Best Screen Recorders

13 Best Screen Recorders

Previously, recording a screen was one of the hardest endeavors. You either had to get software experts to do it on your behalf or use complex tools that were hard to get. Thankfully, with the coming of screen recording software, you can now do this with very little effort.

Screen recorders will provide you with an easy and quick way to create demos, tutorials and record gameplays. Whether you need to explain something to a co-worker or you have a YouTube channel, the best screen recorder will come in handy. You can also use it to document a malfunctioning app or website and other technical issues for repair purposes.

The good thing is nowadays there are several screen recording tools that can help you do the job without using a lot of money. Continue reading to learn about some of the best screen recorders out there.

1. Apowersoft Unlimited

Apowersoft Unlimited refers to a screen recording software with features for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. This tool will enable you to cast a mobile phone onto your PC and use the PC screen recorder to record your webcam, PC audio, and microphone at the same time.

Apowersoft - Best Screen Recorders

The best part is that this desktop recorder offers recording modes such as custom area, full screen and much more. It also allows you to apply lines, callouts, and text without pausing. Using its mobile-specific apps you can set your Smartphone under the same Wi-Fi and begin.

Also, if you are a Windows or Mac user you can use your desktop screen recorder to record everything that you need to record.

Besides, you can use this screen recorder to record your webcam as well. Since it’s quite easy to use even if you are a newbie you’ll quickly master how to use it to record some high-quality records. Further, if you want to personalize your videos while recording you can use real-time editing.

It allows the addition of things such as arrows, marks, graphics, and texts to the video. You can also use it to upload the videos directly to YouTube. It’s, therefore, a software worth trying out.

How much does Apowersoft Unlimited Cost

This screen recording software costs $59.95 per year.


  • It’s highly customizable
  • It does not have time limits
  • It doesn’t have watermarks
  • Supports Mac, Linux, and Windows


  • Can only support Android 5.0 and later versions

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2. Screencast-O-Matic

This refers to web-based screen recording software provided by the  Unlike other screen recording tools out there you can launch it directly from your browser using the internet. It’s also possible to use it as a desktop app without any issue provided you’ve installed its full version.

Screencast - Best Screen Recorders

From video editing to screen recording, video sharing to video hosting, it comes with a number of features. With its free version, you can only make up 15 minutes of recording. You can also use the free version to publish your videos on YouTube, trim your work and add closed captions.

However, once you upgrade to the paid version you’ll have an unlimited recording with all the features that it comes with.

When it comes to using this software, video recording should not be difficult or even cost you a lot of money. The paid version will also allow you to record your computer sound and have full video editing features that you won’t get in other versions.

Overall it can be described as fast and very easy to use thus making it one of the best screen recording tools out there. Try it out today and enjoy everything that it has to offer.

How much does Screencast-O-Matic cost

Deluxe will cost you $1.65 per month while the Premier pricing option will cost you $4.00 per month. All these are billed per year.


  • Zoom in while recording a draw and add text
  • Automated speech to text captioning
  •  Scripted recording option
  • Publish videos directly to Vimeo, YouTube, and other platforms
  • Record full-screen video, microphone, webcam, and computer sound.


  • Most features can only be gotten in the paid version
  • Before paying you cannot test the paid features.

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3. AceThinker

AceThinker is an all in one powerful screen recorder meant for Mac and Windows users. Since it’s easy to set up and use, you can use it to either record the whole screen or just a full portion of the screen without any issue.

AceThinker - Best Screen Recorders

It will also provide you with real-time editing and allow you to capture audio from your computer and mic at the same time.

Moreover, you can comfortably use it to convert and change your recordings in formats such as MOV, MP4, and API. When it comes to recording with this tool there is literally nothing that you cannot accomplish.  Fitted with different capture modes, you can use it to record either a portion of the screen or the entire screen.

The best thing is that you don’t have to be around your system.

Once you choose the area that you want to record it will start the recording process immediately. If you like, you can use it to upload all your recordings to Google Drive or even Dropbox with relative ease.

While the free version contains all these features, if you want additional features you need to subscribe to the  Pro version.

Unlike the free version, the Pro version will allow you to create a scheduled recording. So, if you want to record a file or video and you are not connected to the internet, you can still develop a schedule by creating a home capture tool so as to record everything with ease.

