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Online booking platform for events, classes, workshops, courses, etc.

Target Audience: Small businesses.
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Feedback sought:

  • Visit Bookwhen. Do you think you would use it to book your next event? Why or why not?
  • Please share any other thoughts or comments you might have.

About Bookwhen:

Bookwhen is a simple but effective online booking/reservation and payment system for people organizing classes and workshops. It’s well suited to ongoing events and has a wide range of business types using the system due to its flexibility.

4 thoughts on “Bookwhen – Online Booking And Payment System

  1. I really like how you take the simplistic approach, both to your site design as well as product features. You provide clear value without complicating the process with seating charts and reserved tickets.

    Your tour page was very well presented, guiding me through the key features and usage of the product.

    Your pricing page obviously emphasizes a specific package, though the right-to-left orientation was confusing at first glance, making me think that the most expensive package was the starting point, and prices went UP from there.

    Congratulations of $200k in transactions. A great milestone.

  2. Thanks Derek for the great positive feedback. That’s the first time someone’s said that the pricing order could be confusing – so thanks for pointing it out. I’ll add it to the too long todo list!

    And thanks to Pete for featuring the site!

  3. Your web page is good but there should be some changes in it, u have offered the public directly see pricing and sign up. but it should be like sign up to spend less.or sign up to get instent access.

    You should put on some offers on the page or give ome discount to the customers to attract them like special discount for those who apply with in 24hrs..

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