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We present free webinars for small business owners.

Target Audience: Small business owners.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • What do you think about our site?
  • Is there too much on the front page?
  • Does it load fast enough?
  • Do you understand what we do?
  • Is our registration system easy enough to use?
  • What would you remove?
  • What would you add?
  • Is there enough information for both small business owners as well as our potential clients?

About BizLaunch:

We present free webinars for small business owners paid for by large companies that sell to small business. We also produce tailor made content for large companies and get our stories from our community of small business owners.

10 Awards. $5 Each.No Awards Remaining.

26 thoughts on “BizLaunch – Entrepreneur Training And Small Business Advice

  1. Feedback sought:

    What do you think about our site?

    It looks ok.  It looks semi-professionally done, and has some credibility (because I don’t see any obvious errors or glitches.

    Is there too much on the front page?

    Actionable suggestions:  I think that it could be tweaked a little bit.  My suggestion is under the Free Entrepreneur training, that you list the immediate 3 coming up, and have a link underneath those saying “see more upcoming events or dates”.  I would limit it to 3 posted on your front page.
    Another tweak is that it appears that the right hand column is compiled of “Biz” resources.  I don’t see these tabs or links selling your brand.  I would personally make a separate page, and have a link at the top among your Home, Free Seminars, About us, etc. and have a link specifically for resources and put Biz Partners, Biz Advice in there.  A blog is typically at its own link, and it would be up to you where to put Biz Media and Biz News.  The main idea of your homepage is to sell your product/service.  Those links on the right don’t all do that.  Some offer content, but some offer resources.  You need to have your content in one place and resources in another.  Perhaps you would want to put Blog, Media, and News under one tab.
    I really like to see selling points on your front page that differentiate your brand from others that you would consider your rivals/competitors.  I would also move your video at the bottom of your homepage.  That needs to either be at the top where people can see it right away, or needs to be on your Media page.
    Corporate Partners are good on your hompage (could be spaced out wider along the bottom.  It looks off center because your footer green bar is longer than the width that you have your corporate sponsors are spaced.  I would try to fix this sooner than later.  It takes away from the professionality of your site.

    Lastly, it appears that there is empty space on the right and left sides of your homepage.  Have you considered slightly widening frame that is displayed (shrinking the margins).

    Does it load fast enough?

    Load time was not super fast.  I have a fast connection and it took 10-15 sec.  I think if you move your video and made tweaks to your homepage, it might speed this up.

    Do you understand what we do?

    It is understood that you provide networking and resources to Businesses.

    Is our registration system easy enough to use?

    Yes. Registration is straightforward and easy to sign up.

    What would you remove?
    I believe I properly addressed this question when you asked is there too much on the front page.  See my answer above.
    What would you add?

    At this point, I would just add a link and page for blog, and one for media – to move the video to and speed up your homepage.

    Is there enough information for both small business owners as well as our potential clients?

    I think this would be a good resource for entrepreneurs.  I think you should focus on the offerings – seminars, regularly posting new content, etc.

  2. One additional comment:  Upon second re-opening and looking over your site, it appears to load really slow.  30 sec. or more for each tab.  I would strongly recommend doing something to speed up load times.  Potential visitors would not want to wait, and having slow loading pages would negatively impact your brand.


