Best Team Collaboration Software

13 Best Team Collaboration Software

When working with others on a project it’s obvious that you’ll exchange emails and messages throughout the day.

If you are dealing with online workers, online communication will help you keep with your team and achieve your work goals.

However, without the right tool, doing this can prove tricky. This is where team collaboration software comes in.

As one of the most important tools, team collaboration software will help you enjoy well-organized communication among your team members and improve the overall results of your business.

Why You Need Team Collaboration Software

Did you know that lack of proper collaboration at the workplace may lead to business failure?

Well, in this fast-evolving technological era most companies depend on the best team collaboration software to do their day to day work.

Several studies have also shown that close to 83% of professionals rely on technology to do their work.

This kind of integration involves sharing information, data, and numbers through file sharing. On the other hand, geographically dispersed workers use virtual meetings to discuss everything they want.


This is perhaps one of the best team collaboration software out there. From providing you with the right communication platform to syncing all your information, this tool does it all. - Best Team Collaboration Software

As such, it will empower you and your team to share data and make critical decisions together. With this software, you’ll perform the way you are supposed to.

You can use it to assemble and display the progress of your data intuitively and logically thus making it possible for you to keep track of common operations and projections.

This amazing tool will help you say goodbye to long email threads and useless meetings and keep all your briefs, conversations, sheets, and checklists in one place.

Whether it’s assigning your projects or planning your time, this software will help you see who is handling what at any time and make sure that all your jobs are done.

Overall, it will help you stay on top of everything, check what’s being done/what’s supposed to be done, and share all the information with your team. Pricing

  • The basic plan is $39 per month
  • Standard is $49 per month
  • Pro plan is $79 per month
  • Enterprise plan you contact the provider


  •  Kits the best tool for creating pulses and boards
  •  It has a clean interface and color coding
  •  It comes with customizable views
  • The template will save you a lot of time and work


  • There is no way to share a pulse
  • Getting notifications can be a bit hard

2. Bitrix24

Unlike other tools, Bitrix24 does much more than team collaboration software.  This is because it’s fitted with a variety of features to help you with project management.

Bitrix24 - Best Team Collaboration Software

Featuring several task management options, you can view the current tasks and monitor complex organization systems.

If you are looking for software to provide you with statistics organized in the form of diagrams and charts, it’s the right choice.

Besides these, it has templates to store repeated tasks and mobile versions that can be installed on both iOS and Android.

If you are handling agile project management work you can use this tool in both bigger and small projects.

When it comes to communication and collaboration it comes with its own messaging system. You can also develop group chats and text for all your workers.

Plus, you can link it to your team emails and get updates on the tasks in case there are changes or other tasks that have been assigned.

With its range of functions, it will centralize all your communication and collaborations regardless of the size of your company. In fact, the main concern is that these functions might be overwhelming.

Bitrix24 Pricing

  • The start pricing plan is $19 per month
  • CRM pricing plan is $55 per month
  • The project pricing plan is $55 per month
  • The standard pricing plan is $79 per month
  • The professional pricing plan is $159 per month


  • It has a kanban user interface
  • Provides a choice for using separate leads
  • Constant notification opportunities


  • Complex user interface

3. Trello

Trello is a web-based team collaboration software and project management app that uses kanban methodology.

Trello - Best Team Collaboration Software

Although it’s mostly used as a task management tool it works well when used as a collaboration and transparency tool.

Once board has been created every participant will access it, make updates, alternates, and make the necessary changes even as the workflows.

It allows you to have a great overlook of the project and see whether a task is moving on well or stuck

You can also use it to plan your meetings and give every team member a chance to contribute.

With this system, you’ll not only take care of all the issues but also allow the workers to pay attention to the hardships that they face.

But if you feel that it does not cater to all your needs you can integrate it with other tools to make your work easier.

If you are looking for a messaging system you just need to link it to slack or even connect it to Google drive and use it to store files.

Unlike other tools, it is all about simplicity. So if you need a collaboration tool without those complex project management features it’s the right one for you.

Once it has divided teams into cards and boards it automatically assigns them tasks and stores all the information so it can easily be retrieved.

Trello Pricing

  • The free Pricing plan is $0
  • Business Class Pricing plan is $9.99 per user per plan


  • Since it’s free, you can use it as soon as you sign up
  • It has simple and easy to use interface
  • It provides real-time updates
  • It creates issues and allows you to assign those issues
  • It’s easy to add a new member


You can’t easily write documents on the boards

4. Wrike

Wrike is software that allows you to discuss, schedule, and keep records of both progress and work. This helps improve the efficiency and speed of work in a distributed group.

