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13 Best VoIP Phone Services For Small Businesses

With the world of business increasingly changing and many business entities being forced to go into a remote system, having a reliable form of communication is very important. This will not only change the way businesses communicate but also improve it.

With this in mind, the best communication method that you need to consider is VoIP phone services. Having come a long way these phone services can get you unlimited SMS at low monthly rates and toll-free numbers.

They can also change incoming and outgoing calls or convert them into the normal telephone call signals. The best part is that you can even use your app to make calls.

Overall they are affordable easy to set up and easy to manage. This, therefore, makes them very much popular.

Check this list of the best VoIP phone services for small business

1. RingCentral

Although not many businesses know about RingCentral, this company has been in business since 1999. With a good network backbone, if you are looking for a well-established VoIP phone service then this is the best one.

RingCentral - Best VoIP Phone Services

While it’s a bit costly, it boasts of features that other services lack. For instance, it has a very generous unlimited video conferencing and toll-free minutes.

It also provides one of the most competitive price plans hence you can rest assured that you’ve chosen the best.

With this VoIP service, you can make free calls, share screens, and even integrate with third parties such as Gusto, Dropbox, and Microsoft among others.

Plus, its portal will allow you to handle different calls and launch business phone services. Since it’s quite affordable by signing up you’ll save even up to 30%.

If you can, you should even choose an annual plan as opposed to month-to-month contract.

How Much Does RingCentral Cost

  • Essentials is $19.99 per month per user
  • The standard plan is $24.99 per month per user
  • The premium plan is $34.99 per month per user
  • The ultimate plan is 49.99 per month per user


  • Consistent interface for various platforms
  • Consistent performance
  • Apps for Mac, and other platforms
  • Reliability
  • Excellent availability


  • Reports too late
  • Inaccurate reports

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2. Ooma

Specifically meant for small business Ooma comes with one of the best VoIP phone plans.

Ooma - Best VoIP Phone Services

If you have a traditional business and you are looking for a desk phone then this is the best phone service to use.

With their appealing pricing structure, you just need to pay $19.95 per month if you are one user.

The best part is that you can cancel this anytime you want hence you don’t need to worry.

As compared to other VoIP services, Ooma also boasts of scalable solutions that you can use to grow your company.

This makes it the best service for any small business looking to maintain their communications even as they expand.

It only has two plans, Ooma Office Pro and Ooma Office. While Ooma office comes with three-way calling, unlimited domestic calls, and virtual fax machines, Ooma Office Pro has additional services such as enhanced call blocking and call recording.

If you are working from home you’ll definitely love their features. For instance, you can make and receive calls with your mobile phone using their app.

You can also set group extensions such that the calls are answered by the remote employee who picks it first.

How Much Does Ooma Cost

  • Ooma Office plan is 19.95 per month per user
  • Ooma Office Pro plan is $24.95 per month per user


  • Affordable pricing features
  • Scalable services for growing business
  • Easy to use interface


One standard plan

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3. Nextiva

Nextiva is perhaps one of the best VoIP phone services for small businesses. Whether you are using these services for the first time or not, you’ll find it quite easy to use.

Nextiva - Best VoIP Phone Services

With that said, it has all the features that small businesses can enjoy. From call routing to free domestic calls, emails to transfer voice mails it literally has everything that you need.

Besides features such as live chats and CRM, it comes with a registered toll-free number that your clients can use to contact you. This is a feature that you’ll not find in many services.

By providing you with a good balance of features and pricing, you can enjoy their services without worrying that you’ll spend a lot of money.

Plus with their online management, you can manage employees and clients in different locations and also manage different lines.

Furthermore, their app will allow you to use your business phone number to call from your mobile phone or a desktop phone.

Their collaboration tool will also allow you to ensure that every team member is on the same page.

How Much Does Nextiva Cost

  • The essential plan is $19.95 per month per user
  • Professional plan is $20.95 per month per user
  • The enterprise plan is $27.95 per month per user


  • All in all comprehensive communications platform
  • Top north customer service
  • Utilizes customer data to optimize the business
  • Budget-friendly rates
  • Multi locale scalability


  • Confusing pricing
  • Expensive international calling

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If you are looking for the cheapest VOIP service for a small business, is worth considering. - Best VoIP Phone Services

Featuring call forwarding, phone routing, multiline calling, and fax, this service has almost everything that you need.

Whether you want to set up your business or expand it, it comes with the cheapest phone business services for Canada and other European countries.

