Pet Community – No Humans Allowed! (Unless They Have Treats)

Cash Award: 5 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

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A community and shopping site made exclusively for pet people.

Target Audience: Female – All ages.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • What do you like/dislike about the homepage?
  • Do you own a pet? If so, what would make you add it to a pet social network?
  • Check out a pet profile page. Is it missing anything? Is it easy to navigate? Does it make you want to join the site?
  • Any additional feedback is much appreciated.

About Cuteness: is a fun community and shopping site made exclusively for pet people. It’s a place where your dog, cat, fish, or anything else for that matter, can have their very own pet profile.

You can also pick the cutest pet in the 24/7 Battlezone, win fabulous prizes going head to head in the Thunderdome, challenge any pet to a cuteness duel with Pet Challenges, chat with other pets at the Dog Park, rate products, and buy products recommended by the community.

Cash Award: 5 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

17 thoughts on “ Pet Community – No Humans Allowed! (Unless They Have Treats)

  1. Answers based on feedback sought:
    1) On the homepage, for the opening picture/banner, I don’t understand why you picked the picture that you did. I can make out a cat in the background, and a ball of fur or some animal part in the foreground, but I really don’t understand what it is and why that is the first thing I see when I go to your page. I guess I would expect to see something “cute” and if anything, this banner is confusing and I don’t think it properly markets your brand – especially when it is the first thing I see. It creates more confusion than the warm and fuzzy feeling of something cute. So my first recommendation is to find a “cute” picture, and don’t be afraid to ask or poll people for their opinions. Poll 10 people on the prospective “cute” picture and see if the majority of people agree with you that it is “cute”
    I like the recent activity (right-hand) side. That is good. I also like the PET OF THE DAY, TOP RATED, and NEW PETS sections. 2nd recommendation is to slightly tweak your CUTENESS IS section. I would personally do CUTENESS IS…
    and then say …A PET COMMUNITY, then description, then …FOR SHOPPING, then description, then …FOR CUTEWARS, then description. That would make more sense to me as a visitor to your site.
    2) I used to own a pet. At the moment, I don’t but all of my friends do own pets. What would make me want to register a pet in a pet social network? If I wanted to brand my pet – in the case of if I was a dog breeder or took my pet to pet shows, or if my pet was a spokesman for a company, if my pet was a pet actor, or if I just took a lot of pride in my pet, those are the instances off the top of my head that I would want to have them on a social network.
    3) I checked out the pet profile page for the current pet of the day, “Dozer.” Is anything missing? Not that I can tell. It has details about dozer, his friends, his store, his pictures. It looks pretty complete to me. It is very easy to navigate and very similar to Facebook. Does going on a profile make me want to join? No, not necessarily. The reasons I gave in answer 2 would be the factors in joining, looking at the profile would not make me want to join any more.
    4) Any additional feedback: Ok when I first came across your profile on, I noticed that the target audience is females – of all ages. I really don’t understand that, because I can say from experience that all pet owners do take pride in their pets and you don’t have to be female to think a pet is cute. So I’m a little confused as to why you would make your target audience as female. That basically cuts your prospective target audience in half. While on your site, I did not see anything overly feminine, it seemed more gender neutral. I would definitely re-think your marketing strategy with the target audience as female only.
    Second thing and an update to my comment on answer 1, I just realized after refreshing on your homepage that your opening picture/banner cycles through several pictures. The other pictures of a cat and dog made more sense for Cuteness. I am still holding to that one picture I saw before is confusing and would recommend taking it out of your picture bank.

  2. When I visited I thought that the web page was well organized. The section that is most like twitter is constantly being updated so the viewer can see the status of the pet and his/her owner.
    I would definitely think about adding my mini schnauzer Jackson to this social network. I take him to our local dog hangout whenever I get the chance, so it would be nice if we knew someone there for a weekly meeting.
    I chose to check out the homepage of Dozer, who is actually the pet of the day. Dozer is the cutest French Bulldog that I have ever seen. I loved that I could scroll through all his pictures. I was also able to see the products that he loved and his friend list.
    This is definitely a site for pet lovers. It’s easy to navigate and find friends for you and your dog. I would love to see what kind of cuteness rating my Jacky gets on this sight .

  3. A few thoughts:

    -The website is easy to navigate, and I clicked on the link to register for an account. While I didn’t sign up for an account with Cuteness (not yet, anyway), I liked the fact that it doesn’t ask a lot of questions, and is straightforward. Also, having the option to login through a Facebook or Twitter account is a must-have – other social networking sites have done the same, so I like this.

    -I especially like the “Dog Park” section, but would like to see more specific topics presented here, through the use of subforums. At the moment, it facilitates more general commenting, but is not optimal for promoting extensive conversations. Subjects such as dog/cat-related health questions, regional vet recommendations, or even entertainment-related topics such as a particular book, could be covered. However, I also presume that since this website recently launched, you will eventually add more topics to the mix. Community moderators would also need to be introduced here, so that conversations could flow continuously and with minimal incident.

