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November 29, 2011


Crossroads Urban Center – Featured on StartUpLift for Non-Profit Roast

5 Awards. All Awardees Selected.

Crossroads Urban Center - non-profit featured on StartUpLift for website feedback - StartUpLift Non-Profit Roast

Creating an alternative to poverty.

Website URL:
Charity Navigator Profile: Crossroads Urban Center

Note: This is part of StartUpLift-sponsored Non-Profit Roast series where a user-nominated non-profit is featured for feedback. Click here to nominate a non-profit.

Provide Feedback:

  • Visit What is your initial impression of what you see? Does the site have a simple, visually powerful web 2.0 home page design? What should be fixed?
  • Is the text formatted for easy reading? Is the design consistent throughout all secondary navigation and content pages? What can be improved?
  • Are proper ‘call-to-action’ elements implemented throughout the site to encourage support and participation (for e.g. Donate Now buttons, e-Newsletters, Social Media icons)?
  • Given what you see (based on website), are you immediately encouraged to donate? Why or why not?
  • Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.

About Crossroads Urban Center:

Crossroads Urban Center helps to organize low income, disabled, and minority Utahns to be advocates on their own behalf in addressing essential issues affecting the quality of their lives. We also provide direct services to help meet basic survival needs. We are part of a tradition of service in the Salt Lake area that goes back 126 years. When Crossroads was formed in 1966, an emergency food pantry and thrift store quickly emerged as focal points for community involvement. Crossroads has initiated and developed dozens of new community organizations to provide services not otherwise available in our community.


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