It also has some of the simplest and straightforward VoIP plans that you can ever find. The best thing about this service is its simplicity. This means any business can comfortably use it.

Once you’ve signed up with them you can start using their services within minutes. Creating your business phone network is therefore very easy with

It also integrates well with many software including Salesforce and Zoho. Besides this, you’ll enjoy E911 dialing service

Its other premium features include call recording, caller analytics and, CRM integration, and video conferencing. If you normally make infrequent and short calls then this is the best service for you.

How Much Does Cost

  • The base plan is 12.99 per month
  • Plus plan is $19.99 per month
  • Pro plan is $39.99 per month
  • The base plan is $29.99 per month


  • The best customer support
  • Flexible features
  • International number options
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Good call quality


  • Video conferencing can only be done when you’ve added monthly fee

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5. Grasshopper

Whether you are looking for a virtual phone system or your business has on-the-go employees, Grasshopper is the right software for you.

Grasshopper - Best VoIP Phone Services

By allowing you to present a professional image at all times it will ensure that your business flourish.

Regardless of where your employees are working on, Grasshopper will allow you to connect with them through their home or mobile phones.

It will ensure that each business gets its number and every employee his own extension.

This allows anyone who calls to be greeted by an automated attendant before being linked to a specific employee.

Rather than calling through the office, the caller can channel his call to the preferred person’s phone number. This may be a home phone, mobile phone, or any other number that they’ve chosen.

It also comes with several other important features such as voicemail to mail voice mail, on-hold music, voicemail transcription. You can even call up to 10 people at a time.

With its sophisticated mobile app, you can make and receive calls and send and receive messages. This feature will ensure that you don’t mix your business texts and calls with personal calls and texts.

Other than that, it will allow you to make and receive calls through the internet thus saving you the money that you could have spent on the calls.

How Much Does Grasshopper Cost

  • The solo plan is $29 per month
  • Partner plan is $49 per month
  • Small business plan $89 per month
  • Grasshopper plan is $39 per month


  • Easy to use interface
  • Toll-free vanity numbers
  •  Easy to set up
  • Provides a unique number


  • Audio quality problems
  • Extra charges for some features

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6. CallHippo

CallHippo is among the most popular virtual phone services in the world. Boasting of features such as call forwarding, phone number, and caller ID, you don’t even need a desktop to use this service.

CallHippo - Best VoIP Phone Services

By managing everything from their online portal you can comfortably enjoy all the features that it has.

With its easy and simple to use portal, you can transfer calls and even create other departments.

The best thing about it is that it’s quite affordable thus you’ll not spend a lot of money. As compared to others, it’s the most powerful and easy to use VoIP based Virtual Phone System.

With this amazing software, you can move your business to the next level. Boasting of real-time call analytics you’ll get all the details of the callers, the time duration of the call, and call quality.

Whether you have a small or large business, you’ll see all the time zones where you need to find them.

Since it’s a scalable solution, it’s also available on a monthly subscription basis. This allows you to only pay for what you need.

Besides, it has an Android app for agents that will allow you to receive and make calls even when you are on the move.

How Much Does CallHippo

  • Bronze plan is $10 month per user
  • The silver plan is $18 per month per user
  • The platinum plan is $30 per month per user
  • The enterprise plan is customized and tailor-made according to needs


  • It’s quite affordable
  • Quality voice
  • Great features
  • Good customer support
  • Unlimited calling minutes and free virtual number


  • Still does not have iOS mobile

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7. 8×8

As compared to other platforms, 8×8 will provide you with everything that you need for communication.

As a cloud-based unified communications system, it does not need any expensive private branch exchange or skilled staff to run it.

8x8 - Best VoIP Phone Services

Provided you have IP phones and a good internet you are just good to go. This means setting it up and using it is very easy.

Using over 15 redundant data centers, there is nothing that stops even if one of them goes down.

Another thing that you’ll love about it is that it comes with a wide range of collaboration, calling, tools, and other mobile features.

As a matter of fact, it has all the features that any small business may need.

Even if you need a premium collaboration it will provide you with valuable tools such as conference calling features that allows you to call up 50 people at go.

It also has a video conferencing feature that allows every user to host a meeting with up 100 people.

Plus, it will allow the employees to access their business phone numbers wherever they go.  With this in mind, you can record calls, make video calls, and check voice mail wherever you are.

