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June 10, 2014

Build and Share Charts Online

ChartBlocks - startup featured on StartUpLift for startup feedback and website feedback

ChartBlocks is an online chart builder that lets you create and share charts in minutes.

Target Audience: B2B communications, financial reporting, data vizualizers
Website URL:
No. of Feedback Providers Requested: 5

Feedback sought:

Note to Feedback Providers:
Please note that startups are looking for in-depth feedback that gives them thorough, insightful and actionable input. A ‘superficial’ submission that does not add value, is not thorough (i.e. written in a hurry, with poor grammar, punctuation etc.) and does not offer any constructive feedback is not particularly helpful and will therefore be rejected.

Note: We are not currently looking for feedback on our website (we know it’s not great) but on the actual web app itself.

1) Sign up for an account and make yourself a basic chart. Was the process simple enough? Did you get stuck at any point?

2) Once your chart is built you will enter the more advanced chart editor. Try changing the design a little. Did you find the tools you wanted? Were they easy to use?

3) Try sharing your chart. Did you find the sharing tools? Did they allow you to share your chart in the way that you would want to?

4) If you regularly use charts what other features would you like to see in a product like ChartBlocks?

5) Would ChartBlocks be useful on a mobile device or is it the kind of thing that you would only use your desktop computer to do?