Challengein – Board Game Of The Location-based Era


Board games, funny jokes and challenges into one app for iPhone.

Target Audience: People between 16 to 30 years old, USA, who own an iPhone
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Feedback sought:

  • Connect with a few friends and start a match.
  • Was the experience fun?
  • Was the match too long?
  • Do you like the bonus?
  • Were you able to understand everything clearly?
  • Please share any additional thoughts you may have.

About Challengein:

Challengein is an app that one (just one) of your friends will open, when you and your company will arrive into the venue where you’ll spend the evening. The group of friends will form two teams who will compete playing mini-board-games, telling jokes and funny facts (proposed) and participate in stupid challenges, such as telling a really ugly joke about a waiter, meanwhile your friends are laughing!
You will also be able to earn badges and coupons by playing.

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