How Much Does 8×8 cost

  • The express plan is $12 per user per month
  • X2 edition is $25 per user per month
  • X4 edition plan is $45 per user per month
  • X6 edition plan is $115 per user per month


  • Provides the best customer support
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Provides the best video conferencing


  • Some of the most important features are lacking

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8. VoiceShot

If you are looking for an excellent VoIP for small business then Voiceshot is probably the most ideal one.

VoiceShot - Best VoIP Phone Services

Coming with an auto respondent system you can always answer phone calls wherever you want.

It will also enable you to send outbound messages to your users and create custom texts. With this awesome software, you can schedule and send reminders and alerts.

Besides these, you can use it to set handling rules depending on the time called or the groups of people contacted.

While making or receiving a call, you can easily transfer that same call with your keypad

Although it stores all your voice mails, you cannot easily access them online. You can receive an email alert and log into your account to listen to the details of the message.

Further, with up to 10 extensions, it’s the platform with the highest number of extensions in the market.

While they have very good customer support through email and phone they do not offer internet fax services or conference call.

With their services, you can comfortably manage your marketing campaign. Since it comes with a campaign checklist tool, you can be reminded about all the important things that you should know.

From personalizing interactive calls to managing the rate of call delivery there are a lot of things that you can do.

How Much Voiceshot Cost

  • The basic plan is $40 per month
  • Pro plan is $70 per month


  • Provides up to 400 minutes
  • Comes with unlimited extensions
  • Provides smart system
  • Mobile app available for Android and iOS


  • Internet fax service not there

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9. Vonage

Vonage is among the most popular VoIP phone services in the market today. Whether you are looking for the most advanced software or one that works just well, Vonage will never disappoint you.

Vonage - Best VoIP Phone Services

As compared to other services you’ll enjoy very good features and competitive price plans. While it’s not the least expensive it’s still quite affordable based on what it provides.

But before you sign up with the service, you need to ensure that you have a good internet connection. Coming with some of the most interesting features you’ll definitely enjoy using it.

While it comes with a mobile and desktop app if you are looking for video conferencing features you may have to upgrade.

You may also be required to pay additional money based on where you want to make calls to.

Given the fact that they have some of the best customer services if you have any issue you can  have it sorted within no time.

With all their features, scalability, and integrations you can keep up with any changes that it takes place.

The good thing is that setting it up is also very easy. You’ll just be required to fill in security challenge questions and other personal details and you are good to go.

Using it is also very simple you just need to plug in your phone connect the internet and start calling. You’ll also find a handy user manual that you can refer to for guidance.

Furthermore, with their mobile apps, you can make several calls at a very affordable cost.

This means you’ll significantly reduce the amount of money that you spend calling. If you like you can also connect it to two mobiles.

How Much Does Vonage Cost

  • Vonage has a pricing plan that starts at $14 per line per month


  • The best call quality
  • Quick helpful customer support
  • Available toll-free number
  • Enhanced 911 support
  • Selective call block


  • No video or text capabilities

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10. Jive

Jive is also another VoIP phone service for small businesses that boasts of several cool features.  With its range of features, if you have a large business this could be price competitive tool.

Jive - Best VoIP Phone Services

The good thing about it is that they are focused on boosting their VoIP security.

Featuring an end to end encryption feature, this software will make certain that you know every piece of equipment connected to your system.

To ensure that you enjoy the best services it comes with a comprehensive range of features. As a matter of fact, they have almost every tool that you might need.

The only feature that you have to upgrade is video conferencing.

One thing that makes it amazing is its quick registration. With the support team helping you to set up everything, the process is simple and fast.

Once you are done with registration, they will send you all the details through email. Plus they will also give you a quote with all the payment information.

You can then use their features to request toll-free number, transfer an existing number, and even ask for other numbers if you like.

Unlike others even when the phones are not yet active you can assign groups, create extensions, and set up many other things in readiness for use.

Once everything is ready you can schedule a call with their support so that they can guide you on how everything works.

Since they have some of the most knowledgeable customer support every question that you have will be answered.

Overall, it’s a good service that you need to try out

How Much Does Jive Cost

  • 1-99 users pr5iciing plan is 19.95 to $29.95
  • 100+ users, custom pricing available


  • Good intuitive user interface
  • Social features to allow users to engage on the platform
  • Knowledge and content capture sharing
  • Has the best mobile app
  • Allow you to attach your work number with ease


  • Caller ID is lacking

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11. 1-VoIP

If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective VoIP service, 1-VoIP is the right choice.  As a matter of fact, it’s a good service if you have a small business you are on a very limited budget.

