CampusLively – See Events Around Your College, in Real-Time.

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CampusLively allows for college students to see events near their school, privately and in real-time.

Target Audience: College students
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One thought on “CampusLively – See Events Around Your College, in Real-Time.

  1. 1) Are you a college student yourself?
    Yes, I am a college student. 
    2) What do you think about the idea? Is it a viable idea, or is it unnecessary and compete directly with Facebook, etc?
    Well, it is a good attempt but yeah it seems to compete directly with other social networking sites.  
    3) What do you think about the design? Is it clean, attractive, and easy-to-use?
    Well the design could have been a lot better. It is easy but the homepage lacks to be attractive and provide sufficient information about the website.  
    4) How does the website function? Do you find it intuitive and properly functioning?
     It functions as a way to share our experience and piece of information related to our campus. Well it also helps build a relation for among students of same college or similar college.
    5) Do you have any suggestions in terms of appearance, functionality, or additional features? Thanks!
    Well this idea seems like a failure but with good promotion and attractive features, there is a hope. Well first of all make your homepage informative and more attractive.  

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