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Clickdesk provides live support chat service.

Target Audience: web hosting providers, corporates, ecommerce sites, online shops, freelancers, online service providers
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • Visit and spend considerable amount of time.
  • What does the site do? How does it work?
  • What aspect of the site confused you?
  • What can be improved on this site?
  • As a website owner, are you convinced to sign up? If not why? If yes, what was the motivation, please explain.
  • How do you think the site compares with other competitors like
  • Please share any additional feedback you may have.

About ClickDesk:

Click desk provides live support chat service. It also have option for the visitors to make call to the support agent in real time right through his browser.

Some of the unique features are:
– Ability to chat with your website visitors through gtalk and skype.
– Robust, secure and fully on the cloud service.
– Zero installations and minimal setup.
– Built in ‘call’ functionality.
– Integrated social platforms like facebook, twitter and linkedin.

16 thoughts on “ClickDesk – Add VoIP And Live Chat To Your Website

  1. What does this site do? how does it work?
    This website allows people to do different kinds of chat like video chat or calling from the web. I think by using this website they are trying to provide you with a faster chatting oportunity. It works by signing up like most websites would have you do, except this one allows you to have a 30-90 day free trial to see how you like it. Look at the different features and see what you would like to use. there is a variety of ways to chat on this website. You may use reports on here and other things like transfer your chat to a different person who could help more.

    What aspect of the site confused you?
    The main thing that confused me was I still do not understand the main point of this website. I went to the about page and learn some information but it did not help explain to anybody the main purpose behind this site. I see that their are differnt ways to comunicate with others and I do not think it is for ones personal chat. Is it for people’s at home businesses or their own personal websites? On the home page of this website it would help to give a little description about what this site is for that way the people that are completely new to it like me will understand a lot faster.

    What could be improved?
    Like i Stated above giving a description on the home page about the main purpose of this website would really help people out. On the home page the try it on your site button I think could be mored closer to the top. Most people probably will not scroll down that far it will be harder for them to find.

    As a website owner are you convinced to sign up? if not why? if yes what was your motivation, please explain. 
    I personally would not sign up for this site because I do not require any use of it. This site is for people who do stuff like this for a living and i am just a college student for now. Another reason behind my answer is because I still do not fully understand what type of people would need to be using this site; if only certain people need to use it or if it is open for anybody.

    How does this site compare to other competitors like
    Even knowing it was not much explained more than your website did about talking to your costomers. While looking through the competitors website I noticed that it looked as if clickdesk has more features for talking than the competitor and you offer a longer free trail because 14 days is not enough time to really see if you like it. and the pricing is lower for the most part. I would say this site is doing much better than the competitor!

    please share any additional feedback.         
    I liked that since it was my first time going to this site a little instant message thing popped up stating that i was new to this site and wondered if i had any questions. This will come into use with people new to the site like me because it will really help them.