1-VoIP - Best VoIP Phone Services

With one of its plan costing as low as $14.97 per month, it’s a service that you’ll significantly enjoy.

Although it might not be the cheapest, it’s quite affordable for businesses that do not have a lot to spend.

One feature that you can use is there metered service. This works quite well especially if you don’t make calls often.

By paying even as low as $0.002 per minute you just need to pay when you are making calls.

As compared to other VoIP services, you’ll also realize that they do not limit the features that you can use whether you’ve signed up for a metered plan or not.

From hold music to virtual fax service, hours of operation to call recording, you can use all the services that they have on offer.

Although 1-VoIP may lack a number of things, it still comes with a plethora of features that you can take advantage of.

To set it up, the company will provide you with an adaptor that has an internet port, Ethernet port, and a setup manual to make the process easy for you.

Whether you want to set up caller ID, call forwarding and call waiting you’ll realize that these are very easy.

Once you set it up it provides you with a menu that will give you the instructions to use the features on your phone.

It also comes with an anonymous call reject feature that will allow you to either accept or reject a call.

How Much Does 1-VoIP Cost

  • The 1-VoIP plan starts at $8.97 per month for the value plan
  • 1-VoIP unlimited plan is $17.97 per month


  • It’s affordable
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Respectable feature set
  • The bundled adaptor that works with a majority of headsets


  • Does not come with many customizations and configurations

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12. Verizon

Whether you’ve been in business for some time or new you must have heard of Verizon. As a mobile leader, it comes with one of the best VoIP phone services.

Verizon - Best VoIP Phone Services

If you want to consolidate all your business communications then you can easily and cheaply do it with Verizon.

While Verizon is generally expensive as compared to other services, you can always get value for your money. The best part is that they will provide you with the best speed.

As a well-known company, they have one of the best customer services out there.

Although navigating through its interface is complicated they have the best customer support that will guide you through.

Just like other VoIP services, it will provide you with multi-line customers’ services. This means if you are using it with your family members you don’t have to choose a plan for every member of the family.

Although its business’s digital voice might not be the best for small businesses, if you choose the upper tiers you can really enjoy the features that it has.

So, if you are looking for a service that has the fastest internet speeds then it’s the best. By investing in it you can do a lot.

How Much Does Verizon Cost

  • Starter unlimited plan is $70 per month per line
  • Play more unlimited plan is $80 per month per line
  • Do more Unlimited is $80 per month per line
  • Get more unlimited is $90 per month per line


  • Good selection of plans and phones
  • Very good coverage
  • Mix and match multi-line plans
  • Stores everywhere


  • Very expensive plans
  • Customer service not personal

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13. Mitel

As robust communications system, Mitel comes with features that any business can use regardless of its size. One of the things that make it the best is that you can deploy it in a number of ways.

Mitel - Best VoIP Phone Services

As compared to others, you can either use it as an on-premise system or as a cloud service.

It also comes with several feature plans that will ensure every employee has the tool that they need to work.

If you opt for the cloud system you can choose from a range of plans. The best thing is that it also gives you the option to mix and match their plans depending on the user.

This way you can choose a plan depending on what your employees need.

From their plan, you’ll enjoy standard PBX features, instant messaging, and unlimited calling.

With over 60 million subscribers all over the world, this VoIP service can be considered as a world leader.

Other than the main things, it provides mobile services, phone systems contact center solutions, and collaboration applications.

But if you need call center services you must be ready to pay additional charges. These costs may range from $12 to $20 per user.

Plus, choosing the cloud system will allow you to rent IP phones. Although a business can directly buy their cloud-based services, you must look for local resellers.

They also require that you to sign a contact with them.

If there is one system that’s easy to use then it’s this one. For instance, all their systems are managed and maintained by the company.

To ensure that things are better you don’t even need any special equipment to install one.

More so, with their Android and iOS app, you can communicate, conduct conferences and do everything that you need through your business lines.

It also comes with a soft [phone that you can always use to make and receive phone calls.

Last but not least they have one of the best customer supports. Regardless of how many times you contact them, they’ll treat you with respect.

How Much Does Mitel Cost

  • The essential plan is $20.99 per user per month
  • The premier plan is $26.59 per user per month
  • Elite plan is $38.49 per user per month


  • The best in house support staff
  • Many features to use
  • Ease to use cloud-based system
  • Very intuitive user interface


  • Plans are a bit costly

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of small businesses can benefit from VoIP services for small businesses?

Regardless of the kind of business that you have, you can enjoy the services provided by VoIP services for small businesses.