  3. What do you think about our site?
    I think the concept is great. I love the idea of a hub for training business-minded people and entrepreneurs. However, the aesthetic look of the site does need improvement. It needs more appeal, perhaps more graphic special effects, I don’t really like the color scheme the green used reminds me of a money lower quality money site and the colors are too bright and clashy. I like the name of the site and the tagline…straight to the point and I don’t have to wonder what the is offered by BizLaunch.
    Is there too much on the front page?
    I don’t think there is too much information, in fact, I liked all the information on it and it did spark my interest, however, I do think it needs to be organized better and make the boxes on the right pane smaller and in a different color to stand out from the rest of the page. The same information currently on the front page can still be provided by mixing up how the information is presented using different features and tools. Mix it up a bit…make it interesting and aesthetically appealing.
    Does it load fast enough?
    I had no problem loading the videos, the links, or navigating the site. Everything I clicked on loading within seconds.
    Do you understand what we do?
    Yes. It is basically a one-stop-shop for accessing business help or information to assist entrepreneurs either grow their business, profit, how to market better, and how to utilize various tools to optimize the business goals. The site offers free articles, webinars to guide entrepreneurs in the various areas they might need help.
    Is our registration system easy enough to use?
    It is fairly simple, however, I am unsure as to the point of registration. What do I get by registering that I can not get simply by just visiting the site? I didn’t see the value of becoming a registered member. Also, is there an option to “not” fill out the fields of registration if a person wants to register, but, does not have a business yet? Some people are aspiring entrepreneurs who do not have a business, however, do not feel comfortable entering their personal information such as phone number or address. Also, when I clicked on the confirmation link found in my email, my ant-virus system denied it access and marked it as malware.
    What would you remove?
    I would remove the link “thinking” on the left hand side of the “BizAdvice” section as it seems a random word to use to represent a title. I would suggest something like “think tank” or simply “New Biz”. Further, I would change anything ending with “ing” and replace with action words like “Launch It” or ” Biz in Action”, “Make It Grow”, etc.
    What would you add?
    I would add a “resources” link to give entrepreneurs a place to go to for recommended reads, books, articles, workshops, etc. Maybe add a forum or a “thought exchange” area for current or “in progress” entrepreneurs that want to just talk to other entrepreneurs and network, get ideas, advice, share experiences, etc., this will enhance the significance of the signing-up process as well. This type of interaction is often sought when doing a start-up.
    Maybe add a “featured entrepreneur” section highlighting someone’s business experience and how they began their journey and found success. Many times these experiences give people “thinking” about starting up a business the encouragement they need to become business owners.
    Is there enough information for both small business owners as well as our potential clients?
    As mentioned earlier, it would be great to add more resources or an area where a business person can get more information about where to go to get more help and also information on cost for business consult if the site offers this service.

  4. What do you think about our site?

    I think the service that you provide is a great idea.  The site looks professional and easy to understand.

    The only thing that didn’t look right is your logo at the top of the page.  Under BizLaunch, it states “We train Entrepreneurs” which is hard to read due to the font that is used.  The letter are blended together and makes it hard to read.  My suggestion would be to not use “bold” in that font.  If you don’t use “bold”, it would clear up the problem and be easier to read.

    Is there too much on the front page?

    I don’t think there is at all.  I like the layout and colors used. 

    Does it load fast enough?

    Yes!!  I had no problem at all with the loading.  Everything popped right up when I clicked on the site and the other links on the site. 

    Do you understand what we do?

    Yes, you train entrepreneurs.  You provide tools through things such as seminars to help companies or businesses succeed. 

    Is our registration system easy enough to use?

    Yes.  You give an e-mail address and password and a small amount of personal information and then you activate your account through an e-mail.  The steps were very easy to understand and to do.

    What would you remove?

    I don’t think you should remove anything for the most part.  All the information on the homepage is needed and the layout is great.

    On the other hand, the “BizBlog” is overwelming.  That page is so crowded.  There is a video at the top of the page which takes over writing on the right hand of the page.  The video needs to be smaller.  It should be around the same size as the video on the homepage.  There is no need to have the “social site links” (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on the page when there is already the links on the homepage.  There is also a link to “Free Seminars” which is also not needed since the same link is on the homepage.  There is a box on the side which shows how many people from facebook likes the site.  That should be removed and placed on your homepage right under the facebook icon.  On the homepage, right under the facebook and twitter icons is a bunch of empty space that I believe that box would look good there.  There is another box which I can’t read what it is due to the video being in the way, which I think should be moved.  It should be placed under “Categories”.  You have this whole empty space on that side from “Categories” down.  There is no need to have everything at the top of the page on that side.

    What would you add?