  2. Visit and spend considerable amount of time.
    What does the site do? How does it work? allows website owners to enable live chat directly on their web page. It also offers website owners a host of options of how and where they want to use clickdesk. It utilizes cloud technology so the program is progressive and stable.
    What aspect of the site confused you?
    This sentence does not work for me at all. “ClickDesk Chat offers the best of features in its class. If you do not find a feature which you think it should, it is likely that we did not feature it here. Please contact us if that is not the case.” It should just say, if you do not find a feature listed here please contact us to see if we can accommodate your needs or something like that. Also the home page talks about a 90 day trial but the FAQ page talks about a 30 day trial.
    What can be improved on this site?
    I would like to click to enlarge for the screen shots. Several of them look pretty similar so I would like to enlarge them so I can see the subtle differences and have a more accurate idea of what my customer sees.The next thing I think would be to give your chat box a line that says clicking on the x minimizes the box but that you do not loose you ability to chat. Assuming this is a feature you offer some where you should explain that their customers will see the message too. Clicking on x generally mean closing out what ever you are doing but this is different so I think you say so. An experience user may not need this info but a start up might and the general public will need it on your customers websites. Also I think you need to slow down the rate of flipping pages on your home page. They were distracting until I scrolled down the page. If your free service is free forever I think you need to add a statement that says free forever.  I also think saying something about we do this to help you grow your customer base/website and were hoping that you will like our service so much that you stay with us as you grow so we grow too. It’s not a necessity but it would be a nice touch.
    It’s a small kinda knit picky thing but it might turn some people off. The scrolling pages on the home page says your monthly plans start at 14.99 but your pricing chart says they start at $19. a month. Honestly I was a bit surprised by that.
    As a website owner, are you convinced to sign up? If not why? If yes, what was the motivation, please explain.
    I am just in the process of looking into websites for my shop so I am not here quite yet but hope to be soon. Yes I think I will sign up for your service when I am ready. I like the control and the versatility it offers me. I do have one question and the answer is sorta hinted at but not there in black and white. Can I choose certain hours to use this. As I start my website I probably don’t want to have live chat 24/7 so can I list the hours that the chat will be active?
    How do you think the site compares with other competitors like
    I just kinda glanced at the Olark page but your page is crisper and cleaner. I like your home page, frequently asked question page and prices better. 1st impressions are everything is your outshines them by a mile.

    Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    I think you need a page for newbies. It should explain what advantages your service offers them over other similar serves and what it offers them in general. Honestly most of them will start with a free service but all you need is one of them to take off using your service and your business will grow like wildfire.  I hope your site is a smashing success.

  3. Visit and spend considerable amount of time.


    What does the site do? How does it work?

    This site is about adding VOIP and live-chat to your website. Uses the cloud and connects directly using Google Talk and Skype.

    What aspect of the site confused you?

    The live chat the first time around because it said let you know if I need help. I typed in the box and it did not take me through to chat. I refreshed and then it actually took me to the live agent. Mikes starting talking to me, but I couldn’t tell if he was real or a bot. Ok Mikes is real.

    What can be improved on this site?

    Still looking around. I like the homepage, and icons used. I am not fond of chunks of texts (paragraphs) on the homepage. I see 9 (under icons) and honestly as a visitor I would not want to read all of them. I would just read sentences that stand out to my eyes, and all of the text is the same, so none stands out. Your selling points need to be emphasized on your homepage so they get eye-traffic, because this is where you convince visitors to use your service.

    As a website owner, are you convinced to sign up? If not why? If yes, what was the motivation, please explain.

    Feedback is every website owner’s dream, especially if it is free. So I would not be inclined to go with your service if I was a startup and had very little money. I may be more compelled to use your service if I was an established website with real revenue. Looking at the pricing, the free plan may be nice. How do you make revenue off of the free plan?

    Ever consider selling ad space (somewhere in chat window) to make up for the free plan?

    How do you think the site compares with other competitors like

    Well, it appears Olark doesn’t have a free plan and you do. Looks like they charge $17 for one operator plus CRM integration.

    Please share any additional feedback you may have.

    I have found very little complaints, no usabililty issues with your website other than emphasizing your selling points instead of going with chunks of text. Clear and easy-to-see and understand points that stand out to my eyes will do more for your homepage.

