Constant Contact Review: Email Marketing Services for Your Business

Constant Contact Review

Constant Contact offers email marketing services for businesses that require effective marketing campaigns. Constant Contact is effortlessly installed and easy-to-use. It is inexpensive and can send multiple emails at a go. Constant Contact’s email editor is incomparable, ensuring that the emails sent go to the correct inboxes.

Who is Constant Contact for?

Despite Constant Contact having some advanced features, it is suitable for everyone. Using Constant Contact for the first time? Don’t worry because this software comes with an easy to follow guide even for the inexperienced folks in email marketing. The software is designed in a way that contact management and reporting functions are easy-to-follow. 


Constant Contact has tons of features that make it ideal for all types of businesses. These include; audience segmentation, template building, and list management, among others. You can also use Email Plus if your company has complex needs. It provides auto email series, A/B testing, online donations, and event marketing. 

Features - Constant Contact Review: Email Marketing Services for Your Business

Constant Contact has a free trial offer running for 60 days. This allows you to send emails to up to 100 contacts. The free trial enables users to adapt to the platform before upgrading to the paid plan. 

1. List Management

Constant contact allows one to upload the contacts you already have using Outlook, Excel, or Salesforce. After uploading the contacts, you can categorize them with tags like prospect and VIP donors. Constant contact also helps you to manage your list as it gets rid of unsubscribed contacts and duplicates. 

List Management - Constant Contact Review: Email Marketing Services for Your Business

2. Reporting

This feature allows you to view all your reports from the campaign after sending out marketing emails. You will be able to see information such as click rates, open rates, bounces, spam reports, successful deliveries, the total number of emails sent, as well as unsubscribes. You will also see all clicked links, poll responses, and social media stats. 

Reporting - Constant Contact Review: Email Marketing Services for Your Business

3. Autoresponders

This is an essential feature in Constant Contact as it enables you to send emails automatically by creating personalized automated emails. The automated emails include sending anniversary and birthday messages to clients and welcome messages to new members. 

Autoresponders - Constant Contact Review: Email Marketing Services for Your Business

4. Email Editor

When you want to compose an email, this feature allows you to add your website. The software goes to your site to pick your logo, brand colors, and social accounts, and add them to the mail. What you do next is edit the template using the drag-and-drop aids. This feature is self-explained and easy to navigate since it also includes an automatic video tutorial to help you navigate your email set up. 

Email Editor - Constant Contact Review: Email Marketing Services for Your Business

5. A/B Slip Testing

This excellent feature allows you to create two dynamic subject lines, which will be sent to your entire contact list. Constant Contact identifies the best subject line and will notify other audiences. 

A/B Slip Testing - Constant Contact Review: Email Marketing Services for Your Business

6. Deliverability

Constant Contact has a deliverability rate of over 97%. It also provides learning resources on its website that offer great marketing, email practices, and tactics. 

Deliverability - Constant Contact Review: Email Marketing Services for Your Business

7. Email Templates

The Constant Contact library has a huge templates archive. The templates are reusable and ideal for both mobile and desktop users. You can customize the template with your brand’s colors, fonts, and images. 

Email Templates - Constant Contact Review: Email Marketing Services for Your Business

8. Sign-up Forms

This feature allows you to progress and manage your list. This is done by capturing the user’s contact details by signing up forms on the site. It will enable you to create customized landing pages, embedded forms, and pop-ups according to your business needs. 

Sign-up Forms - Constant Contact Review: Email Marketing Services for Your Business

Benefits of Constant Contact

Here are some of the best ones we picked for you.

  • Constant Contact is easy-to-use compared to other email marketing services due to its exceptional features, like the email editor.
  • If you have no email designing experience, the email editor will go to the editor and pick your favorite colors, logos, and other media profiles. 
  • The software allows you to customize a template based on your preferences to come up with engaging and eye-catching emails.
  • It has various templates for you to choose from, and it enables you to save your favorite templates for quick access in the future. 
  • Constant Contact provides an excellent integration with various services like Outlook, SalesforceExcel, and other crucial list-building instruments. 
  • The software has applications that help integrate data, making it ideal for many businesses to rely on it. 
  • Constant Contact helps you better your emails since you can identify performing features and non-performing ones. This will help improve your marketing campaigns and segmenting your email list. 
  • Constant Contact allows you to send automated emails and quick responses from loyal customers who take their time to open your emails and actually read them – plus do the most important thing every marketer long for. Click on the call to action and actually buy your products!


Constant Contact has two pricing plans:

  • Constant Contact e-mail Plan
  • Constant Contact e-mail Plus
Pricing - Constant Contact Review: Email Marketing Services for Your Business

These two plans are affordable for many businesses. Constant Contact provides a 60-day free trial offer, so you have enough time to go through the product before investing in it. 

The two plans allow you to get professional email campaigns that you need. Both plans offer unlimited emails. You also get customized templates, pop-up forms, list-building tools, contact management, reporting, and tracking features. 

The major difference between the Email and Email Plus plan is that the Email Plus provides excellent signup forms, online donations, email automation, 2GB of file storage, event marketing, coupons, surveys, and access of up to ten users. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing features:

  • The plans’ prices vary depending on the list size
  • 10% discount If you pay upfront for six months 
  • 15% discount If you pay upfront for twelve months
  • Unique plans for associations and franchises
  • The Email plan price costs $20 per month for 500 contacts 
  • Additional costs of $65 per month offer 5000 subscribers, and $335 for 50,000 contacts, respectively
  • Email Plus plan offers 3 monthly options that include: a beginner’s plan for $45 for 500 contacts, $70 for 2500 contacts and $335 for 50,000 contacts

Customer Support 

Constant Contact provides useful information to help you navigate the site. You also have access to 24/7 phone call support plus video calls as well as chats. The customer care reps offer professional support and answer all your questions patiently. 

Customer Support - Constant Contact Review: Email Marketing Services for Your Business

Constant Contact Review – Pros and Cons 


  • Beautiful interface 
  • Ease of use and a great tool for beginners
  • Pre-built templates, including mobile phone use
  • Great drag and drop editor that allows you to customize and personalize emails
  • Cutting-edge marketing tools
  • Advanced marketing tools
  • Customized images and templates
  • Track your email marketing results 
  • A detailed report of customer response to your emails
  • A high rate of deliverability
  • offers multiple email choices such as classic emails, newsletters, events, autoresponders, surveys, etc.
  • Extended free trial period


  • A little pricey compared to competitors like Mailchimp
  • Limited Automation tools
  • Restrictive Email design despite the numerous templates available
  • Lack of flexibility with editing sign up forms and marketing campaign emails


Constant Contact is definitely a showstopper for email marketing targeting small businesses looking to grow in any industry.

Most importantly, its amazing features like contact management, email automation, free images, and thousands of customized templates help new users navigate the software easily.

The software, no doubt, has competitive deliverable rates and integrations. With Constant Contact, you’re assured of real-time reporting, prompt insights, and analytics insight into your email-marketing promotions.