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BetterBoo - Startup Featured on StartUpLift

BetterBoo Gift App allows users to get the gifts they truly want.

Target Audience: Facebook users who are in relationships.
Website URL:

About BetterBoo: allows users to build personal gift registries(called betterboo boxes) Built on the social platform facebook, users can then share their box with friends so users can GIVE and GET gifts that they trule want!
There are other wishlist/registry engines, but they aren’t as social as us! Being built as a facebook application, we make it effortless to share your box, giving you the best possible change to recieve the gifts that one truly wants.

Here is a short video on how BetterBoo works:

One thought on “BetterBoo – Dare to give better

  1. Initially, I had a problem with this because gifts are special no matter what they are.  But, I do realize that some people have trouble thinking of a gift to give.  The site is cute.  I like it.
    About page – A terrible gift giver, Nick, in Fall 2010 set out to simply give better. Doesn’t make grammatical sense.

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