  4. What does the site do? How does it work?
    At first glance (30 seconds on the home page), you help webmasters integrate voice call and live chat features into their web sites. Spending a little more time on the home page (about five minutes) reveals the following additional features:
    –ClickDesk can be integrated with Google Talk and Skype
    –ClickDesk can be integrated with major social networks
    –ClickDesk is accessible through the customer’s browser
    –ClickDesk supports multiple languages
    –ClickDesk utilizes cloud technology for speed
    –ClickDesk offers some elements free of charge (not sure which elements yet)
    Digging even further into the site (another five minutes) reveals additional aspects of ClickDesk:
    –ClickDesk chats are transferable between employees
    –ClickDesk records extensive visitor history
    –ClickDesk can be programmed with automatic responses
    –ClickDesk can be used on a mobile device
    –ClickDesk provides transcripts and analytical services
    –ClickDesk can be run on multiple domains
    –ClickDesk chats remain open independently of other windows on the web site
    What aspect of the site confused you?
    The only thing that really confuses me is that I don’t understand how a phone could be integrated into my browser. I wasn’t aware that my browser (Firefox) had that capacity.
    On the home page, I was also initially confused about your pricing because I didn’t understand the meaning of the phrase “1-agent Free plan.” I also didn’t understand why you would say it’s a free plan when the button at the top of the page announces that it’s only a free trial. It wasn’t until I landed on your Plans & Pricing page that I figured out that you meant ClickDesk is free for one customer service employee to use at a time. If a web site has multiple customer service representatives, however, then the cost of ClickDesk increases accordingly after a 30-day free trial. But–wait a minute–now I’m confused again. I thought the home page said it was a 90-day free trial. Which is it?
    What can be improved on this site?
    Let’s look at the home page first. You don’t have much in the way of a unique color scheme or slogan, and your logo is pretty basic too. That’s not a make-or-break issue for your site, I don’t think, but you should just be aware that ClickDesk doesn’t come across as a heavily branded service.
    What you have above the fold right now is pretty good. However, I’d suggest that you make the screenshot on the right a little bigger. I can almost see it clearly but not quite. Also, would there be any chance of animating this so that visitors can see a sample chat “conversation” taking place right before their eyes?
    In my mind, your problems start once the visitor scrolls below the fold. There are just so many features listed here! It’s a bit overwhelming. Why not just pick the strongest five and then invite the visitor to click the button for “More features,” as you do now?
    Once the visitor scrolls past the features, there’s an unnecessary white space before the “Try it” and “Themes” headers, which I initially thought were clickable tabs. It’s great that you offer a demo version, so I went ahead and entered a URL and clicked “Try It.” This took me to the URL I had entered with a pop-up window apparently designed to walk me through the demo installation. (I didn’t go any further since I didn’t want to actually install the demo, and I was a little disappointed that there was no way to get back to your home page without using the back arrow.)  It’s nice that potential users also have a chance to see your themes, which are really just various colors, before sign-up, but the home page isn’t really the best place for that. Try adding that to Features or incorporating it into your demo.
    There are some other, more minor issues with the home page that you may want to consider. One is that you have a Login page on the navbar but no sign-up. Another is that you have some little grammatical and spelling errors here and there. For instance, take a look at “Free Plan.” “ClickDesk gives you 1-agent Free plan for lifetime” should really be “ClickDesk gives you a one-agent free plan for life.” (If you want to emphasize the word “free,” try setting it in all caps: FREE.) You can find another example of a small error in your copy at the top of the page, where you use an unnecessary ampersand and set “live-chat” in lowercase in your headline…but spell out “and” and capitalize “Live-Chat” in the copy below. Correcting small mistakes like this will contribute to your overall image of professionalism.
    One more thing: Just now, after about 30 minutes on your home page, I realized that your screenshot is actually a slideshow. I never would’ve known that if I hadn’t rolled my cursor over it. You should either make the slides rotate automatically or make the slideshow arrows visible all the time, not just when the user chances to roll over the image.
    On to your Features page…This looks decent. You explain each feature pretty clearly and succinctly. I did not notice till my third time on the page that you also provide screenshots. I suggest that you add a “See Screenshot” button underneath every feature for which you have a screenshot so visitors don’t overlook this important aspect of your sales pitch. I like that the screenshots themselves are expandable and accompanied by some short explanatory copy, but I’d really like to see more of them to get a better sense of how ClickDesk works. Honestly, I think an introductory video would be best of all. I know you want people to sign up for the demo and try it for themselves, but to be honest, I’m not going to risk integrating something this extensive into my web site until I’ve had the opportunity to really see what it looks like. One more thing: You have some more little grammatical errors on the Features page. Notice, for instance, the second sentence, “If you do not find a feature which you think it should…” That’s incorrect. It should be, “If you do not find a feature which you think you should…” or, “If you do not find a feature which you think should be here…”
    The Plans & Pricing page is not bad, but what do you mean by “Plugins,” “SLA,” and “Whitelabel”? I mean, I know those terms, but I don’t understand how they relate to your service. Instead, it would be better if you could list the exact features that come with each plan. The FAQs look ok. Again, you have a few spelling, capitalization, and grammatical errors throughout the page. Last thing: Wow! That is quite a big price jump between each of your plans.
    About Us looks all right. Again, just watch for those little grammatical mistakes.
    As a website owner, are you convinced to sign up? If not why? If yes, what was the motivation, please explain.
    I don’t really have need of ClickDesk. I have an informational, advertiser-supported site right now, so it’s not as if I’m selling a product. I might in the future, though. I could see myself maybe using ClickDesk, but I’d have to comparison shop with other services to see which was most affordable since I doubt I’d need many bells and whistles. Also, I’d want to get a better sense of your app in action via a video.
    How do you think the site compares with other competitors like
    Olark…Not gonna lie. I like their home page better. Right from the home page, it has a better sense of branding. It also has an intro video and a shorter home page with cute, attention-grabbing icons. On the other hand, their actual software doesn’t seem anywhere near as sophisticated as yours. It doesn’t even look like they offer VoIP. And wow! It’s very expensive compared to ClickDesk even though it offers less! I think you easily have the better product, but unfortunately, they do a better job of selling it on the home page.
    Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    I think I’ve said it all. To sum up, please consider:
    –A video and more screenshots to really give visitors a better sense of the software in action
    –A shorter home page
    –Better branding
    –Proofreading your site to fix small errors
    Ok, one last thing: While reading some of the above comments just now, I noticed that other people were seeing a pop-up chat window when they landed on your site. I saw no such window. But maybe that’s because I have a lot of Firefox security add-ons. Just thought you should know, though.

