Carbuzz – New Car Choosing Made Easy

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Find all the new cars that fit your needs.

Target Audience: Car buyers.
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Carbuzz, a Europe-based website wants to make your car-choosing process seamless. The main feature on carbuzz is the car chooser tool, which shows users which new cars would suit them, based on their requirements. Results are then ordered by the average rating that expert journalists gave that car.

Each car’s page has a short summary that top experts thought of the car, along with aggregated reviews, user reviews, photos, videos and stats. Buying a car is the 2nd biggest purchase for most people (after a house), so it’s important to buy a good one and to find a model that suits your needs.

There are literally hundreds of new cars to choose from, and it’s confusing to know where to start. It’s also important to get a range of opinions on each car. Thankfully, Carbuzz seems to provide users all the opinions that matter.

Feedback sought:

  • Is it clear what the site does when you land on the homepage?
  • Do you understand the rating system we use?
  • What could be do to improve user’s experience?
  • Use the car chooser and let us know ways to improve it.
  • Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.