    I searched your site including your “blog”, and I didn’t see where your clients tell their stories.  I think it would be a great idea for you to have a page where your clients make comments or tell their stories on how your service helped their business. 

    Is there enough information for both small business owners as well as our potential clients?

    Yes, I think their is plenty of information provided.  You site is very useful for both business owners and potential clients.

    Overall, I think your site is a great idea.  The layout is nice and it looks professional.  It is easy to understand and navigate.  I think you should change a few things to improve the site in which I mentioned above.

  5. What do you think about our site? It looks like it’s easy to navigate through.  Everything seems to be in order.  However, it does not look totally professional.
    Is there too much on the front page? At first glance, I have to say that the tabs are a little overcrowded.  I’m also not totally liking the video display at the bottom of the page.  I’m also not fond of the corporate partners displayed at the bottom of the landing page.  If I were to land on this page by accident, I think that I would be a little overwhelmed with all the details of it.
    Does it load fast enough? It does seem a little hesitant to open all the pages while the video starts instantly.

    Do you understand what we do? I believe you to have much experience in Entrepreneurship and are wanting to train others to be as successful as yourselves, you accomplish this through training, advice, plans and ideas.    Also, you direct people to learning seminars that would be beneficial for them to “learn the business”.
    Is our registration system easy enough to use? It’s very self explanatory.  I really like the fact that the Privacy Policy sort of smacks you in the face, so that’s it clear and straight forward.   Otherwise, it was really effortless.
    What would you remove? Starting at the top tabs on the home page, I would the French tab and the Bookmark tab.  They seem to be too crowded.  I would also remove the video at the bottom of the page, as well as the Corporate Partners.  I would leave that to the About Us page.
    What would you add? I would not really add anything to the website.
    Is there enough information for both small business owners as well as our potential clients? It seems like a great website for Entrepreneurs to learn.  I think having access to the free seminars is a great tool for potential customers.

  6. What do you think about our site?
    I think it looks ok. Not great, not especially intriguing at first, but clean and fairly credible.
    Is there too much on the front page?
    Maybe a bit too much, but more that it’s the wrong stuff on the front page. It would look better to have more of your “About Us” Information on the front page keep the free lessons and webinars to the separate page you already have for them.

    Does it load fast enough?
    Everything loaded fine for me, no problems at all.
    Do you understand what we do?
    Yes, you train entrepreneurs on various aspects of owning and operating a business including taxes, marketing, growing, etc., by offering the benefit of your real world expertise. 

    Is our registration system easy enough to use?
    Yes, very easy.

    What would you remove?
    Again, I would remove the lesssons from the front page, especially as they already have their own page. I think moving the links on the right side to their own page, maybe titled “Resources.” It would feel more organized.
    What would you add?
    I would add a place for client reviews, testimonials and/or comments. Maybe look into adding to or changing the logo a bit. It seems generic to me.
    Is there enough information for both small business owners as well as our potential clients?
    Yes, I think the information benefits both.

  7. What do you think about our site?

    I like the site, the home page is great, the user can see the options easily, the names like biz seminars, biz advice are correct, the texts are understandable and the information is very useful for the users.

    Is there too much on the front page?
    I think that it is ok, but I will change the corpororate partners, you repeat that information in bizpartner, also the video could be the main topic, it´s a powerful tool to tech, I´d like see the Biz resources next to the video, and the free webinars and semmninars in left side, replacing the biz resources.

    Does it load fast enough?
    yes, it took me 6.-7 sec to have access, the load time was perfect, even the video took me like 8 sec, faster than others sites working with youtube

    Do you understand what we do?

    Yes, sure that your idea  is clear and right,  you choose the corrects words with the domain and the phrase “We  train entrepreneurs” says everything. In the front page you see 7 times the word “Biz” and 4 times entrepreneurs, so the user has to see the relation of these words with the information and tools that your site provides.

    Is our registration system easy enough to use?

    The registration system is easy, the normal questions that others site demand, but I took me 3 clicks to got the main required form, too many.