  5. Visit and spend considerable amount of time.
    What does the site do? How does it work?

    After looking at the site I think that Click Desk offers live chat and live call solutions for websites, creating effective customer support for businesses. I am a little confused to how exactly it works. I’m not sure if you just provide the software chat side of things or if you also provide the agents to answer the queries.

    What aspect of the site confused you?

    I am confused about the agents on the plans & pricing page. Are these agents supplied by Click Desk? Also I couldn’t find if you support any other languages other than English.

    What can be improved on this site?

    I think the overall look of the website could be improved. It’s stark and a bit too white. A little color would definitely brighten it up and make it more inviting. Also I don’t feel your logo represents the concept and company that well.

    As a website owner, are you convinced to sign up? If not why? If yes, what was the motivation, please explain.

    I own two websites but I don’t feel I need a customer support chat or call service right at this moment in time. In the future if I did then yes I probably would sign up. I would consider Click Desk because the pricing seems reasonable and there is a 30 day free trial which is a huge plus.

    How do you think the site compares with other competitors like

    I think from a design point of view your website is just a bit too white and plain especially when you compare it to Olark’s site. Their logo looks more professional and their site is a little more inviting with a bit of color.
    From a pricing point of view I feel your site has an advantage as you are offering the same service for a smaller fee. I also think you have an advantage in having a 30 day free trial. I do however like some of the pricing options from Olark for instance if you purchase 1 year you get a 10% discount and 2 years a 30% discount.

    Please share any additional feedback you may have.

    There was one small thing that annoyed me while using the site. The live chat in the right hand corner just kept popping up and getting in the way. I would close it and then after a few minutes it would pop up again. I immediately thought if I used Click Desk would the chat or customer help keep popping up like this? I think it’s great that it pops up straight away but once I know it’s there and available to use I don’t need it in the way of what I’m trying to read.


    Visit and spend considerable amount of time.
    What does the site do? How does it work?

    It is a site that provide a communication tools for the visitors which allow the site owner easily contact their visitor and also visitor contact with the site owner. It works with direct chat with the visitor, calling, live chat with google talks or skype.

    What aspect of the site confused you?