Wrike - Best Team Collaboration Software

With this software, you’ll get complete control over your tasks and know what is taking place at any given time.

This system delivers powerful collaborative and project management functionalities in a well-crafted user interface so you can align your team and set priorities to work smarter and faster.

If you are looking for a tool that can make your business move faster and become highly collaborative this is the right option.

Whether you are in the office or on the go it will let you plan and adjust in real-time. You can use it to attach files, break your goals into manageable tasks, and then set them.

Moreover, this tool will allow you to work collaboratively, edit and upload documents and save all the attachments into your computer.

It also features a chart that will allow you to view set dependencies and all your projects, track performances, and balance resources. This is very important if you have a small business.

The amazing thing is that it comes with several templates that you can use so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Whether you are planning a recurring meeting or working on a monthly newsletter there is no need to come up with your own format.

Wrike Pricing

  • Professional plan is $9.80 per user per month
  • A business plan is $24.80 per user per month
  • For the enterprise plan, you should contact the company


  • Resource management
  • It’s easy to set and use
  •  It’s easy to create workspaces for teams
  • It provides real-time reporting


  • User interface should be improved
  •  Set up is a bit complicated

5. Asana

This is a comprehensive team collaboration software for managing various teams. If you want to plan tasks ahead it has all the features that you need.

Asana - Best Team Collaboration Software

It features a Gantt chart to track dependencies, a Kanban type board and calendar with a monthly overview and a list of the tasks

Whether you want to track the data or know what’s happening, this tool won’t let you down.

With this tool, you’ll know the duration that your team needs to complete work and what affects productivity so you can adjust everything for the work to move smoothly.

Also, it will allow you to involve each team member in the project.  Even with a project manager, each worker will get a chance to make updates on what they are supposed to do.

Since it comes with a simple user interface it’s easy to install and start working with.  This means all your team member members can access what they need.

As compared to other tools you can use it to communicate with both your customers and workers. You can even massage them and discuss an issue concerning the project.

Asana Pricing

  • The premium plan is $10.99 per user per month
  • The business plan is $24.99 per user per month
  • For enterprise price plan contact the website


  • You can use it to track down all your projects
  • It allows you to see individual users and assign them tasks
  • It’s a nice and simple platform
  • It’s suitable for teamwork and collaboration


  • It has poor exporting features
  • It has limited functions in the mobile app

6. Smartsheet

Unlike other software, Smartsheet is a tool that you can access from any device or browser.

Smartsheet - Best Team Collaboration Software

As one of the best tools, you can use it for team task management, project management, sales pipeline tracking needs, and crowdsourcing.

If you are looking for an innovative way to collaborate on your processes and projects, this is the right tool.

From unleashing the benefits of greater work to providing you with a powerful platform, Smartsheet has it all.

Since it empowers team members, it will help you plan, manage, capture, and report on your work.

By combining its ease of use and visual timeline management, this tool will provide you with the best-automated workflow capabilities.

With Smartsheet you can get your hands on live reports and real-time information thus allowing you to make informed business decisions.

Featuring widget driven dashboards and configurable reports you can easily highlight everything without engaging technical support.

Further, it has a standard set of components that you can use to properly create new operations and projects.

Before the start of any project, you can ensure that your company prioritizes the most important work first.

With this software, you’ll enjoy peace of mind. You’ll also access account-specific reports to see how the users access and publish information across the platform.

Smartsheet Pricing

  • The standard plan is $14 per user per month
  • The business plan is $25 per user per month
  • For enterprise plan contact


  • Smartsheet is simple and easy to use
  • Smartsheet is cloud-based so flexibility
  • Security within the security
  • It provides conditional formatting


  • The ability to achieve easy
  • Better export formatting

7. Jira

Jira is a cloud-based team collaboration software with everything that you need in a collaboration tool.

Jira - Best Team Collaboration Software

Apart from organizing and tracking your work, you can also use it to increased collaboration and communication within a team.

Just like other software, it uses a Kanban Board and Scrum to control the workflows and set goals.

This will give your team an opportunity to view the whole project, its progress, and what can be done to make it successful.

If you want to give your project a roadmap, it’s the most suitable tool to use. It will help you set project deadlines, know the connections between assignments, and come up with a general plan.

Just like other software you can link it to other tools that you use for your work. Besides allowing you to make updates in real-time, you can use it to get the most detailed overview.

You can also request a report on several features while working on a task. This way you can track down your efficiency and productivity so as to achieve better results.