    What would you remove?
    Like I told you, the corporate partners (in front page), too many clicks to get to the registration form..

    What would you add?
    Some examples of successful ideas or business, interviews with theirs CEO. If you have videos better. I´d like see the first or last newsletter in your web and not wait to open it in my email.

    Is there enough information for both small business owners as well as our potential clients?
    I see that the information for entrepreneurs is perfect, It demands to update the contents but good content no just information.

  8. What do you think about our site?
    Your homepage isn’t bad.  I have a few suggestions for it, though, most of which you can find under the second question below.  I like that it’s instantly clear what the site is about, and I also like that you have a video as sort of a teaser, although I would recommend making the video larger, and I have to admit that I found your featured expert’s accent kind of strong.  Also, by default, the video starts on segment seven of nine.  Why not start it at segment one?
    Your About Us page is wonderful–very well written and professional.  I can tell you hired a good copywriter.  It shows.  I like your company history, bios, media pages, and so on.  I see now that the spokesman from you homepage video is the founder–oops!
    The BizPartners page is also very good.  I really like how the page is expandable so that I don’t have to click through to a different page to get more info.  Plus, I think it’s a good move that you clearly display the large corporations you work with.  That inspires confidence.  However, this is the first I realized that you’re aiming for a Canadian market.  I think you need to make this clear on the homepage.  For instance, your tagline might be revised to say, “We Train Canadian Entrepreneurs.”  Also, it wasn’t quite clear to me how large corporations would profit from partnering with you.
    Next, I visited BizSeminars.  I really like that you preview all the main points you’ll be covering in each webinar.  The only thing I didn’t like about this page was the small link that reads, “Why free small business seminars?”  That’s too easy to overlook.  I’d enlarge that and make it more prominent on the page.  I also didn’t love that you get a pop-up when you click on it.  I would’ve preferred a more fleshed out, separate page.
    My next stop was the BizLaunch page.  Again, the copy is very solid, and each of the links you provide from this hub page–Thinking, Launching, Growing, and Videos–is highly informative.  It’s clear you understand that if you’re offering an educational service, you need to pre-sell your service by providing a taste of that education.  You do this very well.  As a visitor to the site, my impression is that if you could teach me this much, I could learn a lot more from you at a seminar.  Your Small BizBlog continues with this strategy–lots of free info to establish your credibility.  Great!
    When I finally made my way down to BizNews, I realized that was your subscription invitation.  I think I’d move that higher up the page.
    Is there too much on the front page?
    I don’t think there’s too much info on the homepage.  On the contrary, I think you have the perfect amount of info.  However, I would switch the tabs down the right margin to the left margin.  That set-up is more traditional for a reason–tabs on the left get more clicks.  I would also add some of the tabs at the bottom to the top.  For instance, it’s okay to keep stuff like Affiliates and Sponsors at the bottom, where interested parties really have to look for it, but tabs like BizPrograms and BizCoaching should be at the top, where they can be found without effort.  Finally, I would consider enlarging the green box above the fold and the photos in it.
    Does it load fast enough?
    With the exception of the video on the homepage, yes, it certainly does.  The video was somewhat slow to load, but all the other pages were quick.
    Do you understand what we do?
    Yes.  You provide free webinars and other educational materials for small businesses just starting out.
    Is our registration system easy enough to use?
    Sign-up and registration look easy, although I’m not sure why anyone would have to register for a free webinar.  It’s not like there would be seating issues.
    What would you remove?
    I wouldn’t remove a thing.
    What would you add?
    Probably more articles for small businesses.  Some people prefer their information in print rather than video format.  I’d also consider adding more information for potential partners.
    Is there enough information for both small business owners as well as our potential clients?
    Well, that’s just it.  Who exactly ARE your potential clients?  How are you making income from this when everything appears to be free?  But, yes, there’s plenty of information for small business owners here.
    Lightbulb moment!  On my second pass through the site, I decided to investigate your tabs at the bottom of the page.  Ok, now I finally understand who your “potential clients” are and what you’re trying to sell!  You want to sell small business owners on a business training program with a “BizCoach”!  Ah-ha!  Ok, and now I also understand–via your Affiliates and Sponsor BizLaunch pages–why a company would want to become an affiliate or sponsor.
    With this info in mind, I could go back and rewrite my whole review.  But I’m not going to because I think it will be more helpful to you to see what my first impression was versus my final impression after I really dug deep into the site.  It was only after digging deep that I understood how you’re profiting from this:
    1) By offering business coaching services
    2) By presumably making a profitable deal with your sponsors and affiliates
    Knowing this, I think you really need to make an effort to target your clients more forcefully.  For example, BizCoaching should be a tab at the top of the page and in the margin alongside all the others.  While it’s absolutely valuable to include all the free information that you do to inspire trust, it’s the coaching that you’re selling, so people need to be able to find it!  I think you also need to market to potential sponsors and affiliates more effectively.  You have a fair amount of information for them, but it’s tucked away at the very bottom of the page.  All this info should be presented when the visitor clicks on the BizPartners tab in the margin.  Right now, if I were a representative of a business, there would be nothing on that page to sell me on why I should partner with you.  I want you to sell me on why when I click on the obvious tab; I don’t want to have to search around through miniscule links at the bottom to figure out what’s in it for me if I become a sponsor or affiliate.
    That’s pretty much it.  I think you have a fine idea, and I love that you provide a lot of information to establish credibility and trust.  I just think you’re really selling yourself short by not doing more to turn that interested visitor into a paying client or affiliate/sponsor.

