Crate – Ridiculously Easy File Sharing

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Drag and drop files. Fluid Interface. Easy Sharing.

Target Audience: People who want to share (groups of) files with their friends and family.

Crate makes file-sharing ridiculously simple. It uses drag-and-drop for the most fluid experience possible.

Moreover, it allows you to share a dynamically changing group of files rather than having to zip them up and resend them every time.

Crate will be opening up to public in a few weeks. Right now, you can use invite code “startuplift” to sign up.

Free PRO accounts after beta to insightful feedback providers.

4 thoughts on “Crate – Ridiculously Easy File Sharing

  1. It’s clear the drag/drop process to upload files. It works and is fantastic. Not sure about the sharing part though.

    Where I can share and how?

  2. Hover over a file and click to copy a link to share with a friend. The same with a whole crate (hover over the crate name).

  3. Some quick thoughts:
    – I love the ease of the upload process.
    – Simple interface is great.
    – Sharing, while easy once you understand how it works, can be a bit confusing at first with the hover-over requirement

    What I’d like to see as a user:
    – SSL login and upload
    – Let me upload files by just dragging them onto my homepage, without being inside a specific crate (maybe auto-create a crate for those files?)
    – mobile app: Android, iPhone, etc., with simple upload ability
    – Less Flash, more HTML5
    – An mass-delete feature that will delete all of my files and crates

    Some questions:
    – When I’m logged in, how do I download my own files?
    – Where are the Terms of Service/Terms of Use? I’d like to see what the terms are regarding ownership of files and deletion of files.

    A thought: if you are interested in tying into Facebook/Twitter/etc. as @augusto suggests above, let users select which of their friends can access a crate via an interface that would let them search for and then add certain friends to a crate.

    Another thought: Let visitors of the site upload a batch of files without having to sign up, much like would let you upload files anonymously. You could provide a timeout period, where the files are available for 10 days and then deleted.

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