How Much Does AceThinker Cost

  • Personal lifetime license cost $39.95
  • 1 Year personal license cost $29.95
  • Lifetime family license cost $79.90
  • Business lifetime license cost 79.90
  • 1-year business license cost $79.90
  • Lifetime team license cost $159.80


  • Create a scheduled task
  • Come with a variety of pricing options
  • It’s quite easy to use
  • Add text and watermarks with relative ease
  • Upload the recordings directly to the YouTube


  • Only supports Windows and Mac
  • A paid version is a bit expensive

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4. BandiCam

If you are shopping for something that’s more than the normal 1080p screen recorder, BandiCam is the recording tool that you need. This tool not only provides 3 different recording modes but is also compatible with many encoding and codec options.

Bandicam - Best Screen Recorders

Without losing the quality, it will definitely provide you with the kind of recording that you need.

Since the company is famous for producing some of the best game recording software for gamers, you can use it to record both 2D AND 3D games with a lot of ease.

In addition, you can use it to record a portion of the screen, full screen and external video devices including game console and webcam.

What sets it apart from other software is that it provides you with the option for external recording.

By adding rich video and audio parameters, mixing microphone voice, and using webcam overlay, you can use it to customize your video recording. Another good thing about this software is that it comfortably supports recording from IPTV, Smartphone, HDTV, and Xbox.

However, if you want to maximize its use, you need to purchase a different capture card.

How Much Does BandiCam cost

  • License for 1 PC is $39
  • License for 2 PCs is $59
  • License for 3 PCs is $137
  • License for 10 PCs is $254
  • License for 20 PCs is $468


  • Users can do voice mixing
  • Higher performance with smaller files
  • Record 4KUHD
  • Take screenshots, draw and add texts while recording
  • Add logo to the screen capture


  • No built-in video editor
  • Don’t support live streaming

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5. ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is a unique screen recorder that not only has audio capabilities but also comes with features to allow you to record your Mac at retina resolution. With its settings and other video components, you can use it to record any footage that you want to record. The best part is that the package comes with templates and styles that you’ll love.

ScreenFlow - Best Screen Recorders

Coming with a free trial that you can download, this software is an award-winning video and screen recording tool that you can use for all your recording jobs. Whether you are an educator, vlogger, marketer or an online trainer, ScreenFlow has you covered. This is because it’s an effective and easy to use the tool.

Featuring a range of styles you can save your audio and visual settings. Plus its templates will allow you to arrange, configure, and insert groups without any problem. If you want to get access to over 500,000 audio clips and unique images you just need to subscribe to a more expensive plan. Whether you want to record high-quality recordings or make the most of your video recording, this tool will not disappoint you.

How much Does ScreenFlow Cost

  • The normal package is $129
  • ScreenFlow Super Pak is $175
  • Super Pak + Premium Support is $209


  • Highest quality recording
  • Easy to install, learn and use
  • Powerful video editing tools
  • Better tools for software tutorials
  • Streamlined media management
  • iOS recording


  • It only supports iOS and Mac

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6. Icecream

If you are looking for an easy to use screen recorder that allows you to capture any part of your video or screen and save it well, Icecream is the right choice. Whether you want to record games and apps, webinars, video tutorials, live streams and more, it has everything that you need.

Icecream - Best Screen Recorders

Coming with free download and paid versions you can choose the option that you want.

Featuring very basic editing tools it’s quite easy to use. As a matter of fact, the paid version also comes with features that are quite easy to use hence you don’t have to worry. Although it might lack some features, it’s suitable if you just need to take some simple screenshots.

Unlike the paid version, the free version will only give you 5 minutes of recording time. In addition, it will provide you with a video codec and one output video format. On the contrary, the paid version comes with MPEG-4, AVI, H.264, and MOV codec.

While the free version does not have any watermarks, the paid one features aspects such as trimming feature, scheduled recording and custom watermarks. Overall it’s unique software worth trying out.

How Much Does an Icecream Cost

Icecream Screen Recorder Pro only costs $29.95 which is a one time fee. Once you buy it you don’t have to buy it again.


  • Zoom in and draw while recording
  • Record webcam, computer sound, full screen and microphone
  • Add desktop icons and cursor while recording
  • Add logo while recording
  • Trim the videos after recording.


  • Cannot record webcam alone
  • Few video editing features

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7. ShareX

ShareX is a special screen recorder that allows you to capture and record any part of the screen with just a single button. Suitable for capturing videos, it can also allow you to upload images, texts, and other files that you previously captured. Although it does not come with any duration limits you can use it to easily save your video.

ShareX - Best Screen Recorders

The best thing about it is that it has a video sharing feature that will allow you to upload all your recordings directly to YouTube and other platforms. Since it’s quite easy to use you can add the text and visual effects to your captured files with relative ease. From Google Drive to One Drive, DropBox to Amazon S3, you can upload your recorded files to all these devices.