  9. Feedback sought:

    What do you think about our site? Overall well done. Clean lined and professional looking. Doesn’t have any unnecessary gloss (color, pictures, etc). Needs little improvement.
    Is there too much on the front page? Not at all. I find it visually comforting. It  has some color but is not so overly busy that it hurts your eyes.
    Does it load fast enough? I am surprised that some people commented that it took as long as 30 seconds. It loaded very quickly!
    Do you understand what we do? At first glance it is a bit difficult to pin-point exactly what kind of clients you are looking for. Your target audience should be vary obvious. If a person can not understand the intent of a website within the first few seconds they will have already lost interest.

    Is our registration system easy enough to use? It is simple enough to use. Has the same questions as most websites on creating a log in.
    What would you remove? I might remove some of the informative videos and replace them with articles. I personally never watch videos online. I find them troublesome and annoying. However, I realize that this is becoming more and more popular. It might be best to provide both forms, providing viewers with the option that they are most comfortable with.
    What would you add? I am actually shocked that you do not have a FAQs link. I believe that all websites should have those. They are a quick and easy form of reference. It can be discouraging to bother with an email and having to wait for a response, especially if its a basic question.
    Is there enough information for both small business owners as well as our potential clients? There seems to be a good amount of information provided. It gets a little maddening after a while though with all of the links. I realize that links are needed but does there need to be so many of them?

  10. What do you think about our site?
    I really like it. Its a great idea to have small business owners provide some free help to others who need it. Its looks very professional and easy to use.
    Is there too much on the front page?
    No, I think you have just enough. I like the way the layout is spaced out and not cluttered with ads. I like that you have several tools for people to use to help them with their business.
    Does it load fast enough?
    Yes, I have had no problem with loading pages.
    Do you understand what we do?
    It is quite evident that you help train new business owners. Your service is there to assist others and make it easier to understand certain concepts in order for them to be successful in their business.
    Is our registration system easy enough to use?
    Yes, very simple. Nothing out of the ordinary.
    What would you remove?
    There is nothing I would remove. I’m happy with all the content you have on your site. It prevents most questions.
    What would you add?
    Although you may not find it necessary, I would add a FAQs section or a place for recommended books, articles, etc in each field you are intended to train in. This could give potential customers more information they can see in print form and advise them what complements your training materials.
    Is there enough information for both small business owners as well as our potential clients?
    Yes, I think you have added enough information for a potential client to make their decision of whether or not your service may be useful to them.