However, this does not mean that every business will benefit from the same system.

Before settling on one, you must consider your needs so as to choose one based on them.

Since you want to give your clients a great impression you should not depend on your mobile phone for communication.

If you think you don’t need the traditional office phone then you need to invest in the best VoIP service for small businesses.

While still using your mobile phones you can always present a very professional image.

In addition, wherever you make an outbound call your client will only see your business number and not your mobile number.

But for larger businesses, these types of phone systems will allow them to communicate professionally to their customers.

The service will also give their employees all the tools that they need to do their jobs well. For instance, will have access to useful mobile apps and video conferencing tools

2. What affects VoIP voice quality?

Different VoIP services have different voice qualities. However, voice quality is generally affected by the kind of hardware and software that their systems use.

Those who have the best voice qualities normally use components based on modern standards. Their voice quality may also be affected by the kind of internet service that they are using.

It’s therefore important to consider both the software and hardware they are using to enable you to choose the best.

You also need to choose services that have been constructed with the most efficient software.

3. What do we mean by unified communication?

Since every small business is unique in its own way it’s hard to conclude that one VoIP system can serve all the businesses. So, choose one depending on the kind of business that you have.

Consider the tools and functions that you are looking for. A unified communication system is, therefore, a system that can serve a majority of businesses with ease.

4. How can I make a call using my VoIP phone service?

When you want to make a call there is no special number that you have to dial. As a matter of fact, receiving and making a call is just the same as using the regular mobile or landline phones.

You just need to dial the number that you want to call and you are good to go. However, if you want to call someone in the UK, you need to dial the number plus the area code of that call.

Also, making calls to other VoIP businesses is completely free.

When should I consider investing in a good VoIP for small businesses?

With the world increasingly becoming modern there is no right or wrong time of investing in a VoIP phone system.

There are several providers out hence you’ll easily get one that offers the best pricing package and features.

Some of the services that you may enjoy include free phones, free service, and discounted rates when you make calls with them.

5. Can I call any phone with this service or just the VoIP phones?

With so much competition in the market most VoIP service providers now have a feature that allows you to call any phone.

Whether the number is local or international you simply need to dial it and you are done.

However, the computer VoIP services will only allow you to call the numbers that their system can access.

Overall nowadays most VoIP even allows you to call multiple customers at any given time.

They also provide three-way calling or conference calling that comes in handy when you want to hold a meeting with your workers.

6. Does VoIP phone service provide good voice clarity?

Over the past few years, most service providers have significantly improved. In fact, currently, their voice quality is even better than the mobile or the landline phones that we are used for.

However, this can be different depending on the provider offering the service, the broadband connection, and the internet.

If you want to confirm whether you are getting the best voice quality or not you need to test one. You may also ask other users about their experience.

7. Do I need to log into my computer to make a call?

If you have a phone-based service you don’t have to log into your computer to use the service. But it’s important to look for an internet connection if you want your phone to go through.

Although you can buy an IP phone this is not very important since most providers will provide you with one.

Having a computer will provide you with additional features but it’s not a necessary requirement.

8. Can my phone system grow with my company?

If you choose the best VoIP system that has the best features then you can always upgrade even as your company grows.

There are even some that allow you to incorporate other users even without upgrading.

But if you realize that your chosen phone system cannot grow with your company then maybe it’s time to choose another one.

Also, you need to choose a system that can still fit your business even if the provider adds new features.

Are there things that may limit me when I have signed up for the system?

No. Most VoIP systems do not come with any limitations that you can think of. This means you can get in touch with as many users and make as many calls as possible.

The good thing is that if you want to upgrade you don’t have to spend a lot of money. However, if you want to enjoy using these systems you need to ensure that you have very fast internet.

The reliability and quality of your calls basically depend on this.

9. What can a VoIP phone service that a landline phone cannot do?

If you want to save up to 90% of your phone bill then choosing a VoIP is the right thing to do. The VoIP will provide you with a number of features that you cannot get in your normal landline.

Some of their features include conference calling, caller ID, and call waiting among several others.

Moreover, you’ll enjoy unlimited calls with most providers out there. This means you can talk to as many users as possible at no more charges.

Final Words

With most businesses resorting to remote work, using VoIP services is likely to be the new norm. While starting out can be a bit rough if you choose the best service you can make things easy.

The good thing is that there are a number of services that you can always choose.

Depending on the features that you are looking for, your business needs, and your preferences you need to choose one to make your work easy.

If you are just starting out you can check out the above services.

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