    The slideshow at the homepage is confuse to which i know is a screenshot of the services, but i don’t understand it which make me feel confuse. The picture is a little blur and too much pictures in a slide. I suggest you can show 1 or 2 picture per slide with a short description. This would make the visitor clear about what it’s about. I also suggest you can put a simple step by step of how your service work in the slide shows. This would look more comfort for the visitor. Also for the pricing and plan page, the package detail looks confuse to me as i don’t know what you mean by 1 agent, what is the functions of the agent? Also what is SLA and whitelabel. I suggest you can add some description on every listing of the package so that the visitor can understand more about it when it come to the pricing. Visitor don’t pay when there’s thing that they don’t understand. Your FAQ below the packages is a good explanation, you can add the description about the listing package at there. 

    What can be improved on this site?

    The content of the slideshow can be improved like i mention above. Also your page layout can be improved by adding separating line between every different category or aspect on your site. For example, at the homepage, u can add a separating line between the check out all the features, try it and the theme. you can add a line between them so that it looks more interesting. Also for the live chat feature, you don’t have to pop up on every page we view as it will become annoy. 

    As a website owner, are you convinced to sign up? If not why? If yes, what was the motivation, please explain.

    Yes if my site need a consultation and also building customer satisfaction which most site needs it. I like your service which allow me to live chat with the visitor in a comfortable way also i can call them when necessary. Also it could help me in advertising my site with the social networks. This can build a good customer relationship and proving a good customer service by using your service.

    How do you think the site compares with other competitors like

    Your site is more on the service and the communication tools. Olark site is more on the user useful tools such as provide report and the CRM. In this case, it seem like their site is more powerful than yours as they are more general and provide more functions. I suggest you can add something like CRM as it could be really useful for the user. Your site is more on professional in one aspect which is communicating with the visitor which is a good service for site that need communication between the site and the visitor. You can add more feature like the CRM to make your service looks more professional. 

    Please share any additional feedback you may have.

    Overall it is a great service which i would recommend to my friends if they looking for something like this or they need service like this. Also i look forward for the layout changes as i think a attractive and interesting layout can really attract more members. You can have a listing of why people should use your service and what is the benefits at the homepage beside the slideshows, so that people can directly understand it and clear their questioning mark in their mind.

  7. Visit and spend considerable amount of time.

    Ok, I did check out the website.  It looks good and didn’t overwhelm me with information; appreciated.

    What does the site do? How does it work?

    It allows purchaser to add a live chat bar wherever they would like to their website, also allows company to use their skype/google talk to chat from everywhere (like smart phone).  It looks like ClickDesk captures information about the customer when they use the live chat (or is it even if they don’t use the live chat?) and allows customization and theming for both new customers and returning customers.  Nice.

    What aspect of the site confused you?

    It wasn’t confusing except where I lack the technical expertise of knowing how ClickDesk actually does this stuff, but I would trust that ClickDesk knows so I wouldn’t worry about using them to set up the live chat on my website.  Didn’t really see that much reference to cloud computing, but that was fine by me.

    What can be improved on this site?

    I’m afraid the verbage on the website is perhaps not by a native English speaker.  In the sentence here (from StartUpLift website) there was an small example.  before:  “It also have option for the visitors”, native speaker would probably say:  It also has the option for visitors.  Very minor but there were a few more examples like I think we would just say live chat not live-chat, when referencing “browser” I think it would normally be “their browser”.  There were others – easily correctable stuff and again, not a deal breaker. 

    I could not see the questions in the FAQ – I saw the answers which seemed straight forward to questions that I would have.

    As a website owner, are you convinced to sign up? If not why? If yes, what was the motivation, please explain.

    I would be tempted to go for the free signup, but probably wouldn’t because I’m cheap and not a huge user of the live chat.  Prices didn’t look crazy though, so if I suspected that I was going to get a bunch of business with many questions, I’d consider it.

    How do you think the site compares with other competitors like

    While I wasn’t familiar with Olark, I took a look at their website, and I did like the vibrant colors that got my attention and the “cut and paste install” got my attention big time since I love an install that is cut and paste!  I noted the “we love developers” on their site and I don’t know to what extent it helps them, but if it is a developer who would likely purchase your product or recommend it, then being friendly couldn’t hurt.