  11. Feedback sought:

    What do you think about our site?

    I think it is pretty well designed. I actually REALLY like the layout, and the integration of the header with the body by using the “sign up” tab. The color scheme is fantastic—eye catching but not too much. The font is clean, the white background works great. You guys did an awesome job with the video integration… I enjoyed seeing that at the bottom. I was especially impressed with the clean social media linkage at the bottom footer… that demonstrates how tech-savvy and connected your company is by understanding the power of social and viral media marketing. Overall, I’m very impressed aside from one minor thing that is expounded upon below (feeling of cramming).

    Is there too much on the front page?

    No, the front page seems quite alright in terms of design elements. In fact, I think that it is almost perfectly done. There definitely isn’t clutter or too much information (sensory overload). The graphics and layout is very clean and appealing to the eyes. The one thing that I must say though, is that the presentation seems kind of squished in a narrow sense. You have so much space to work with, yet all the Biz buttons on the right hand column and crushed together with the main column text. If you could widen the margin between the two, I think overall the site would be more visually appealing. Also, with the corporate partner’s graphics at the bottom of the page… I would move the VISA logo up a line (5 graphics on first line, 4 graphics below) and then center the graphics rather than have it as the outlier at the bottom. It just breaks up the lines of the site and would be one of my minor criticisms of the graphical user interface. Overall though, the feeling of being crammed in, when there is so much space to work with is sort of a general theme. For example, after the VISA logo, there could definitely be a ½ inch more added to the margin before the footer, rather than having them crammed next to each other. Same goes for various components on the WebPages, like in the ABOUT US tab, the raspberry graphic and the text starts so close to the header. Utilize some space and clean breaks please!

    Does it load fast enough?

    Yes, the website does load fast enough so that a user would not want to exit the browser experience. I personally don’t have any problem with it— and everything loads and opens up fine. That said, it could be faster. Each tab takes about 2-3 seconds on a very fast professional internet connection. However, I don’t think that the current speed of loading is a major issue in any way, BUT it is something that could be improved if deemed a priority.

    Do you understand what we do?

    Yes, I believe so. You company provides a hub for businesses to grow and improve. There is also a business blog section that allows users and businesses to read information and advice in order to bolster their own businesses. Your website specializes in small business training for startups and small businesses alike, and helps businesses through various mediums such as ‘seminars, webinars, educational articles, entrepreneur success stories, business tools, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, manuals, guidebooks, one to one telephone coaching, media appearances, videos and podcasts.’

    Is our registration system easy enough to use?

    Yes, the registration system is very easily to use. It is also very visually pleasing. I like how it simply appears after you click the sign up link and uses a slick graphical interface to show up. I’m curious though as to what registration offers. What is the incentive for somebody to register for your site? I think if you could explain somehow the benefits that come with active registration that one without registering would not receive, that one would be much more likely to register. Otherwise, the registration system is very simple, visually pleasing, and functions fine.

    What would you remove?

    I wouldn’t remove, but I would change the formatting of the links in the top banner. It is rather confusing and incongruous as to why some of the links up there are bright green and others are dull dark green. The “home/free seminars/events/etc” links should all be the same bright green color in order to avoid confusion and retain the overall, attractive theme.
    What would you add?
    I would add linking capability to all the graphical buttons on the right side column. Rather than be forced to click the small “more info…” text at the bottom of each of the buttons, by making the entire button a clickable interface, you not only increase your chances that users will click the link, but it also makes it a lot easier for us to do so. It is rather annoying to have to scroll into that small link and click it, whereas an interactive and clickable button would be a lot better. Also, it is debatable whether removing the more info link from the button and having the button as the link itself (thus preserving a cleaner appearance) would be a better idea. I think both will work, although making the whole button clickable is a MUST in my opinion
    Since you guys are social-media savvy, I would add the facebook fans/like widget that is common on other websites such as CNN. This would be great marketing in that it will show off which users access your services and demonstrate your reputation to the larger market. Rather than just show a link to facebook and twitter, having an active interaction widget with the two platforms would be a much more interesting capability.