It has a support portal that includes community forums, a knowledge-based forum, and a suggestion forum where you can report bugs and request features.

Additionally, it comes with both cloud and on-premise deployment. If you are interested in on-premise deployment you just need to fill out a quote.

Given that it provides a variety of training, you can choose the most suitable one for you.

Jira Pricing

  • Cloud-based deployment $10 per month per 10 users
  • The standard plan is $7 per user per month
  • The premium plan is $14 per user per month


  • It fits right with agile methodology
  • It’s very easy to use
  • Commenting and tracking conversation is very easy
  • It does not have problems with copy-pasting images


  • It has some missing functionalities for tracking testing
  • Reports can be made better

8. Clarizen

Clarizen is a collaborative work management tool that puts all of you together in one reachable place.

Clarizen - Best Team Collaboration Software

This includes your collaborating with peers and partners, your planned and unplanned work, your reports and documents, and all your workflows.

Its unique combination of flexible workflow automation, cross-organizational project management, and purposeful collaboration not only unites teams but also provides extensive flexibility.

This unique tool, therefore, allows everyone to adapt changes, work more efficiently, achieve their objectives, and produce the right results.

As a well-designed tool, it allows even the non-project managers to take part in different management phases for the success of the business.

It’s an intuitive software that once you embrace will make your work life easier. Instead of working individually, you can use this software to work on a cloud-based centralized platform.

This will help you develop strategies, share responses, and align communications.

In addition, it features repeatable and automated processes, alerts, workflows to allow your team to spend less time on administrative duties and focus more on real work.

If you are looking for a 360 degrees real-time visibility Clarizen will provide you with the most accurate data so you can spot trends monitor projects and make faster better decisions.

It not only provides real-time insights but also leverage the insights to make necessary changes needed. This is just to make it easier to achieve your goals.

Clarizen Pricing

  • Enterprise Edition plan request the pricing
  • Unlimited Edition Plan request the pricing


  • It’s simpler and more intuitive to use
  •  It allows the use of templates
  • It provides real-time updates
  • It offers collaborative notes


  • Some of the features are too automated
  • The system may have slowdowns

9. Podio

Whether you want to create a centralized work environment or enhance your team collaboration, Podio is the right tool for you.

Podio - Best Team Collaboration Software

Podio will help you collaborate with everything that you may need on a daily basis especially when working on a huge project.

With its simple and efficient design, it will ensure that your workers are not distracted so they can concentrate on the tasks at hand.

It allows you to visualize the current stagers of your work and plans.

You can also use it to create all the elements that contain information about certain tasks such as deadlines or brief descriptions.

Since it’s a cloud-based solution, you can use it to exchange files and even return them to whenever you need it. This means you get everything that you may need for your project.

If you don’t have a personal computer you can use its mobile app to make it easier to get in touch with the rest of the apps.

This means even developers who are working remotely can still keep in touch with the rest of the workers or those who are working in the office.

Podio Pricing

  • Basic pricing plan starts at $9
  • Plus pricing plan starts at $14
  • Premium pricing plan starts at $24


  • It’s extremely customizable and flexible
  • Excellent apps for the market
  • Very user friendly
  • Scales easily for growing business


  • Does not have a time tracking tool
  • Free account is somewhat limited

10. AchieveIt

AchieveIt is team collaboration software that allows you to see the most important initiatives.

AchieveIt- Best Team Collaboration Software

You can use it to engage your team members, make initiatives visible, and employ the best practices.

Whether you have a small team or multiple teams, it’s designed to help you know how your projects can align with the company’s better picture.

From commercial to healthcare, utilities to education you can deploy it to different types of industries.

One thing that sets it apart is the ability to track all the progress that your company has made.

It also makes the process of getting status updates easy since all the information is available online.

If you are using it for the first time you’ll get a better sense of ownership and see how your individual tasks contribute to the success of your company.

By viewing all the initiatives, you and your team can always be on the same page.

With its smart alerts, your team members will be reminded of all the updates so they can know the changes that need to be made.

In case you feel stuck you can seek help from their execution team who will take you through your execution path.

They will also check your process to ensure that you are getting the most from the platform

Furthermore, this tool allows you to avoid one-off initiatives that don’t make any impact on your business.

AchieveIt Pricing

Contact the company for information about pricing


  • It has an intuitive user interface
  • It’s available in the cloud hence easy to access
  • You can view and track metric performance regardless of where you are
  • You can apply it the way you want


  • The reporting built in the system is a bit limited

11. Freshconnect

Freshconnect is a team collaboration tool that allows you to constantly view the progress of your workflow so you don’t miss anything.

