Best Video Editing Software

8 Best Video Editing Software

It goes without saying that video editing is an integral part of video production. Whether you’re a newbie making your way through the basics or you’re a professional videographer, having the best video editing software not only will make your life easy, but it will scale up your editing skills.

In this review, we have researched and reviewed the Top 8 Video Editing Software that meets with your production workflow. Make sure to check them out for more details.

These are the Best 8 Video Editing Software for 2020.

1. Adobe Premiere Elements 

If you are looking for the best video editing software that comes at an affordable price, and ideal for both beginners and professionals, we highly recommend Adobe Premiere Elements. This software makes creating and editing your videos enjoyable, easy, and quite creative.

Adobe Premiere Elements - Best Video Editing Software

The best thing about this software is that it isn’t complicated to use compared to some other systems. It makes an excellent alternative for many professionals who are looking for simple yet powerful tools to edit their videos. In other words, Adobe Premiere Elements is crammed with attractive and useful features.

With this plethora of features, it helps you to put your creativity into practice. It offers you almost all the tools to create enjoyable and unique videos. You can easily add smart effects and themes to your films. You can also collage different segments of videos and photos to display your collections and shot takes all at once in a creative way. 

Whether your professional editor or a beginner, photos and video automation make editing effortlessly and hassle-free.

However, it always allows you to leave and trace your touch to the final upshot. The automation options are powered by Adobe Sensei Technology.

Other interesting features include Grainy improvement, Expanded HEIF, HEVC support, face detection, smart trim, 4k, photo blending tricks, and more. The software also offers an effortless organization. Videos and photos are easy to find. They are automatically arranged by date and other tags including themes or events.

You can easily get started with step by step guided edits available on their software and the website page.

How much does Adobe Premiere Elements cost?

Premiere Elements 2020 offers two pricing plans:

  • Premiere Elements 2020 plan for $99.99 (Upgrade for $79.99)
  • Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements (2020) for $149.99 (Upgrade for $119.99)


  • Easy to use
  • Plenty of features
  • Stylish effects
  • Advanced editing options
  • Effortless organization


  • Not the most advanced and powerful software
  • It can be slow.

2. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Another great option for beginners who are looking for an easy to use software to edit videos and movies, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate got you covered.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate - Best Video Editing Software

The software provides a broad and full collection of video-editing instruments that are ample for beginners to conquer. Recognized as one of Adobe’s long time competitors, Corel always seeks to enhance and improve the user experience and makes it friendly and responsive. 

It exhibits a simple and practical interface that organizes all features elegantly and systematically. The interface ensures that the users have a clear vision of what they need to start editing.  

Moreover, the interface of Corel Video studio is customizable and can be adapted to your needs and likings. You can easily separate the player panel and place it on another monitor to achieve more efficiency in your editing and have a better visualization of the current monitor.

The software offers easy access to a broad range of essential implements, movie revisions, artistic filters, and further compelling features that are simple to grasp. It also includes Slideshow Maker with templates that you can drag and drop for a fast and effective creation.

A Screen Recorder can tape your editing process and helps you design winning videos with MultiCam Capture Lite. You can also get access to the latest and exclusive effects from NewBlueFX, Boris FX, and proDAD.

The latest version introduces premium improvements and new features including:

  • Custom split-screen videos like we have already mentioned. 
  • HD, 4K & 360 video editing that is largely appealing to the users.
  • Chroma key/Green screen
  • Stabilize videos
  • Customize motions
  • Color and lens correction

How much does Corel VideoStudio Ultimate cost?

Corel Video Studio Ultimate Full plan costs $99.99 (Upgrade $79.99). Try FREE for a month and ensure a money-back guarantee. 


  • Intuitive, attractive, and easy to use interface
  • It comes with plenty of interesting and fun features.
  • Over +2,000 customizable filters and premium effects.


Windows solely 

3. Apple Final Cut Pro X 

For Mac and Apple fanatics, Apple Final Cut Pro X presents an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals. The software comes fully packaged with everything you could think of.

Apple Final Cut Pro X - Best Video Editing Software

With its up to date Metal engine, Final Cut Pro enables you to edit the most complicated projects. It allows you to run your videos on wider border dimensions, more powerful frame clips, and innumerable effects at the highest speeding rates. And it’s designed to provide the ultimate power of the new Mac Pro for scaled-up production.

For the best and latest editing practices, it is advised to operate this software on the new Mac Pro. Final Cut Pro benefits of the Graphic processing units in Mac Pro. It puts into operation the power of the fundamental processing system to offer various threads of performance at the same time over 28 cores. 

Features wise, this software has one of the best and advanced and innovative tools you can use to create and edit your videos/movies. 

Some of the primary features include:

1. Video Editing

You can effortlessly trim and relocate different segments of your clips hassle-free. The compound clips features allow you to collect your clips into an original adjustable set. You can also make different tryouts to test your record’s creations.