Featuring a built-in photo editor you can change, edit and customize your photos so as to get what you want. As a very good screen capture tool, you can also use it to record your screen depending on the schedule or even record a whole webpage with a lot of ease.

How Much Does ShareX Cost

As compared to others, it’s a free open-source software


  • Provides the best video and audio recordings
  • Share files online
  • Lots of features


  • Lacks some very important features

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8. Camtasia

As one of the highest-priced screen recorders in the market, Camtasia has everything that you need in a screen recorder. Since it’s quick to learn and quite easy to use you don’t need fancy video editing skills or a huge amount of money to learn or even start using it.

Camtasia - Best Screen Recorders

This means whether you are screen recording for the first time or you have the experience, it will still serve you just well.

Having close to 14 million users all over the world it’s an all in one video recorder that you can always use in a number of things. With an awesome recording tool, you’ll not only record your screen but also create some of the best videos.

This means you can use the video content that you create to engage viewers and interact with them more. Whether you want to capture crisp videos, add effects or include titles and annotations, this tool will never disappoint you.

You can also use its transition feature to move from one video to another so as to create a very good flow. Moreover, its new version comes with a number of features such as customizable intros and outros. To ensure that you have a uniform look and feel across all the videos it has a number of themes.

The best part is that its 30-day free trial allows you to try it out and see whether it’s the best for your needs. Whether you are an entrepreneur, educator or a businessman this is the best screen recorder for your needs.

How Much Does Camtasia Cost

It costs $49.75. But if you buy 5 or more, it will cost you only $249.00 which is a one time fee.


  • Video editing features such as change speed, split, trim, zoom among others
  • Free image, video and audio features
  • Record iOS
  • Record webcam, full screen, microphone, region and computer sound.
  • Video editor to edit your videos


  • As compared to others it’s a bit expensive
  • Supports 64 bit only

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9. ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter is one of the best video editors cum recorders in the market today. Whether you are YouTube or an educator who is looking to create step by step tutorials, how-to videos or video demos it’s one of the best software to use. Since it has all the effects and features that you may need you cannot go wrong if you buy it. Whether you choose a dark or light theme you can customize the look and feel that you want.

ActivePresenter - Best Screen Recorders

Featuring a full-motion recording feature you can use it to record everything that you want to record and even include animation effects. Although the free version only comes with few features you can still use it if you are just starting out. For instance, once you capture your videos you can change the volume and speed, add animations and annotations and even trim, cut and split your recording.

Once you upgrade to the paid version you can enjoy advanced video editing features so as to create several software simulations and create impressive videos. Moreover, since it has enhanced features you can use it to develop any kind of surveys and assessments. It will allow you to make screencasts, record screens and create interactive learning.

How Much Does ActivePresenter Cost

  • ActivePresenter Standard Edition costs $199
  • ActivePresenter Pro edition cost $399


  • It does not have a time limit
  • Record window, screen, microphone, webcam, and computer sound
  • Feature a good video editor
  • Publish video to YouTube directly
  • Automatic Annotations to record software simulations
  • Advanced video editing features


  • Cannot schedule recordings
  • No video cropping feature

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10. Movavi

Since its invention in 2004 Movavi has significantly improved to the extent that now it’s among the best screen recorders in the market. As one of the best screen recorders out there, you can use it to capture videos, and edit them the way you want.

Movavi - Best Screen Recorders

Boasting of one of the best video editing tools you can use it to customize your videos and add everything that you want to add. For instance, with this amazing screen recorder adding specialty effects such as mosaic, blur, stickers, and filters should not be an issue.

Featuring aspects such as frame by frame editing and a zoom-in feature, regardless of the work that you want to do you can use it comfortably. Apart from that you can use it to optimize your videos for viewing on both mobile phones and TV.

If you are looking for a screen recorder tool that will allow you to share your videos online then it’s the best. It also has a new version with an online subtitle search that you can use to find the subtitles of the videos that you are looking for.

You can also use its wider range of video editing tools to alter the color or even change the font, size and style of your videos

How Much Does Movavi Cost

The paid version costs $59.95


  • No video time limit
  • Records sound from microphone
  • Works with over 180 formats
  • Best editing tools


  • As compared to other tools in the market it’s a bit expensive

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11. TinyTake

This is screen recording software meant for Mac and Windows platforms. Whether you want to add comments, capture videos and share them with other people it’s the right tool for you. As one of the best tools out there it will allow you to capture screenshots and record short videos with relative ease.