    -The website does live up to its name. I see a mix of adorable cats and dogs here, so it’s all good. But I would like to see a bit more emphasis on other pets (hamsters, birds, fish) on the homepage. On the other hand, I also realize that the most “social” pet owners may be cat and dog owners, and you have to target the market demographic accordingly.

    -The “gift” option on each pet’s profile page is cute. It’s another networking/interacting opportunity. I love the feature where you can comment on each user’s page, too.

    -I like the pet products section. It has a nice, eclectic selection of merchandise. But I hope this site doesn’t specifically push any particular pet products in the future, as it is community-driven, and the feedback is supposed to be primarily provided by its users.

    – The “Rainbow” section is very important, like this a lot. For pet owners who have lost their furry loved ones, this is a great way to memorialize their four-legged friends.

    Overall, I see a website that has lots of promise. I may sign up for an account here (I’m a “mom” to a 3-year-old orange tabby). It looks like it will be fun to interact with others on pet-related matters here.

  4. * What do you like/dislike about the homepage?
    What I like about the homepage is that it is very visual, and invites you to check out the various links you provide. However I do find it a little overwhelming, since there is a lot of information and a lot of visual stimulation right away. Also, your “mission statement” or, basically what the website is and what it is about is located all the way on the bottom of the page. I feel that information is important to a viewer, especially for someone that has no idea what the website is about. Without that information prominently displayed, you may lose someones interest before they have a chance to look around at your website.

    * Do you own a pet? If so, what would make you add it to a pet social network?

    Yes I do own a pet- I have two shih-tzu’s. The only reason i would add them to a pet social network is if I knew others that had their pets on there too. However to be honest, I wouldn’t have them on a social network site, because I find it too time consuming to be updating a pet’s profile. I suppose it’s a good way to show family that isn’t located near me updates and information about my dogs, including having all the pictures up on the profile, but that would probably be the only reason I would have for adding my pets to the network.
    * Check out a pet profile page. Is it missing anything? Is it easy to navigate? Does it make you want to join the site?

    I feel it is easy to navigate, and organized well. I checked out Sophie’s page. I like the ease of viewing the pictures, as well as having all the pet’s information right when you click on their profile. However, it does not make me want to join the site, as I mentioned before, I love animals but I honestly just don’t have enough time to spend looking at the large number of pets profiles and voting and everything that goes along with it. I do believe it is a cute concept however.

    * Any additional feedback is much appreciated.

    Personally, I think the best part about the website is that you have the shopping section, where pet owners can share their opinions about products. I feel that is really helpful, especially if one person has knowledge about a certain pet product and If I didn’t know about the product, I would be able to see the rating and reviews and make a decision.

  5. 1. I really like this website and the way it is set up. The changing header is very nice, always showing a different picture when you return to the site. Home page is very nice, big bright pictures, very readable print, comments, a little of everything. The gifts and store is very nice especially since it is at the bottom of the page.

    2. I have a pet and many family members have pets. I have already sent links of your site to them. In general, pet owners like to post pictures of their pets on places like facebook. All of the cute pet pictures alone would make me add it to a social network. I would definitely add my pet to this site.

    3. Pet profile looks fine. I looked at a few and each one gives enough information. Again, I think pet owners are going to like this pet social network. Pet owners enjoy networking with other pet owners. I will be adding my pet to this site.

    4. The only thing I would add at some point is an adoption information area. Today’s pet owners are very interested in rescues and adoption which I didn’t see on the site.

  6. I think that the website was easy on the eyes and to move around. I love the pet of the day and the bio associated with the pet. I also like the top rated section. When looking for something it nice to see others opinion and this would help make a decision.

    I do have animals and I am not sure if I would add them to the site or not. I hardly go into my Facebook account to update status and things like that and so not sure if I could find the time to do that for my pet. However, I do know a few people that their animals are like their kids and they would love this site.

    I check out the pet of the day profile (Sophie) and I don’t think its missing anything. It has all the information about your pet and has friends feed so you can see what they are all doing at a glance. I will have to let my friends know because I do see them signing up and using this website.

    I am not sure but your company statement maybe move it up a little so people will notice it. Most people will no go all the way to the bottom of the page and so it might be missed

  7. I really like the homepage of this website. I feel that it aims to attract the pet lover and it achieves this goal! The picture of the dog at the top instantly captured my heart! The website is exceptionally easy to navigate with the important areas of the website all highlighted on the front page.

    I am the proud owner of a Cocker Spaniel that I rescued from a shelter. I would definitely add my dog to this site because I feel that with everything this dog has been through in his life, he deserves the utmost recognition. He’s a perfect pet, excellent companion and an avid watch dog.

    Upon visiting the pet profile pages, I completely fell in love with this site! What an awesome idea for profiling the pets that we all love so much! I feel that the profile page is extremely easy to navigate and contains all the sections that I would have expected.

    My favorite part of the website has to be the Cutewars! I will definitely recommend this site to all of my devoted pet loving friends! Keep up the good work!!