2. Organizing tools

The software provides excellent tools that help you organize and arrange your clips for smart, easy, and fast search. The smart collection features arrange your clips, audios, and photos depending on a customized pattern. This makes it easier for you to skim through whenever you need a specific media file without the need to go over a hurdle of files. 

3. Motion Graphics

The Final Cut Pro offers you the tools to design 2D or 3D motioned titles. You can use the filters and the different effects to modify according to your needs and preferences. The motion features are not limited to tiles. It can also be used for effects, transitions, and more.

4. Audio

This is one of the most favorite tools for many editors. IN most videos, you can always find noise in the background that kind of diminishes the audio quality and the overall outcome of your video. However, thanks to the Cut Pro tools, you can easily eliminate any background noise. You can also make use of other plugins for audio signal dynamics, EQ, and more.

5. Delivery

Once done with editing, you can deliver your project in multiple formats to multiple channels by using a compressor.

How much does Apple Final Cut Pro X cost?

The Apple Final Cut Pro costs $299.99. 


  • Handy and powerful editing
  • Excellent interface
  • Advanced features
  • Multicam
  • Video noise reduction
  • Motion and compressor


  • Not for FCP7 users
  • Expensive

4. Apple iMovie

If you are a Mac, iPad, iPhone user, then Apple iMovie is the best video editing software for you. It is recognized as one of the best software that offers both an excellent editing application and video creation system. It is ideal for everyone who is seeking to get his hands on movie production and film creation and editing spheres. And most importantly, it’s FREE.

Apple iMovie - Best Video Editing Software

The software is very easy to use and comprehend at a first grasp. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. To create or edit your videos, you can simply select the collection of different clips you want to add in the video, then you can use the different tools available on the dashboard to start editing. The software supports 4k videos to achieve astonishingly high-quality video production. 

iMovie offers plenty of styles of motioned titles that are customized to your preferences. Customization is made easier with formating tools including font, size, color, and more. The software also provides 10 different filters from which you can choose.

Each filter has its touch to the video, whether you are looking for vintage outlook, modern style or nostalgic one, iMovie got you covered. The filters are easy to implement to single clips segments or for the whole video. If you are looking to add an extra touch to your video, you can use the interesting effects in the process.

One of the effects helps you to slow down some takes for more emphasis and impressiveness while another can accelerate the path for extra action. You can browse and select the one that you prefer.

What about Soundtracks?

Sound-wise, iMovie offers over 80 smart soundtracks on iOS.These soundtracks can smartly adjust to the duration of your video. You can also use your voiceover or upload other sounds to ensure that your video is complete and as good as you imagined it. Moreover, iMovie provides plenty of integrations where you can share and deliver your final video production, including Instagram, youtube, messages, and more.

How much does Apple iMovie cost?

iMovie costs $14.99 on the Mac App Store. However, if you are using the New Mac computer or iOS devices, you can download iMovie for FREE. 

Note: this option is not applicable for the old version of Macs.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Rich and interesting tools
  • Supports 4K


  • Mac and iOS devices only
  • Motion should be considered.

5. HitFilm Pro 

HitFilm Pro is a fully packaged product. It provides a great step into video editing software, compositing and titling all at once centralized in one place. It is an ideal choice for artists, professional editors, and learners who are seeking to get their hands in film making. The interface is intuitive and well designed. It’s very easy to use. It features all the tools you need to get you started. 

HitFilm Pro - Best Video Editing Software

Up to 32-bit floating-point color, 8K resolution, and 2.0x faster exporting, this software surely offers one of the powerful editing sets that can scale up your game level. Incorporating special technologies, the software offers you exactly what you need to produce a powerful, compelling, and active edit.

It also includes a plethora of effects, animations, themes, and audios implements that are promptly available in the dashboard editor. Thanks to these tools, you can easily trim, copy-paste, segment, and synchronize your clips to make a well done and flawless video.

HitFilm Pro employs its multi-core and GPU advanced mechanism and prefetcher compo to achieve high performance at a high speed. You will be able to enjoy an editing process free from interruptions and delays.

Moreover, the software delivers your final project in all formats you need. Whether for file export or import, the software supports all kinds of files you can think of, making it easy for you to sit back and watch the software do its thing.

HitFilm also supports several 3D model formats. You can easily import and adapt the files to your needs and preferences and then compose them into your shots exhibition display easily.

Let’s not forget about Hit Pro effects!

Hit Pro offers exciting and specialized effects like no other software. Some of the effects include 3D muzzle flashes, Procedural fire, Distortion effects, Neon path, Easy sci-fi effects, Lightning & electricity, Lens flare toolkit, Warping tools, Temporal tools, Hide objects, and After Effects plugin support.

How much does HitFilm Pro cost?