Freshconnect - Best Team Collaboration Software

Since it has everything, you don’t have to move from one tool to another for you to provide your coworkers with everything that they need.

It allows you to immediately implement updates so every team member can get a picture of what taking place.

As a comprehensive platform, it allows you to plan your projects ahead, organize the workflow, and store all your data in one place.

It also gives you the possibility of organizing communication with your team members.

Other than that, you can create group chats for different purposes and context and even allow your workers to talk about their free-time activities.

Even if you want to address a person in face to face chat, this tool allows you. But if you don’t want to get distracted by constant updates you can switch off the notifications.

Moreover, you can integrate it with other platforms to make your work easy. For instance, if there is a program you are already using you just need to link to this software and you are good to.

Freshconnect Pricing

  • The blossom pricing plan is $15 per month
  • Garden pricing plan is $35 per month
  • The estate pricing plan is $49 per month
  • The forest pricing plan is $99 per month


  • It’s very easy to use
  • It’s one of the best collaborative tools
  • It comes with a range of features to help you with your team


The best plan can be a bit expensive

12. Backlog

The backlog is both a code management and project management tool rolled into one.

Backlog - Best Team Collaboration Software

With its user-friendly interface, IT workers, developers, and even non IT users can work together without any issue.

It allows the workers to see all the new assignments quickly so they can finish the work as fast as possible.

Backlog features a streamlined task management tool that team leaders and other workers can use to create and update any new tasks. If need be they can create subtasks.

The good thing is that you can directly comment on the tasks. If you have to share the files you can easily do this on the task board and make work easy.

Whether you have different teams or the same teams this tool will ensure that all your communications run smoothly.

By bringing different business units together you can communicate effectively and seamlessly.

Instead of sharing files through emails and chats, you can upload them directly to the platform. This way every team member will get a chance to access the files.

Apart from the workers, you can share information with companies and businesses that you regularly work with such as clients, partners, and vendors, and bring together the whole group.

Coming with chats, boards, and graphs, you can track down things such as burnout rates and other metrics for your business.

You can also integrate it with other tools to make your work easy.

Backlog Pricing

  • The start pricing plan is $35 per month
  • The standard pricing plan is $100 per month
  • The premium pricing plan is $175 per month


  • It’s a wonderful system for assigning and managing tasks
  • It’s designer and programmer-friendly
  • It’s easy to collaborate
  • Everything stored is available in one place


The mobile app should be more developed

13. Zoho Projects

If you want your business to remain stable by finishing projects within the timetable, Zoho Projects is the right tool for you.

Zoho Projects - Best Team Collaboration Software

It’s loaded with features that can help you improve team collaboration and make all your projects easy to manage.

With this tool, you can do all your work on time and use its tasks, milestones, and task lists to plan all your work.

It will help you divide your jobs into manageable tasks and even schedule any recurring jobs.

Once you are done with your projects, it will allow you to access detailed insights using understandable graphs and charts.

This will help you track opportunities, report on your activities, and capture any drawbacks that may affect your business.

As compared to other software, Zoho Projects does not have any long term commitments. Once you sign up for monthly subscriptions you can use the services as long as you want.

As the first reliable tool, it uses different steps to ensure that your data is safe. These include video monitoring, biometric access, and network security among others.

Additionally, it has a project forum where you can put your idea for discussion and let the ideas flow.

You can then access all these discussions at a central place. This will help make your big ideas come alive.

Zoho Projects Pricing

  • The standard pricing plan is $2.5 per user per month
  • The express pricing plan is $3.2 per user per month


  • You can tailor the suite to fit your needs
  • You can easily customize the tasks
  •  It has a very intuitive calendar
  • The forums work very well sharing any information


  • Time tracking is not the best
  • Its mobile version is almost unusable

Selecting the Right Team Collaboration Software

1. Determine the Solutions That You Really Need

Before settling on any team collaboration software, ensure that you know the needs of your business.

You may buy software with several features while not knowing how these features will help solve your business problems.

Since the tool should cater to your business needs, it may be different from what other businesses use.

So, make sure you evaluate all your business needs and ask yourself how the tool can help cater to them.

2. Involve User Opinion

Don’t just go ahead and choose the tools that you think will work for you. Get to involve the users so you can buy the right tool for them.

By inviting the users you’ll easily prepare the ground for the use.

This will also assure you that there will be a faster onboarding process within a minimal room for costly rejection and fewer incidents of failure.