    Is there enough information for both small business owners as well as our potential clients?

    Yes, I think that there is plenty of information for both small business owners as well as potential clients. If you wanted to make it more specific, perhaps a link that differentiates how you can help either of the two would be judicious. All things said, however, the website is chock full of useful information and links for entrepreneurs.  I think making your registration incentive much more specific to attract certain users will be integral in making sure this information gets distributed and more importantly, the exposure that you are trying to get through emails and user interactivity.

  12. What do you think about our site?
    It look straight forward. It’s simple and It’s easy to understand what ur site about. I prefer u make a slideshows about the web seminars. It will look more professional. The slideshows doesn’t need to have many content. Just put some pictures and some explanation on the pictures. Put it 3-4 slides will be good enough. This way, ur site looks more interesting and absolutely can attract customers.
    Ur Free Entrepreneur Training list is perfect placed in the home page. Which is letting visitors know what u got directly when they visit ur site. U can highlight the list. The background color should be in green. It looks more attractive and interesting. U also can put list it in a table style. U put it white, i feel like ur site is abit blank.
    The video u place it at the bottom of ur page which i think u should place it above ur Free Entrepreneur Training list. It can be a example for visitors.
    Is there too much on the front page?
    Definitely not. It’s simple and easy understanding. Which is really good.
    Is our registration system easy enough to use?
    It’s ok. It just like normal registration. But I think u can shorten the registration steps by after entering email, then enter password together wit first name, last name, etc. Too much steps may make people feel it’s quite complicated.
    What would you remove?
    I don’t see anything need to be removed. But i think ur corporate partners logos can size it smaller.
    What would you add?
    U can add a contact us feature at bottom of ur front page which can let people enter questions or comments directly send to ur inbox. This is convenient for ur visitors and customers. If they have anything they can directly contact u through front page. Maybe after a visitor view ur front page they might have some question in their mind, if u dont have the contact us feature which can allow visitor to enter any question they have and send it directly to u they might just leave the site. But if u have it in the front page, they might leave their email and comments to u before they leave the page. It’s convenient to them. When u have their email u can easily contact with them. It’s a good way to market. U also can add slideshow which i mentioned above. Add some sample of how the seminars works in the front page.  Also add ur certificate or badge of quality and approvement toward ur web seminars is qualified. People will have more confidence if u have it. Add few reasons why we should join ur seminars.
    Is there enough information for both small business owners as well as our potential clients? U might provide some more informations about how and what you provide to the visitors. Explain more about how it works. How u can help ur clients. When people see free stuff they will just try it. u r providing a free knowledge which people will definitely join it. I read about ur bizprograms and bizcoaching then i understand more about ur business. The information u provide is good enough. When people join, the free seminars u offer wil get more detail on it.

  13. Does it load fast enough?
    Yes is fast. Just the video a little slow. But it’s fine.
    Do you understand what we do?
    Yes i think so. U r offer seminars and knowledge to help small business in their success to start.

  14. What do you think about our site?
    The concept is very nice, however initially it looks as if it is a work still in progress. The background white seems a little cold and uninviting. The information on this page is very worthy and helpful, but remember you are trying to capture your visitors attention in a short amount of time, therefore the aesthetics of your site must visually capture your audience first.
    Is there too much on the front page?
    No, the content on your page is very clean and organized. The page is set up to do what it is suppose to do, give information and advice.
    Does it load fast enough?
    I had no problem with page load.
    Do you understand what we do?
    My quick visit of the site determined that you provide free business training, advice and information to the would be entrepreneur.
    Is our registration system easy enough to use?
    Yes, your registration process is very simple. The only thing I would try and incorporate is an explanation as to why one would choose to register since there is already a lot of valuable information already being offered. I guess I am trying to say…the benefits of vs. non-registered guest.
    What would you remove?
    What would you add?
    Information wise you are fine, the way your site is set up you have room to potentially add information in the future if you so choose to do so. Take another look at your overall color scheme, text and background. A white background can be hard on the eye, especially since those visiting your site will probably be sitting and reading. Explore colors that are easier on the eye.
    Is there enough information for both small business owners as well as our potential clients?
    In my opinion yes you have sufficient information for both the small business owner and potential clients.

