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Modern Interactive Data Analysis and Dashboards.

Target Audience: SMBs, Web Analysts, Large Organizations, Departments within Organizations, Consultants, Data Publishers, Data Analysts, Top Management.
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About Bime:

Bime is an easy yet powerful service to connect and analyze data in any organization. Bime delivers a simple-to-use intuitive way to create stunning data visualizations and predictive models.

It allows you to access traditional and internet based data from anywhere, from sources such as Google Analytics, Google spreadsheets, Salesforce, SQL databases, Excel spreadsheets, Amazon DB, Lighthouse and XML webservices. You can easily mix these data sources together to delve deeper into data and your company.

Manipulate your data and perform predictive models, then use them to create stunning and powerful visualizations. The intuitive drag and drop editor allows complex visualizations, such as heatmaps utilizing Google maps, to be created in a few clicks.

Finally, pull all your best visualizations together in to a simple and instructive dashboard before sharing it with everyone in the company or embedding it in a website so that others can understand it for themselves.

Bime incorporates the latest in Cloud Computing security with the same client side encryption used by online banks, minimized client-server traffic and optional caching on the ultra secure Amazon S3 platform, with round-the-clock surveillance and state of the art defenses.

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