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March 28, 2011

createtoday – What Will You Create Today?

10 Awards. $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.


createtoday enables people to create personalised unique cards or wall art from artists’ content or from their own content.

Target Audience: female 18-45 + artists (as contributors of content)
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • Go to, look at it for 10 seconds and tell us.
  • what do you think this site is about?
  • what does this site offer?
  • who can use it/benefit from it?
  • Now go to – how well does this page compare to the homepage on the above criteria (assuming that a new user comes to it first instead of homepage above)?
  • Now go through the process of making a card using member images – right through to order confirmation.
  • Now go back to and make a card using your own photos – through to order confirmation.
  • Now go to homepage and do the same for a piece of wall art, using member images – but not actually purchasing the piece you create
  • In each case please provide feedback on usability, navigation, clarity and ease of use, and any other advice/feedback that you feel appropriate (please exclude feedback on specific art or images that you see unless it relates to usability…but we are most interested in your feedback on usability of selection of member images).
  • If there are 3 things that you feel work well what are they?
  • And what are the 3 things that you most feel should change? reworded – shorter, clearer.
  • Please share any further feedback/comments not covered above.

About createtoday:

At we enable customers to create their own personal designs for greetings cards, postcards or wall art using a wide range of our members’ unique content (photos, images, designs and readymade materials), or using customers’ own content (photos, drawings, designs etc). Each item can be completely personalised, using images and text – we provide customers with a means to create the products they want, their way with access to a growing range of content and ideas. We offer various formats and sizes of cards, and premium quality wall art with 6 different finishes (including mounted or framed canvas, and acrylic or aluminium prints) and order values range from £1.30 on single post cards, £3 on single greetings cards…to volume packs of cards of any number.. and up to £200 for wall art.


New submissions are closed. Requested number of feedback submissions have been received.