DBVu – Database Monitoring And Performance Analytics

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DBVu centrally monitors your databases and then analyses the data.

Target Audience: Start-ups and small to medium sized businesses (and hosting companies to bundle/resell).
Competitor: Oracle.
Website URL: https://dbvu.net

Feedback sought:

  • What do you think of the site?
  • Is it immediately clear why services we provide?
  • Do you feel the need for more information anywhere? there need to be any more information?
  • Is the sign-up process easy?
  • Does the referral system make sense?

About DBVu:

DBVu is a service that monitors MySQL databases and provides easy to understand analytics which can be understood by technical users and management. If issue are found, DBVu provides helpful advice on how to fix them before they become problems.

The customer installs a thin client (open source) that DBVu provides and installs on a public facing web server, DBVu then poll the client, which establishes an SSL connection back to DBVu. All configuration data is held centrally by DBVu (ensuring security on the client). Also as new features are added no client changes are necessary.

Based on a freemium model, anyone can sign-up and get 30 days of full service, but if they don’t pay within the free period, then the polling will be reduced and they’ll lose access to drill-down info (and help).

DBVu is also in discussion with consultancies so that if customers have problems which they cant fix, then they can request help through the site. As DBVu allows a customer to grant (read) access to their data to a 3rd party, the consultancy can be made aware of the issues without having to go on-site and having to work out what’s wrong.

2 thoughts on “DBVu – Database Monitoring And Performance Analytics

  1. I like your service.
    1. When I visit your website. I gotta figure out what you guys do.
    Show me some graphs or animation. I would like to see what the application does. (As I am actually interested in buying).
    The site needs to be more user friendly. I understand that you are going for the sleek, simple/ design approach is nice. But for the purpose of what you are selling it needs to be business orientated. More likely management people will be purchase.
    Also show a list of pro’s and con’s a list type versus a paragraph.
    I like your idea it has alot of traction and promise.
    I own a Business and Marketing Consulting firm, so this a tool I would be interested in.

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