    Please share any additional feedback you may have.

    Tiny thing — In this paragraph on the home page:  “Our live chat tool on your website allows you to take live calls from your website visitors simultaneously, while chatting with them”  I would remove the “on your website” as it is implied and you mention website a second later in the same sentence. 

    I liked the 30 Day free trial and sign up in 60 seconds — fantastic, sounds easy and no risk.   Also liked the live chat on your own page (good idea) also the numerous examples provide ways for me to envision using it.  Maybe add a testimonial of someone using ClickDesk.  Enjoyed taking a look at it – hope ClickDesk has much success!

  8. Visit and spend considerable amount of time.

    Q1) What does the site do? How does it work?
    A1) ClickDesk Corp is a live chat provider. After spending time with, I think their main objective is to engage website visitors by allowing them to reach directly from a browser either in the form of live chat or through a VoIP. It works just in 3 steps: 1] Adding agents (users) and setting accounts 2] Customizing client user interface 3] Assigning groups and services to agents, embedding the HTML code in browser.

    Q2) What aspect of the site confused you?
    A2) What confused me is – How do I signup, I am a new user?
    All I could find is the ‘Login’ button on the menubar which pulled my attention; ‘Login’ confused me because I thought that it is for existing users to login. Then navigating further to the bottom of the site I surprisingly found a ‘Signup’ button as well. Kindly make login/signup more intuitive.

    Q3) What can be improved on this site?
    A3) Two most important things:
    a) The Home Page caters lot of things wherein we tend to get lost sometimes.
    b) Unless I login, I don’t know – how much easy it is to get started with Clickdesk. It’s just a 3 step process!

    Q4) As a website owner, are you convinced to sign up? If not why? If yes, what was the motivation, please explain.
    A4) I am not a website owner but still I am convinced to signup because I think with this I will be in touch with the site, the offers and it’s features. This will help me when I actually become an owner of a website.

    Q5) How do you think the site compares with other competitors like
    A5) homepage is very cluttered. Two major advantages that I found attractive of in comparison with are as follows:
    i> ClickDesk is offering 30 day free trails on all plans whereas Olark is offering just for 14 days.
    ii> ClickDesk provides 1 agent for $0 whereas Olark provides the same for 17$.

    Q6) Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    A6) Yes, following are two more essential feedbacks that would help:

    a) When trying to signup with my google account, I got such error message (kindly fix it):
    “A JSONObject text must begin with ‘{‘ at character 0 of
    Please login again to continue.
    Click here to login”

    b) After I login, on clicking the ‘Reports’ button next to Preferences; I get such message: “Your request cannot be processed as you have no widgets.”
    *Suggestion: Guide the user, how to install widgets OR how to view reports ? 🙂

  9. You guys are doing pretty well. I went through your site.
    Remove few things from the homepage and even other pages too. It contains alot of text, making hard to find what users seek.
    Signed up, used the code, and voila! It does really great job. Nice, I am happy. I would definitely use it on my site, if my site requires to deal with customers. Really it’s a good tool.
    The welcome email has alot more unnecessary things. Remove it and just welcome users, don’t show link to every page of your site, or just send one link that could introduce the whole website in next step.
    Although I haven’t seen the nicely, my one suggestion would be, don’t just make your services like them. Make something further. Don’t just compete with them, leave them far behind by adding something really more valuable than existing, so that if users have both the options to chose for, they don’t look at your competitors. Always be sure to add more features.

