we can mention the following:

a. Increase Productivity
If you are working remotely, remote access software can be the best tool to access the office devices. It is hassle-free and quite useful. For instance, the software allows users to manage and edit different files and accomplish particular tasks that may require urgent submission. In this case, the software offers you the ability to deal with an urgent situation efficiently and in real-time.

b. Technical Support
Almost if not all IT departments and businesses use remote desktop access software for IT applications. It is one of the robust tools they can use to manage, control, and direct the process of different operations despite their physical locations. In many cases, the remote access software plays a major role when a problem in the workplace arises, and the ones who are responsible aren’t there physically to handle it. Instantly, they can easily connect to the company devices using remote software and solve the issue.

c. Enhance Collaboration and Cooperation
While working remotely, the software can bring together the different team members to collaborate and cooperate on a certain project. It is an effective way to manage applications by sharing a common screen viewing for presentations and process demonstration. For example, different international groups can all connect and discuss their next project using one of these remote desktop access software.

4. What are the different ways to obtain remote access?

In order to obtain a connection, there are several ways to do so. Firstly, you have to dispose of or install one of the remote desktop software you chose to work with and connect it with your network. The software will operate as a server in your workstation.

Nevertheless, here are three popular methods to obtain this remote access connection:

Remote Access VPN
VPN stands for Virtual private network. This method of connection allows users to connect to a private and secure server where they can remotely access the company’s system. For ultimate security, the VPN uses data encryption to ensure its protection.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
RDP is a Microsoft exclusive protocol. This type of system allows users to obtain a remote connection. To achieve this remote connection, there must be a client service system deployed. In other words, the Network deployers require the usage of RDP client software while the end-users need to use the RDP server software. Nevertheless, this type of connection promotes the use of data transfer agreement and encryption between the two parties. 

Internet Proxy Servers
With increased performance and security, Internet proxy servers enable an exterior connection of the business network or firewall.

5. What are some of the useful practices related to the Best Remote Desktop Software And Access Tools?

Security is one of the most crucial aspects to take into consideration when using the best remote desktop software and access tools. Equally important, there is no doubt that remote access software is super convenient and efficient in addressing demanding IT issues or management operations.

However, these qualities do not make them free of danger or from cyber hacks. With that said, no matter what is the purpose of you using this software, you should always consider some of these best practices that help achieve the best security when connecting remotely.

These are some that we can mention:

Apply for the Endpoint protection:
Endpoint protection is a method used to protect remotely connected computer networks with customer/employee devices. This protection encompasses everything including, servers, laptops, wireless devices, and more you deploy to bridge with the network.

Nevertheless, it is essential to highlight that Endpoint security/protection is not an Antivirus software. Endpoint security involves the protection of different kinds of attacks, while Antivirus only targets one Endpoint. Moreover, Antivirus is generally used to protect against harmful files.

Avoid public WIFI:
If there is anything we highly recommend is the importance of preventing any connection with public WIFI. Despite being open-source and free, Public WIfi is utterly full of security risks. And whether you are aware or not, your data or your business data can effortlessly be stolen without your knowledge. With that said, the first thing you should make sure of is the look for a secured and protected connection.

Use Intricate Passwords:
Network passwords should not be easy to tell or guess. Avoid using personal information or elements of your username or emails. Instead, make sure that your login password comprises a different mixture of characters including, numbers, symbols, and letters. Moreover, consider using long passwords.

Personal devices are for the last call:
Your personal devices may carry viruses and malicious files that can affect the data of your company once remotely connected. Thus, companies usually ensure that their devices and tools within the workspace are well protected and secured. Consequently, you can notice that they are supplied with security patches and antivirus software.

Fulfill at least Two-Factor Authentication: 
The factor authentication ensures that your connection and access is secured against any security violations or infringements. That’s why you should at least consider the implementation of two-factor authentication. This enhances and strengthens your security against cyber-attacks and hacks.


Remote desktop software and access tools can scale up your business to the next level. By using a remote access strategy, you make it easier for your employees to address complex issues instantly and effectively. Not only that, but you provide them with the best tools to access their work files anywhere remotely, making it super convenient and efficient for them to handle urgent tasks.

Undoubtedly, many corporations worldwide planned and implemented a remote access strategy for their teams during the coronavirus pandemic. Eventually, this ensured their continued productivity and collaboration on their future project, putting them ahead of their game.

Zoho Assist - Remote Support Software