BillBaba – There is So Much More to Life, Other Than Bill Payments

BillBaba - startup featured on StartUpLift for website feedback & usuability testing

Set reminders and manage your finances.

Target Audience: Everyone who pays a bill and uses the internet.
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About BillBaba:

Offload all your bill payment worries to us. You can set reminders for your bill payments, maintain your payment history and analyze your spendings. You can also create financial goals, and we help you save for your dreams. Manage debts and money you have lent out, with automatic reminders. We help you make smarter money management decisions, and best of all, it’s FREE.

5 thoughts on “BillBaba – There is So Much More to Life, Other Than Bill Payments

  1. Its a very simple way to use an online bill reminder. I have use a an online bill reminder before, but this one is very easy to use….I already register and ready to use it..

  2. The site easy to run? 

    Yes, This site is easy to run. 

    Is this site good? 

    Yes, I like it and it looks easy to use. Looks like no improvement is required. 

    Do I recommended this site anyone? 

    Yes, I would, it look like a great site and I hope this helps your feedback! 🙂

  3. Initial impressions

    The home page is not over-cluttered and identifies the product for the site user, that this is a bill payment/money management system that is meant to help make life easier. The only thing I don’t like is the wording of the sentence “offload your bill payments to us” – some may take this to mean that you will pay their bills for them! (if they don’t read on any further).

    What am I drawn to click on?
    I clicked on the video initially to find out more, but the sound quality was quite poor and I found I had to really listen hard to understand the speaker’s accent. So I closed the video and clicked on “learn more” instead, which provided me with a more in depth understanding.

    Is there anything that detracts from the site?
    The poor quality video I felt detracted from the site. The About Us page didn’t provide any information on the “company” or business behind the site at all which didn’t give me a lot of confidence in using the site.

    Would I use it/recommend it?
    I wouldn’t use this site, mainly because I don’t know to whom I am giving the details of my bills and financial circumstances. I do not know who owns “”, and there is no physical address or the name of any site owners.

    Overall comment
    It’s a nice looking site, but the lack of certain information that I consider to be critical when revealing personal information means that I would not sign up to use this service.

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