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Free 20 email credits available to feedback providers.

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Validate your idea with a cool “Coming Soon” page.
Collect emails before launch. Launch your website with users built in!

Target Audience: Web designers & developers

Capturely helps people build an awesome Coming Soon page by taking all the hard parts out. You don’t have to set up any scripts to handle collecting emails or pay for hosting.

You get full control over the CSS of your page. Some good-looking templates are in the works now, too. Basically, you skip all the boring stuff so you can spend more time making your page look great.

You only pay for value you get. If you don’t collect many emails then it’s probably free. People who have more emails pay a bit more. You buy credits to unlock the emails. Your lists show the first 20 emails in your list and you need to unlock them after that.

Feedback sought:
  • Do you find a service like Capturely useful? Why / Why not? If not, is there anything that would make it useful?
  • Is it clear how credits work?
  • Please share any general thoughts or comments you might have.

Free 20 credits available to feedback providers.

Claim credits by signing up and contact Capturely (email or via Capturely’s contact form) with “StartUpLift Credits” on subject line and a link to your feedback on StartUpLift.

4 thoughts on “Capturely – Make Awesome Coming Soon Pages

  1. I do not see the price for unlocking the >20 emails. You might want to play up the pricing (it should be in my view a separate menu element).

    I would pay a sum for this kind of service, but I will not invest more than a few minutes to learn the price.

  2. You’re absolutely right. I just added a price box on the signup page. I haven’t finished a payment system yet (since no one has reached that point), but I’ll add the “Buy credits” page it’s done. If that goes well, expect a way to get credits for free, too.

    Thanks for bringing it up.

  3. I think any service that will make coming soon pages easier to create has a nice value proposition. I really think in order to make sure the idea moves forward and builds off this concept is for you to create some sort of API where you can start to tie it in to a phased roll out for your site. For instance, once I start letting a small amount of users in, can I tap into the Capturely data and slowly alert those people that they’re in my closed Beta?

  4. Are you talking about a way to automatically add people to an email service like MailChimp? Or are you talking about giving developers an XML page with all their emails?

    I’ve never thought about the second one. It’s interesting.

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