Apart from doing your own homework, you should get another company to conduct interviews and survey so you know what your team needs.

3. Consider the Tools Software Compatibility

Once you’ve got a list of tools that meets your company’s requirements and are acceptable by your team, you should ask whether it will be compatible with your current software.

Ask yourself whether it will work with the other software you are currently using.

You should also know whether you’ll manually transfer the data and whether it requires a lot of integrations.

Even if it means spending more money, make sure you choose software that includes a lot of features and functionalities that are important for your business.

4. Measure The Change That You Expect to have

Every solution or software that you bring to your business will have an impact on it. With this in mind, you should buy software that can help you change the lives of your workers.

You must check if it will help you engage well with stakeholders, connect with program designers, plan for communication results, and determine data collection methods.

5. Know the Features of the Software

For your team collaboration software to be effective, it should include all the basic features needed by the employees.

You should, therefore, ensure it’s user friendly so it doesn’t overburden your workers.

Other than that, it should be responsive and robust. Don’t select a system that’s too slow. The main idea is to choose one that can boost and improve the performance of your company.

You can do this by asking for free trials before choosing one.

6. Customer Support

It’s also important to check out whether the vendor has the best customer support. They should also be willing to provide you with after-sale services.

Given that your team needs training, if the vender is not willing to do this you must move to the next vender.

For the system to work well you may need several tutorials and system upgrades.

7. Security

Good team collaboration software should come with the right security system to make your website safe.

You should have complete control over where your business information should be kept.

Whether it’s on-premise or hosted in a cloud you should ensure that it’s safe. Is the software tamper-proof?

The right software should have user rights and controls for different users to ensure that everything is safe.

8. Cost

It’s also important to know the budget that you’ve set for the team collaboration software.

Apart from the budget, you should know whether it has additional costs such as upgrades, maintenance costs, and subscription fees.

While budgeting, you should think about the long term benefits that you’ll get from the software.  Other than that you should be able to adapt to the needs of your business.

The system should be able to accommodate any new changes that you may bring about. This is a very important factor to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a team collaboration software?

Team collaboration software is a tool meant to help those who are doing the same thing to achieve their goals.

Team collaboration software allows you to share the process and manage files. It also allows more than to workers to jointly work on a project.

What features should I look for when shopping for the right team collaboration software?

Some of the most important features are project management, team communication, and online document storage, among others.

2. What are the main types of team collaboration software?

The most commonly used team collaboration software include communication tool, conferencing too, coordination tool, innovation, and management tool.

3. What benefits will I enjoy in team collaboration software?

Good team collaboration software will help you save time, promote project management, strengthens teamwork, store files, and help connect employees who are working remotely.

4. What is the best online team collaboration tool for working together?

Online collaboration tools refer to web-based applications that provide services such as mechanisms for live sharing, instant messaging applications, and collaborative search engines to find the information within the system.

5. What’s the reason why I should use a team collaboration tool?

The main reasons why you should get team collaboration tools is to help you with tasks such as taking care of emails, communicating with your team members, and sharing of files and documents among your team members.

6. What is an agile environment?

This is a simple methodology of a company that supports and creates agile project management. This means it encourages the teams to use agile methodologies.

Companies that use these methodologies typically promote and accept change, process improvement, and innovation.

7. How does a team collaboration software works?

The best team collaboration software will ensure that everyone is on the same page. The most important thing it does is to help you achieve your business goals.

It should also help you set expectations so that everyone knows what they are supposed to achieve.

Furthermore, it should help you hold remote meetings and share all the information that you need to share.

8. What are some of the most popular team collaboration tools?

The most popular team collaboration tools include Slack, Bynder,, Igloo software, Trello, and Asana.

9. Is team collaboration software meant for all types of business?

Whether you have a small or large company you need to get the best team collaboration software to help you with your business needs.

For instance, if you feel you are wasting a lot of time attending the meetings, team collaboration software will help you hold remote meetings.

Also, if you have organization issues a good collaboration software will help you sort them out.

But before choosing one make sure you know your need and what you are looking for so you can end up with the best.

Take Away

There you have it; some of the best team collaboration software in the market today. Before settling on any tool you must consider your needs.

Next, you should try them out to see the best for your needs. The tool that you choose will depend on the complexity of your project, the size of your team, and your budget.

Also, steer clear from any tool that lacks the most important features you need for your business.

Doing this will prevent you from disorganizing your work. Since team collaboration software is very important for your work make sure you choose the right one and try it out.

This will go a long way in boosting collaboration in your business.

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