Clickmeeting Review Benefits Features Pros And Cons Pricing And Plans

ClickMeeting Review – Benefits, Features, Pros and Cons; Pricing and Plans

ClickMeeting is a web-based online meeting platform that enables users to run customized and branded webinars. This platform is easy-to-use and covers the whole webinar process, from planning to presentation and interacting with participants to follow-ups.

ClickMeeting Overview

This popular video conferencing platform can help you run your webinars smoothly and, at the same time, get you vital analytical data from the webinars. It shows you important statistics, such as where most of your participants’ located, the devices they use, and your webinar’s overall ratings. Additionally, you can use the platform to conduct daily business meetings if you have a sizeable audience.

ClickMeeting Overview

Since the ClickMeeting platform is entirely browser-based, it does not require any software downloads and runs on almost all devices and operating systems. The user interface provides interactive features that make your webinars engaging to participants and cost-effective to the Organizers. For a complete brand experience, you can customize your webinar rooms and pages to match your business brand by adding your logo and your brand colors.

How to Get Started with ClickMeeting

When you log in to the ClickMeeting platform for the first time, it will take you through the necessary steps of setting up your account profile. From here, ClickMeeting prompts you to create your first meeting/event. You can either create a permanently open video room event or an event that opens at a specific time (scheduled event). 

Next, you will need to configure the appearance of the webinar room. You can do this by personalizing the webinar pages by simply adding your business logo, and you’re your brand colors.

To invite participants to your webinar, type in their email addresses. However, if you have many participants, it is also possible to import the address book from Outlook (CSV format) or a CSV file.

ClickMeeting Features 

ClickMeeting  platform has some excellent features. here’s a list of the best ones we like:

1. Whiteboard Presentations

This feature helps you make your webinars events more engaging and appealing to your audience. It allows you to present and interact creatively with your webinar audience. 

Whiteboard Presentations

To highlight your ideas and enrich your content, you can use some of the tools provided, such as text boxes, erasers, shapes, and drawing tools. 

2. Simultaneous Chat Translation

Simultaneous Chat Translation

This exciting feature can help you interact with your audience, no matter which language they speak. Simultaneous chat translation allows Google to translate your chat conversation in real-time.

3. Monetize Your Webinars

Using the PayPal integration feature on ClickMeeting, you can easily and quickly monetize your expertise by selling the access rights to your webinars. These transactions are safe as PayPal processes them.

4. Run Surveys and Polls

This feature enables you to run an unrestricted number of tests or surveys on any subject to collect useful data and feedback from your listeners.

Run Surveys and Polls

Data collected from the polls and surveys help you make informed business decisions on improving your future webinars.

5. Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing enables remote participants to access and view your desktop. For example, you can share a part of your screen with your audience to demonstrate a new product.

6. Customized Branding

Customized Branding

You can use this feature to market your business by showcasing your brand features. Personalize your webinar pages to match your business brand and market niche. With just a few clicks, you can custom-design your registration form, profile, thank-you page, and webinar room to have your desired look.

7. YouTube and Facebook Engagement

This feature helps you reach and engage a larger audience by directly streaming live webinars on Facebook and YouTube. this exemplary marketing feature is useful for building your audience on social networks, but it is also perfect for generating leads. Lastly, engaging with your audience greatly aids in enhancing your content visibility.

8. Automated- Webinars

Automated- Webinars

Generally, running a live webinar can be exciting, but it can be challenging at times, especially if you don’t have time to schedule live webinars. This ClickMeeting feature can help you set your webinars on auto-pilot mode with just a few simple steps.

Benefits of ClickMeeting

Below are some of the benefits you can get from using the ClickMeeting platform.

1. Easy Preparation and Invitation Options

Getting started with ClickMeeting couldn’t be any easier. You can re-customize your webinar space and redesign your invitation templates to make sure you get the desired first impressions from your target audience.

2. Analyze your Webinar Performance

you can make the most of any webinar meeting by gathering useful insights using the ClickMeeting platform. With this detailed information, you can analyze your overall performance and see which areas need improvement.

3. Store and Share Your Webinars

Another benefit that the ClickMeeting platform offers is a secured cloud-based storage system. Where you can record and store your webinars events for future meetings.

ClickMeeting Plans and Pricing

Prices are subscription-based, and you have the option to subscribe on a monthly or annual basis. ClickMeeting offers four different options. They include:  

Free trial – Offers a 30 days free trial.

Live plan – the regular subscription fee is $30 per month.

Automated plan – the regular subscription fee is $40 per month.

Enterprise plan – prices are priced based on customers’ needs.

ClickMeeting Pros and Cons


  • A user-friendly interface makes it easier to use with practically no learning curve.
  • Participants can call-in (make a phone call) to join the webinars.
  • You can customize the general webinar appearance. 
  • Flexible and competitive prices for any business size
  • Excellent data tracking features
  • You don’t need a credit card to try ClickMeeting.


  • It does not have a phone support hotline.
  • The storage capacity is limited to 10-hour maximum.
  • It still uses Adobe Flash, which will be out of the market by 2020.


ClickMeeting is the perfect tool for attracting a target audience to demonstrate expertise, convey knowledge, and generate sales. If you have been looking for an easy way to interact with your teams, this could be the ideal platform for you.