  15. * What do you think about our site?
    It looks to be a training site for entrepreneurs using articles and videos.

    * Is there too much on the front page?
    No, the front page is fine. It is not crowded and it is very clean. If anything, it does look a bit too simple (amazing that I say that, honest. I’m a fan of minimalism) and slightly too plain.
    The links at the top (home, free seminars, About us…) are too close to each other.

    * Does it load fast enough?
    It only took a few seconds to load in my laptop (maybe 7-8 secs) so it is fast enough.

    * Do you understand what we do?
    Well, at least I think I do. It seems to have all the videos and articles to learn all the basics related with building a new business: how to create a business plan, how to promote your business, etc.
    What I don’t know is exactly what advantages I would get by signing up and if there are any costs involved in it.

    * Is our registration system easy enough to use?

    It does look very easy. My only concern is that you have to expand the sing up form and the box right under it is an add for BizPartners, which seems to be a networking tool where membership is only possible if you’re invited. This may lead to some confusion. If you’re reading really quick, someone could think that to sing up in BizLaunch, I would need an invitation.

    * What would you remove?
    I wouldn’t remove anything, I would only change the order of the boxes on the right to avoid confusions. As I said, the first box would make you think that you need some kind of invitation to enter BizLaunch.
    I would also add a bit more of color. The page needs a bit of contrast and to be a bit more attractive.

    * What would you add?

    Probably, a list of upcoming webminars. Maybe these are listed for registered people, but if that’s the case, it could be good that non-registered people knew what they’re missing. Also, a brief bio of each spokeman to know the background of the person I’m listening too.

    I do think that dividing the services in more than one web only divides the attentions of the user, and will see the site as of basic value, instead of added value.

    * Is there enough information for both small business owners as well as our potential clients?

    I do think there is.

    What do you think about our site?
     Everyone wants free advice from experienced company owners …I did when I opened mine. I guess that upon first sight I first think “yay! free info for small biz owners” then I see “partners” and get interested in what that has to do with the site. I also start wondering if the partners have an incentive just to throw anything out there and if there is any quality control/data integrity.

    It is aesthetically pleasing, uses consistent font, colors represent money and that’s what biz is about-making money!

    Is there too much on the front page?
    Yes, simplify it by creating a hierarchy of services you offer and group them by audience and then on the , “For Entrepreneurs” page then have your submenu of service specific to entrepreneurs and so on…this page is overwhelming and confusing. Don’t give away everything in the homepage, make it professional and interesting and usable so that a user” attention is grabbed and is enticed to click further and knows where to start.

    Does it load fast enough?

    Do you understand what we do?
     I know that you provided free information for entrepreneurs staring up business…  I also guess that your “partners” provide the content…however how do your partners make money? By getting exposure adverts on your website? How the Partners piece works is confusingly and unrelated to free info  for small biz entrepreneurs. I guess I just don’t understand how your website or your partners will be profitable.

    Is our registration system easy enough to use?
     Yes but why do you say sign up or sign in? just pick one. Is this just a choice of semantics or do partners signup and entrepreneurs sing in-or vice versa. Unclear. The options to use FB or Google  are great ideas though!

    What would you remove.?
    All the free info on the homepage-especially below the bottom of the screen.
    What would you add?

    Is there enough information for both small business owners as well as our potential clients?
    The former yes, clients not so sure from first sight.

    OTHER: Increase the font in the “learn more” link in the green box. It just flows ans doesn’t stand out,
    -Lastly, decide what you want on each navigation bar an do not duplicate data links.

    Sorry for any above typos…its late!


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