  8. 1. I like how the pet pictures are displayed on the homepage, and the layout is very nicely done. Showing the stats of the “pet of the day” and having the real-time updates of activity for the community makes it just like a facebook for pets. Its just like the site name, cute.

    2. Actually I do not have a pet, but if I were a pet person, then this site would be very interesting to have my pet join. With the contests, prizes and shopping, its like a virtual playground for pets and seems like it would be fun to participate in.

    3. When I visited the pet profile page it was very simple to navigate, and just like the homepage, it has large words that make it easy to find everything. There is no problem with finding out the details about each pet, their rewards, friends, etc, and that makes it user friendly.

    4. Additional Feedback:
    The Cutewars and the Shopping area is so nice and definitely made for pet lovers. I wish I knew someone with a pet, so I could tell them all about the site. I certainly won’t forget about the site though. It’s just so cute.

  9. 1. What do you like/dislike about the homepage:

    I like the “shopping” link. It has a number of different products for each kind of animal. I also like that the website is easy to navigate.

    I dislike the “dog park”. There is a few things that I didn’t like about it. First off, why is it called “dog park” when there are other animals that can enjoy that link? When I clicked on the link, I thought it would be only about dogs. To my suprise it is for all animals. Another problem I had with the link was that when the pet owners would comment they would be called “human”. I think it would be more personal for the pet owner if they used their actual name.

    Do you own a pet? If so, what would make you add it to a pet social network?

    Yes I own two small dogs. Socialing with other pet owners would make me want to join a pet social network. It’s very helpful when you can get advice of other pet owners concerning your pet and problems you may face or concerns you may have.

    Check out a pet profile page. Is it missing anything? Is it easy to navigate? Does it make you want to join the site?

    No I do not feel it is missing anything and yes it is easy to navigate. I really like the fact that it doesn’t ask to much nor to little of questions. The questions are straight forward and to the point. Yes I would join the site.

    Any additional feedback is much appreciated.

    Over all I think it’s a good site. There is only a few things that I would change in which I stated above. I would like to join the site!!

  10. What do you like/dislike about the homepage?
    I like that the banner is there but I do not like the picture used. It says cuteness pet community but the dog featured looks sad. It would probably be cute if the dog was featured happy, playing with something anything but looking sad. It doesn’t really showcase the beauty of the animal. I would like to see the pet of the day higher upon the screen. I feel the pet of the day and the recent activity should be switched. I liked the “cuteness is” box. The new pets sections was adorable. I like how large is was so that you could really see the animals. I also liked the drop down banner selection. It had just enough slots of information with out being overwhelming. The top rated section is very nice. I like how the shop section is broken down making it easier to just pick what you want with out looking at everything.

    Do you own a pet? If so, what would make you add it to a pet social network?
    No. I do not own a pet at the moment but I am a cat lover. When I did have a cat I would like to take pictures with it so yes that would make me want to join. It would like if you could upload short videos.

    Check out a pet profile page. Is it missing anything? Is it easy to navigate? Does it make you want to join the site?

    The pet profile section was very nice and “clean” looking. Very stream like but straight to the point. I like that your able to upload multiple pictures and I like the “friends” section at the bottom. I also like how the page is short meaning that you don’t have to go on and on down the page. The cuteness rating is a very fun feature.

    Any additional feedback is much appreciated.
    Overall it is a great pet friendly site and very user friendly.

  11. 1) What do you like/dislike about the homepage?

    I really like the way the site looks. I especially love the panoramic view of the picture (I’d suggest changing it every few seconds & add other pets besides dogs/cats) it captured my attention immediately. I love the logo, the layout of the site is professional looking and easy on the eye and to read…and absolutely LOVED the cuteness button next to the twitter button.

    Now, I didn’t really the Title of the site mentioned again in the panoramic picture, I didn’t find it necessary because it’s mentioned at the top, in the picture and in the “cuteness is” box, sort of redundant which can lessen creativity.

    I also would have liked to see the “pet of the day” box stand out more since they are sort of the “star” of the day. I would add pzazz to the site..I think.

    2) Do you own a pet? If so, what would make you add it to a pet social network?

    Yes, I own 3 dogs and I would be compelled to add them to a social network simply because it is fun! It’s a fun idea, people love their animals dearly and treat them like humans sometimes. I think it’s a great way to find distraction in a fun, healthy, and safe manner.
    3) Check out a pet profile page. Is it missing anything? Is it easy to navigate? Does it make you want to join the site?

    Does it have a private message feature? I would add a pet’s likes/dislikes. For example, Winston likes his ears rubbed late at night and hates to eat alone, etc.

    I found it very easy to navigate and quite fun and yes after seeing this site I am sold on joining this pet community.

    4) Any additional feedback is much appreciated.

    Can you upload videos? Is there a forum where citizens of the community can ask questions about their pets?

    I would also add “free to join” somewhere near the sign up link and add a resource section where pet owners can go for information on various topics (news, laws, PETA, Cesar Millan) or a blog that fulfills that same criteria. Perhaps, offer pet owners a way to blog about their pet and have a “blog of the day”.

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