TinyTake - Best Screen Recorders

If you are looking for a simple tool that won’t confuse you with a lot of things, this is the right choice. When it comes to recording it’s quite fast.  You’ll also find that all the recording features are neatly arranged on the interface thus finding them is quite easy.

Whether you intend to capture a still picture or record the whole screen, it has everything that you need. As a matter of fact, just by adjusting the focus area, you can easily capture a section of the screen. Moreover, you can save your videos locally or use their free 2GB cloud storage to save them.

Since it’s easy to use if you want to capture what you see on your screen you simply need to select any region or window that you want to capture, mark it up, picture caption or highlight it and you are done.

You can then decide how you want to share the same. You can also drag and drop any picture right from the drive for sharing or annotation.

How Much Does TinyTake Cost

  • The standard version costs $29.95 per year
  • The plus version costs $59.95 per year
  • Jumbo version costs 99.95 per year


  • You can record the video for up to 120 minutes
  • Store the video in cloud
  • Zoom in or zoom out with ease
  • Share a link of the video
  • It’s proxy server friendly


  • The free version does not come with a lot of features

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12. TeamViewer

Boasting over 400,000 downloads every day, TeamViewer is perhaps one of the most popular screen recorders out there. As well-reputed software, it allows you to show colleges, friends, and clients any type of document that you want to share right from your device.

TeamViewer - Best Screen Recorders

These include images, files, and even videos.

Whether you are working remotely, working with a team, or you are just operating from home, TeamViewer has some of the best features that will come in handy. With this software, you can do your work anytime and anywhere.

This makes it a tool that you cannot just ignore. This unique software is not only available on platforms such as Linux, Windows, Mac, iPad, and iPhone but also come in over 30 different languages.

Additionally, you’ll enjoy features such as mobile, device access, remote printing, remote file sharing among many more. Whether you are a business or an individual it has the right solution for your needs.

You can, therefore, use it to stay ahead of issues by being notified as soon as something occurs. No matter how far you are you can use it to fix issues with your screen

How Much Does TeamViewer Cost

  • Business license costs $22.90 per month per single user
  • Premium license cost $45.90 per month per multi-user
  • Corporate license cost $89.90 per month for teams


  • The best features for screen sharing
  • Easy file sharing features
  • Connect on multiple platforms including PC to PC, Mobile to PC and mobile to mobile
  • Easy and secure use


  • The free version has limited features

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13. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome screenshot screen recorder is a program based screen recorder that you can use to capture a portion of the site or the whole website. The best part is that you can do all this in just one go. Once you are through you can comment on the picture with circles, content lines, and bolts while customizing it the way you want.

Awesome Screenshot - Best Screen Recorders

You can also use the tool to trim your picture and obscure the parts that you don’t want to share. This might include private information that you may not want to share with others.

Having up to 2 million users worldwide, this software allows you to enjoy instant recording and sharing. You can also use it to connect directly to tools such as Asana, Slack, Trello, Jira among others.

Once you’ve captured the picture you just need to transfer it to the Pict picture sharing site and then share it on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Buzz or other platforms that you’ll love to share it on. The amazing thing is that you can start with a free version before you upgrade.

How Much Does Awesome Screenshot Cost

  • The basic version cost $2 per month
  • Professional version cost $6 per month
  • Team version costs $20 per month.


  • Has unlimited screenshot features
  • Advanced annotations tools
  • Instant sharing and unlimited screenshot storage
  • Unlimited local video recording


  • Does not have advanced features

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a good screen recorder?

A good screen recorder is a software or tool that should be able to capture your screen and satisfy your business needs in the best way possible. Whether it’s a minimalistic desktop app or browser-based software it should meet all your needs.

It’s therefore important to choose one that’s easy to use, can record a portion of the site or the entire screen and allows you to annotate the recorded footage. It should also include a microphone and system audio and built-in export options.

Moreover, you should be able to use it to capture footage from external sources and upload them as fast as possible.

2. What is the difference between a desktop screen recorder and online screen recorder?

While an online screen recorder works online thus requiring an internet connection, a desktop screen recorder can work even without the internet. The main difference between them is therefore the offline functionality.

With this in mind, if you want to capture something that requires a stable internet, an online screen recorder might not be the best option for you. However, it’s the best option when surfing the internet and you get something that you want to record and view later.

These may include watching live sports or streaming videos on YouTube or even gameplays.

If you want to use an online screen recorder you don’t have to download and install the software on your computer. You just need to add the extension and you are good to go.

