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Cash Award: 5 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

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Organize and track the images you find interesting.
Find images from multiple sources. Access your selections from anywhere.

Target Audience: Ad Agencies and other photo buyers.

Captureshot makes it easy to find the right stock image. The collection includes the top 10% royalty-free photography.

The images are professionally shot and include all legal clearances for commercial use, which are not typically provided by default by micro-stock agencies.

Other websites are hard to use, and require multiple pages and clicks to buy an image, or try to upsell images that net higher margins.

Feedback sought:
Assumption: You don’t pay for the image out of pocket and you have a budget of $500-$2500 for an image.

  • Visit Imagine you were building a website about topic X or were designing a pamphlet and are in need of a photo.
  • Enter a search term, look at the results. Are results you expected showing up? If not, is it better?
  • Try to keep note of an interesting image for later use. What is the first thing you think about doing? How would you do it using Captureshot?
  • How would yo share a list of images to a friend?
  • Attempt to purchase some images. What do you think?

Cash Award: 5 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

22 thoughts on “Captureshot – Easily Find the Right Stock Image

  1. Searched for “computer” and photos came up of people at computers, but not of the objects themselves. Same thing happened with a search for “iphone” could not figure out how to “keep a note” on an image for later use. Tried clicking on quickview.

    I can’t see how to share images without logging in. In my view, it shouldn’t be necessary to log in to share an image or a list of images with a freind. If i were to do it, i would expect it to appear at the bottom, where the “saved” images show up. Then if i could get a link that would be to a page with all of those images, i would just share that link with friends.

    I attempted to purchase and it seemed pretty intuitive. however, since i hadn’t signed up, i couldn’t go all the way through the process. might consider having an option to buy without having signed up (like amazon does).

  2. The homepage is a refreshing twist on what most stock images use, however it feels too much like Bing, or a general search engine, and doesn’t mention anything about stock images,etc. As simple change in the tagline to ‘Find the best STOCK images’, would help that out alot.

    Ajax page navigation would be a welcome improvement.

  3. I like the site – I work in an industry that requires me to sometimes purchase stock photography, so I am often looking for new options. This site was similar to others that I’ve used, such as Corbis – which is a personal favorite. The reason I love Corbis as much as I do is because it’s easy to adjust search results, open the picture, and add it to your cart. Generally, if your site is functioning similarly, it’s a good thing.

    The lightbox is a good idea, and I like that users can drag and drop pictures into the icons below. However, I do not think that the term, “lightbox”, nor the drag and drop feature, is intuitive. If the homepage had instructions explaining the purpose of the site and it’s special feature, and how to use them, it would be helpful for users, and help explain why you are different from your competitors.

    I typed in a few search terms and found a good number of results – although nowhere near the number I would find on some of the other sites I use. I’d continue to expand your database. I wasn’t able to see if you do this, but you could have a section for professional stock photography – sold at a premium, targeted towards businesses, and a section for personal users to upload and sell photography, targeted for small business and personal use. This way, you make a percentage of your user’s profits, the users themselves make a profit, and, you can expand your database without jeopardizing quality (as these two sections, professional stock and personal, are separate). It may also help drive site traffic – people love the idea of selling their creations for money.

    Good luck!

  4. Hi,

    I like the homepage design, it is simply and clear. I knew what do and was hopeful about the site. I searched for coupons, but only 3 images appear and the design became a little more cluttered when compared to the homepage.

    I could find more images on other sites, so it is vital to increase the number of images on yoru site. I did like the enlargement of the images.

    Overall, the homepage design was the best element and the lack of image the worst point.

  5. Feedback:
    Site visited. First search term entered, “circus”
    First row of images that appeared were of a woman with cleavage. Perhaps she is a member of the circus, but nothing in the photo indicated she was any more part of the circus than part of a biker gang.
    Now, after scrolling down a couple of rows, the results became more circus-like.
    But at first glance, the first row of photos were not what I expected, and not “family friendly”
    2nd search term entered: “Caterpillar”
    The photos that came up were of people looking at caterpillars through magnifying glasses. These were what I expected.

    I don’t quite understand what you mean in your questions regarding: “What is the first thing I think about doing? How would I do it using captureshot?” Poorly worded question.
    I think Captureshot is a good place to search for photos if you are willing to pay premium prices. However, I don’t see how you have an advantage over other photo services online versus free photos on Google or any other search engine.
    How would I share a list of images with a friend? Captureshot appears to have a feature called lightbox, in which I would need to log in to share photos with a friend.

    I attempted to purchase an image. It seemed very straightforward and easy to go through the process.

    Overall, I think CaptureShot has a nice website, with easy to use search and buy features. Again, I question the marketability and how you have an advantage over the competitors.

  6. The website was good. The company have the right attitude about what the customers want and need from photos. I would not only buy from this company, but recommend this to my family and friends who are into photos shot. The website design, color and image fit very well with the theme.