  10. The purpose of the website is right there infront of you in the title
    itself – adding a chatting ability to you website. The main purpose of the software
    in my opinion is to make it easier for users of different websites to share
    opinions and give instant feedback to each other, it also would serve as a good tool for
    online sails, as well as live support chat’s which are very useful for everyone.
    The unique featuers of this program would be it’s ability to have a live video chat
    whit anyone on your website. There also are offered different skins as well as support
    for two of the biggest instant messengers Skype and GoogleTalk. Another feature usefull feature
    would be the lack of installation – everything is done on-line (on the cloud)
    which I think says a lot about the security of your information – being on a seperate server
    means it is better protected, also it would mean that the software supports chat history.
    One of the best and most distinctive trates of the website is the easy navigation.
    Because of it’s simple and clear interface you will never get lost as in you have
    a lot of information on the homepage – too much. ClickDeck has a very good free trial of 30 days
    with a free agent as Olark’s free trial is only 17 days and has no free agents, also the ClickDeck
    software allows for chat change which can be very useful in certain situations.
    In my opinion the site is very well designed but doesn’t offer enough information
    regarding the different features like how does the chat change work and when can it be useful.
    Give more details about the different plans and explain what the bnefits are for you to buy a
    more expensive plan in details.
    I would like to point out to the site users that ClickDesk does not sound like a proper name for
    such a website – the name is irelivant to the site content.

  11. Feedback sought:

    Visit and spend considerable amount of time.
    What does the site do? How does it work?

    It adds live chat abilites to a company’s websit to enable visitors to chat or receive IM, skype, real time communication about it’s website/company.

    What aspect of the site confused you?

    The only part that confused me on this website was I wasn’t sure where to go to sign up for service.  I had to make several clicks through the website before I was able to figure it out.  Maybe have an easy button to click on to “signup” for new users


    What can be improved on this site?

    Again, I thought the website was very clear in what the company provides but it wasn’t clear how to signup for new members


    As a website owner, are you convinced to sign up? If not why? If yes, what was the motivation, please explain.

    If I were a website owner and wanted to have this type of service I would definitely sign up.  I think I would try it the Basic Plan for a couple of months and if it worked for me the way I anticipated then I would go for the Team Plan


    How do you think the site compares with other competitors like

    I think the site is much better organized than  I also see that ClickDesk has a free 30 day plan where does not.  ClickDesk has much better pricing and options than does.

    Please share any additional feedback you may have.

    I like the layout of the website for the most part.  Other than the new customer sign up, it is well organized and not too wordy like some websites can be.  I think there is just enough information to make a decision without overwhelming the customer.

  12. ***
    I like this idea.

    Your website allows it’s members to add either chat or voip phone services to their website – as a means of offering quick, quality customer service.  I could really use something like this. If I understand correctly, ClickDesk doesn’t make you download anything – (a big plus) but offers a customizable widget that can be easily applied to any webpage.

    As I continued to view the website I noticed a chat box to my right – offering any further assistance. I was so pleased by this example of timely customer service that I tried typing “thank you” as a reply ,but couldn’t send the message no matter how many times I tried. That was a little disappointing. I’m not sure if that was truly just an “example” of what the service would be like – or if that was a glich.

    Aside, from fixing that – I was very pleased with the layout, color scheme, and overall content. I understood the point of the website, appreciated all of the services and features, and am seriously considering becoming a member myself. Everything was well laid out – nothing struck me as odd, or out of place. As far as organization – you were right on the money.

    I own my own website and blog and, as I mentioned before, was seriously thinking about doing something similar to this. At first, I questioned the relevance of a customer service chat box  on my page – and didn’t want to clutter the material with even more services – but I feel as though ClickDesk would be a natural addition to everything I have to offer. I love the idea of immediate customer service to my viewers – the thought of turning visitors into “keepers”. I really think this website could help me with that.

    I’m seriously going to sign up.

    I’ve never heard of before – but i just looked at it so that i can give you an honest answer.

    They had a very eye catching web page – and it seems to be chock-full of different services. But the pricing was the one thing that made me close the site. I like that ClickDesk is offering quality services for a reasonable price. Olark was asking for an arm and a leg – and their trial offer wasn’t nearly as long as yours.

    My only suggestion (if any) would be to add just one “killer” feature, something that would show just how special your website is in comparison to others. You already have everything that I could want and need … but that X factor would make the biggest difference.

    My Corny Example: it’s what makes the difference between Facebook and Myspace.

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