HitFilm Pro offers three pricing plans including:

  • HitFilm Pro 14 plan costs $349
  • Pro video bundle plan costs $583.20. This plan includes HitFilm Pro (worth $349) and Ignite Pro (worth $299.
  • Pro Suite plan costs $677.60. This plan also includes HitFilm Pro, Ignite VFX, and Imerge pro( worth $199)

All plans come with 12 months of updates & technical support and 3 seat license – run on 3 computers simultaneously


  • An abundance of exciting and interesting effects 
  • Color correction and grading
  • Keying and extraction
  • Particle simulator
  • Free training and support


It might be ideal for projects that are only effects-heavy based.

6. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 

If you are looking for a fully loaded and superior editing software, then you should consider Pinnacle Studio Ultimate in your list. The software is unmatched when it comes to powerful, explicit, and controlled editing.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate - Best Video Editing Software

There are many reasons why you should consider this software for your next project.

First, it offers you exceptional and superior editing. Everything including, over 2.000 effects, transitions, audio, and more are made easy to apply thanks to its easy to use and intuitive interface. The enhanced interface enables you to streamline your work progress for effective and efficient editing.

Second, it offers you limitless creativity with its advanced and pro-caliber features, including increased Color Grading instruments, video masking, Multicam, 360-degree video editing, and more. With high-level transition frame keys, you can adjust and modulate every aspect of your succeeding project. 

The updated version of this software includes new and exclusive features that can take your editing skills to the next level. From video masking to text masking, this software allows you to blur visages, eliminate outcast elements, and get creative with your titles and content.

In terms of color grading, selective Vectorscope and LUT profiles features are added. The former helps you correct and manipulate colors and tones to achieve coherence and improved grading. The latter offers you cinematic effects that you can add to your clips.

When it comes to streamlined editing tools, some of the features we can mention include, clip nesting, copy-paste attributes, and keyframing. These features allow you to lessen clutter, and make it easier for you to navigate through your different clips. They also allow you to enjoy maximized customization and control aloft the overall video editing.

How much does Pinnacle Studio Ultimate cost?

The original price of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate full plan costs $129.95. However, currently, they are offering a 30% discount, making the overall final price about $99.95.

To enjoy the upgrade option, you must first have one of the versions including, Studio 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22. The upgrade package costs $69.95.


  • Impressive split screens templates
  • Improved Three and Four-point editing
  • NewBlue Audio Essentials
  • 360 freeze-framing
  • Training support and materials


It can be sluggish and unresponsive at times.

7. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

 Adobe Premiere Pro is a well-known and industry-leading software when it comes to video editing. It is probably one of the most completed products of video editing software on the market. With fully packaged advanced features that can help you come out with the best version possible of your project, you should surely consider this software as one of your top choices.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Best Video Editing Software

The software offers you inventive tools and easy connection with other applications, platforms, and services. You can easily import Photoshop and Illustrator data without missing a lap. It enables you to compose your clips and photos into masterful and flawless videos. 

The Adobe Premium is easy to use and will save you time and effort. It has the perfect tools to make editing easier and manageable. Some of these tools include an Auto Reframe which helps you optimize your shooting segments smartly and reframe your intakes.

Certainly, you don’t have to worry about the format of your clips, photos, or audios, this software has several different file formats such as MP4, HDR, and more. You can easily import your files and let the system do its job. Premiere Rush can be an ideal option to consider if you want to edit videos for your media accounts using other devices like your phone or tablet. 

Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to seize the apt color. As color grading plays a major role in the overall performance of the video, this software gives you the essentials tools to correct colors and manipulate shapes perfectly and effortlessly.

What else does Adobe Premiere offer?

Color correction automation is also available and it is easy to apply. If you are looking to own more control and charge over your color grading and tone balance, you can use the Lumetri Color Panel for this purpose. Save you time and effort by preserving your presets for future editing.

When it comes to audio, Adobe software ensures an effortless audio editing. With tools like sound panel, Auto duck, audition integration, you can achieve flawless and excellent sounds. 

Graphic wise, Premiere Pro provides you with an imperative Graphics Panel that helps you design headlines and captions, graphics, and more. Moreover, you can also use the Motion Graphics Templates or customize your own.

How much does Adobe Premiere Pro CC cost?

Adobe offers 2 primary pricing plans including:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro single app costs $239.88 per year
  • Premiere Pro + all Adobe creative apps cost $599.88 per year

You can find other plans and packages on their official website. Check out this link for more details, here.


  • After effects integrations
  • Integration with different apps and services
  • An abundance of effects, templates, and animations
  • A leading industry software


On the expensive side

8. DaVinci Resolve Studio

Another leading software when it comes to video editing is DaVinci Resolve Studio. It is the only software in the video editing realm that includes expert 8K editing, color correction, effects, and audio post-creation. You can easily shift between these different tools with a simple click.