  7. The website is really simple to use. They have artistic photo’s but the search doesn’t pull up exactly what you’re looking for.
    The payment is super simple. And sharing you just login to share it. They call your selections the light box.
    All in all, the website is sleek, simple and the photography is extremely artistic.

  8. 1)Visit Imagine you were building a website about topic X or were designing a pamphlet and are in need of a photo.

    1) After entering my search term, what I expected mostly showed up. There were a couple photos that did not expect, but it was quite useful overall.

    2) I would do a manipulation using the photo as an accent, since I merely looked up an image of a pierced tongue.

    3) I would create an account, save the images to my lightbox, and send that link to my friend.

    4) I think that it is incredibly easy to buy images, and the process is quite nicely streamlined.

  9. I visited the website and entered in the search term of “Work”. Immediately a wide selection of photographs were made available to me. The images that appeared were exactly what I was looking for. The next search term I entered was “Mountain”. What appeared first in the images was a picture of a couple hiking in the mountains. I had to scroll down about two or three rows before I actually found what I was searching for… basic pictures of mountains. I proceeded to use the filter on the left side of the screen. After clicking through there I finally found what I was looking for immediately. I would have liked the sources to be a little more explanatory to the every day lay person. I would recommend this site to my staff.

    My attempt to purchase the images was without complication. It was so easy, I feel anyone could purchase an image in a matter of seconds!

  10. • I did multiple searches to see what would come up and not all the images were what I was expecting. My first search was volleyball and it only brought up images for sand volleyball. If I am doing a brochure for a college, these images might not work. Then I did one for graduation and those pictures are kind of what I expected, but they were pretty much all the same and there was not a variety. I also did a search on Arizona and those pictures gave me a variety of different pictures to chose from
    • The first thing I would think about was a Christmas flyer to send out to friends and family. I think I could sign in and open up an account and save the pictures that I would want to use.
    • I would use the lightbox features and can send to friends or coworkers to view before purchasing.
    • I got all the way to the end to purchase but since I don’t have an account, I couldn’t complete the transaction. The process seems pretty easy. I like that I can use the lightbox feature and put all the pictures that I am considered to make it easier to pick and chose and to share with others

  11. Let me preface this by saying that I’m a webmaster, so I regularly use stock photography for my site. However, since I’m on a low budget, I tend to stick to free stock photo sites like Stockxchnge.

    My site deals with relationships, so the first term I searched on was “flirting” since that’s an abstract concept, and I wanted to see what your site would do with it. I was pleasantly surprised at how many results were returned. They were very much what I would expect to see and high quality, as well.

    For my second search, I decided to look for something concrete. In this case, I chose “coffee.” Again, I was pleased with the selection and also with how the engine interpreted my search term, returning results of both coffee mugs and people having coffee.

    Next, I thought I’d see how your site handles two-word combos, so I searched on “business flight.” This also returned what I thought was a reasonable selection.

    Finally, I decided to look for something I thought would be an uncommon request. I chose “tissues.” This time there was only one page of results–a small selection–but the images were what I expected to see and, again, I liked that they ranged from tissue boxes to people using tissues.

    I’ll echo another user who said that your question “What is the first thing you think about doing?” is unclear. But I can tell you that one feature I really like is the ability to search by price. I just wish that you could input your own numbers instead of using the slide feature since it’s hard to pinpoint the exact range you want with the slide. That said, I think you have a great selection of photos on the lower end, which makes the site affordable.

    One thing I DON’T like so much is the inability to add photos to the lightbox without clicking on each one individually. Often I know just from viewing a thumbnail that I’d like to add it to my lightbox.

    I’m honestly not sure how I would share images with a friend. It appears I’d have to set up an account, which you didn’t ask us to do. Honestly, I think you could use an FAQ or more detailed About page to explain how your site works to an interested user BEFORE he or she signs up. People like to know what they’re getting into before they sign up for things since that’s a bit of a hassle.

    Finally, I tried to buy an image, and the process seems very clear. No problems there. However, I would consider offering more payment options than just Visa and MasterCard. PayPal is an especially popular option that you might think about including.

    In all, this is not a bad site. I like that you provide all legal clearances, and I agree that that is a unique selling point for your site. I also like that you provide a large selection at the lower end of the price range. However, I don’t think other stock photo sites are that hard to use or that they “require multiple pages and clicks to buy,” so I don’t think you have a particular advantage there.

  12. I find that the site itself has a good appearance and isn’t overly complicated. Generally, the results were fairly good. I searched for torii, a gateway used in Japanese shrines, and all results had torii in the picture. But some it lacked some famous examples that often show up in normal searches, particularly the Fushimi Inari shrine with thousands of torii. They make for great stock photos. Searching for syringes had a great number of photos, all clean and respectful. I really appreciated it as most people looking to buy stock photos do not want what some other sites offer, just bloody scary images. I was hoping my search of fennec wasn’t too specific but it seems it was. No results appeared for the search term fennec, a type of fox, but when I searched for the term fox, two of the images I found were of fennec foxes. So I think some extra terms for the pictures need to be added.