From this explanation, it seems online screen recorders are the best. But if you are looking for the best one you need to take your time and search well.

On the contrary, if you need to capture details for important jobs such as seminars, presentations, or even developing  tutorials for teaching then you require one of the best desktop screen recorders.

Once you download a good one you’ll never have to worry about the internet since you can still record your screen offline.

3. What is the best alternative to Screencast-O-Matic?

It’s obvious that Screencast-O-Matic is one of the best screen recorders out there. This is because it not only allows you to record up 15-minute long videos from webcam or screen free of charge but also to save the footage in different formats. This means you can still enjoy using it whether you are a subscriber or not.

But if you can use others without any issue, there are still a number of them available on macOS,Windows,iOS and Linux. A number of these screen recorders also have quality features.

This includes the ability to upload directly to Dropbox or YouTube within the app among other features such as the ability to capture any activity directly from the PC.

With plenty of options available, you’ll find some great completely free alternatives to Screencast-O-Matic that you can use without any worry.

Some of these alternatives include TunesKIt Screen Recorder, ShareX, AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro, Captura, CamStudio, Camtasia Studio, Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder, Snagit and Kazam among others.

Although there are still several others, these are some of the best alternatives to Screencast-O-Matic.  Some of them even have features that you’ll not find in Screencast-O-Matic

4. What screen recorder is the best for YouTube?

If you want to create tutorials by capturing videos from your computer then you need to get the best screen recorder for YouTube. With the best screen recorder for YouTube, recording and sharing wonderful details will not only be fast but very easy.

Here are some of the software that you may consider

Filmora Scrn
This is not only an easy to use but also light screen recorder designed for Mac and Windows. With this tool, you can record your desktop videos and popular games without lagging.

What’s more, it comes with a built-in video editing tool that allows you to personalize cursor effects, add annotations, trim, crop and edit your video the way you like.

OBS Studio
If you are just looking for free software then this is the best screen recorder to use. Although it might be a bit hard to use if you are a beginner, if you commit yourself you’ll master it within no time.  It’s among the best screen recorders for games.

Cam Studio
Cam Studio is an open-source screen recorder that you can learn how to use within minutes. It not only comes with a built-in help file but also allows you to add captions to videos. The amazing thing is that’s 100% free hence you don’t have to worry.

ActivePresenter is also another good screen recorder for YouTube that you can use for Mac and Windows. If you want to make tutorial videos for YouTube then it’s a software worth trying. You can rest assured that it won’t disappoint.

This is a very popular open-source type free tool that comes with several customization features. If you are looking for advanced editing options then it’s the right tool for you. You can also use it to import existing music, photos and videos easily from your device.

5. What are the features that I need in screen recording software?

Screen recording software should come with editing features to allow you to annotate and highlight the captured videos and images. It should also have the capability of supporting screen capture in some of the popular video and image formats such as Avi, Jpg and MPEG-4

The other most important features that it should have, include the ability to capture a specific area, audio recording features, the ability to capture the entire window and the audio recording features.

6. What factors should I consider when shopping for a screen recorder?

First, you need to assess your needs. If you intend to capture a video for business purposes then you need to choose a screen recorder that will allow you to edit the videos and mix up scenes of the videos. You also need to make certain that it has image editing features for adding images and videos.

On the contrary, if you want to stream videos, the software should be able to support microphone recording and system audio. Moreover, you need software with an HD recording if you want to develop high-quality videos.

However, you need to know that HD requires too much time for them to upload well hence you must be patient. It’s therefore not the right option if you want to upload your videos fast.

Finally, do not forget to look at the file formats that are supported by the screen recorder. To give you an easy time, ensure that your screen recorder supports at least MPEG4 and AVI movie recording.

Plus if you want to record for your IPTV, game console or another external file it should be capable of recording from external files.

Final Thoughts

Screen recorders can significantly help you record, edit and upload your videos. The good thing is that the best ones are quite affordable. You, therefore, need to consider your operating system and individual needs and make sure you choose the best.

While most free versions work just well if you want to add additional power and features, it’s important to sign up for a paid version.

If you are looking for some of the best these 13 picks listed above can meet all your video and screen recording needs. Since each one has its own pros and cons you need to choose one depending on what you are looking for.

Whichever software you choose you must know that screen recording is a must if you are a blogger, educator or game player.

While writing a good review or coming up with a list of instructions is just good, if you can add a professional-looking video you can rest assured that you’ll improve your viewer’s or users’ engagement. If you don’t know where to begin you can start with these. All the best!

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