DaVinci Resolve Studio - Best Video Editing Software

It is also considered the only software solution that allows multiple users to work on the same filmmaking simultaneously. This makes it easier for professional agencies or working groups to accomplish editing efficiently and effectively.

The cut page is the software interface that is fast, intuitive, and includes all the essential tools to get you started. Some of the tools you can find on this edit page include the following.

A Dual Timeline is made to ensure fast and easy navigation of your edited video. This helps you save time and assures a better display of your working progress. The Source Tape allows you to select and examine all clips and effortlessly add them to the timeline.

On the other hand, you have a Trim Interface that allows you to observe the two fronts of your edit and enable you to trim accurately. You can also check out the fast review feature which allows you to have an instant observation on the whole segment with different speed levels. 

 By using this software you can easily import your files and export your final project production to your various channels such as Youtube effortlessly and hassle-free. 

The software is also responsive and mobile-friendly and you can easily make some edits on your phone anywhere at any time.

How much does DaVinci Resolve Studio cost?

Davinci Resolve studio offers 2 pricing plans including:

  • DaVinci Resolve 16 plan is FREE
  • Resolve Studio 16 costs about $299

Yet, you can also find other items that you may find interesting:

DaVinci Resolve Panels:

  • Micro Panel costs $1,025
  • Mini Panel costs $3,079
  • Advanced Panel costs $30,805

DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard costs $995.


  • Custom timeline setting
  • Facial recognition
  • Keyframe curve editor
  • Speed wrap retiming
  • Video stabilization
  • Smart encoding


Integrations with other apps and services can be improved.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best video editing software?

If you are a Mac or Apple user, then the Adobe Premiere Pro CC is surely the best on the list. It’s a fully packaged product that got everything you need to get your editing done the right way. From establishing your takes to end credits, you will be amazed by the efficiency and the quality of the features this software offers.

It is an ideal option for both beginners and professionals. If you are beginners, don’t feel intimidated by the abundance of tools you will come across. The website, actually, other support and training for those who find difficulty understanding. To learn more about this software, you can check out this page for more details, here.

If you are looking for free software that helps you get started then Davinci Resolve Studio is another great option to consider. The free version offers a plethora of interesting features and tools for perfect editing.

If you are a YouTuber and looking for other options, then we highly recommend iMovie and Final Cut Pro X.

2. Who is Video Editing Software for?

Anyone can use video editing software. It is designed for anyone interested in filmmaking and video production in general. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or professional, most software accommodates all levels of editing expertise.

Most of the interfaces designed are easy to use and intuitive. They include all the tools and features that you can easily apply to your clips. If you feel lost with the displayed tools, you can always check the support and learning page. They usually include tutorials and guidelines on how to use most of the tools effectively.

3. What to look for in Video editing software?

If you are looking to purchase the best video editing software, there are a couple of factors that you should keep in mind. These factors depend on your needs and preferences as a video editor. If you are working on a big and professional project, certain features and tools should be available in the software. However, if you are a newbie and looking for affordable software, then you should at least ensure that the basics are included.

When you are looking for video editing software, certain functions cannot be overlooked. Without them, you can’t have your hands on anything for you to start editing. These essentials usually include files import format, transitions, titles, adding clips, effects, trim, project exports.

You have to pay attention to these basic tools as they are quite essential for project execution. Take into notice, the format of your files, and the format the software supports. While some software on the market supports almost all types of media formats, others usually don’t. They are limited to a certain type.

When it comes to project exporting to other channels and platforms, this factor is also important. If you are looking to upload your final film/video to your social media, you have to check if this feature is available or not. This is because some software does not sync with some social accounts. 

Advanced Tools
If you are taking your editing game to the next level, you may want to consider these features. Look for software that includes exclusive to ultimate tools and advanced features like motion and animations, advanced cinematic visual effects, Lumetri color panels, screen splits, Multicam, 360 video editing, 8K format, speed, and more. However, this type of software that offers these features is quite expensive, but then again it’s worth the investment.

Multi-User Software
If you are a group of people working together on the same project, then you may want to look for software that allows multi-users collaboration like Davinci Resolve studio for example. This helps your team members to take part in the project editing and collaborate effectively and efficiently on finalizing it.

Multiple collaborators can prepare and file the clips, the editor can break down the footage to the different segments that need to be edited, artists can focus on adding visual effects to the clips and ensure a perfect color grading. Also, This type of software usually includes a built-in chat that facilitates communication between the different members.


If you are interested in the filmmaking industry, then video editing is a crucial step to be ahead of your game. If you can’t deliver the storyline with your final production, you probably need to look it over again, what should be edited, omitted, added, highlighted, and ensure the best quality performance.

Editing is all about how you establish the mood, speed, and movement of your character’s actions, and the motion of your story. For this reason, having the best video editing software can be a game-changer for you.