    To keep a photo for later, I found that I could click save for the individual photo or drag it to the lightbox. At first, those empty squares at the bottom for the photos to be stored confused me. Before saving any photos, I thought it was a section of the site that never loaded properly. I understood what it was immediately once I actually saved a photo, though. To save from that initial confusion, there may need to be more of a description on what that box is or consider making the lightbox hidden until a picture is saved. I think dragging a photo down is an unneeded feature as the user wants to keep their mouse in the gallery, hovering over pictures and finding the perfect one. I find that finding a picture, dragging it to the bottom and then returning back to the gallery make distract them even just a little bit from the task at hand. The term of lightbox itself isn’t very intuitive and doesn’t tell me what those row of empty boxes are until I actually save something, either.

    To share images that I found with friends, it seems that I need to log in. I was not told to so I found this a bit of a bad choice. It’s also not known if the recipient would also need to make an account before seeing the photos I want to share. I think customers would want to be able to share the photos with colleagues before making a purchase and making an account already feels like a big step towards making a purchase at the site. I think if we want to share a photo with a friend to see how they think it would work, we shouldn’t need to log in. It’s only a preview photo, too, so it seems like an extra hassle.

    Attempting to purchase a photo was stopped very quickly from CaptureShot asking for me to log in. It’s nice to be able to add several photos to the cart, see the total price and also see the payment methods available on one page. The fine print of all licenses allowed are also very helpful. But once I go to checkout, I’m told to log in. I’m hoping that the payment screen itself after someone logs in goes right to the screen to put the payment method in and that’s it. Just one screen to pay should be sufficient. As with any site involving purchases, I think getting the most secure https:// would be best. It also makes me more confident about buying at any site.

    And last but not least, at the home page, I like the large random picture in the background but when I always scroll on a page to see if there are any extras and I see some things here I would change. First of all, I’m able to scroll on this page but I see no scroll bar. Second, I do not see the point to the scrolling as the background does not move and the main page does display the bottom bar and the top menu automatically with no scrolling needed. When I do scroll down, everything but the background moves up as well, making the log-in disappear and the bottom bar (about, privacy, vendors, etc) ends up cutting into the screen in a not-so-flattering way. This does not happen in Firefox but my default browser is Opera and I’d rather not switch back and forth because certain sites demand it. I’ve actually taken a screencap and left a link below to show what exactly I see at the main screen. Please make sure that no problems such as this happen on other browsers as well.

  13. At first glance I loved the layout of the first page. It was crisp, clean and straight to the point. I typed in the search cakes and came back with fairly good picks. As a lover of baking I wasn’t to impressed with the images. Most of the images came back as cupcakes. Then I typed in brownies and was sorely disappointed with what came up. I tried it for a third time and typed in cats and a whole of dog images came up. I’m sorry but image wise I’m not to happy with the selections of pictures in the database. The database should continue to be expanded and sorted better.

    However I do like the image options to the left of the screen. The picture holding slots of the bottom of the page are also nice. I like how you can either drag the image or click the save button. I tried to buy a picture and it was very straight forward and easy to do. I would consider offering paypal to account because of it’s wide popularity amongst online shoppers.

    Maybe you should offer a section where people are allowed to potentially sell you there photos. The images would be screened and you would making a killing. You pay once to buy the photo and people are free to buy the images many times over.

    All in all I think this website has great potential.

  14. results were found I searched for seascapes and found about 35 photos. They were all beautiful, easy to preview and adding them to my cart in the size I needed was easy. I think that once this site takes off there will be more photos available. I would have expected more than what I saw for something so general but all the photos were of the searched subject.

    I was thinking about doing a pamphlet on meditation and these would be good focal points.

    It was easy to share the photos by dragging them into the light box at the bottom and then submitting an email.

    I then tried to purchase them but there was an error when entering my billing address. It all seemed pretty straightforward.

  15. •Visit Imagine you were building a website about topic X or were designing a pamphlet and are in need of a photo.
    •Enter a search term, look at the results. Are results you expected showing up? If not, is it better?

    Actually yes. I also like the fact that there was a number of pictures I could choose from. They were all nice clear pictures.

    •Try to keep note of an interesting image for later use. What is the first thing you think about doing? How would you do it using Captureshot?

    The first thing that came to my mind is that I can use these pictures for a number of projects or even just for personal use. I would use the pictures for a number of things such as with powerpoint and even background images for websites. You can use the pictures for flyers, cards, etc. You can use these pictures for a number of things which is great.

    How would yo share a list of images to a friend?

    To start off with I would tell them about this site. I would also show them a few of the pictures so that they are able to see how clear and beautiful the pictures are.

    •Attempt to purchase some images. What do you think?

    I think it’s great that I am able to put a number of different pictures in my cart. The process of purchasing is simple and easy to do. The site is easy to navigate.

  16. Thank you very much for the feedback. We did not have Opera in mind when developing the app. We will fix this soon!

  17. Hi Terry,

    Thanks for checking out and for the feedback.
    We are indeed working on ways to improve the search experience.

    Can you please tell me what error you encountered while entering the billing address?

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