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Target Audience: sales professionals
Website URL:
No. of Feedback Providers Requested: 5

Feedback sought:

Note to Feedback Providers:
Please note that startups are looking for in-depth feedback that gives them thorough, insightful and actionable input. A ‘superficial’ submission that does not add value, is not thorough (i.e. written in a hurry, with poor grammar, punctuation etc.) and does not offer any constructive feedback is not particularly helpful and will therefore be rejected.

1) What do you think about this app?

2) Would you use it? Why (or Why not)?

3) Should we sync the number with other sources (e.g. LinkedIN)?

4) Please share any other feedback you may have.

5 thoughts on “Dealhackr – Killer Android App for

  1. 1) What do you think about this app?
    I opened the website and went to the Features page and looked at the information given there and I think that the app is revolutionary. The app offers a lot of features which would definitely make the job a lot easier and will improve success rates. The feature which I like best from all six listed would be the 5 Seconds Advantage. I think that would prove to be the most helpful because even if you know all the details which will be shown, there always is a chance that you might forget or maybe just get mixed up. This feature will be very useful as you will know the important details to focus on. The app is not available yet so we can’t really know what the user interface would be like but if it looks anything like the picture provided, I like it already! I think that a lot of information is being displayed on the screen. Minute details which will make a lot of difference, like the last time we talked to the person, name and picture of the person taken from LinkedIN and the little important notes. I also liked the Transcribed Conversations feature where we can record the conversation and receive a transcribed recording of the call for further analysis and review.

    2) Would you use it? Why (or Why not)?
    I think I would. I liked the website, the way the app looks, the features and the app idea. I think that the app would be really useful. My only concern is the user interface and the speed of the app. If that works fine, I would definitely use the app. The app should be user-friendly and easy to use.

    3) Should we sync the number with other sources (e.g. LinkedIN)?
    Syncing the number with various other sources like different social networking websites or company website etc. would surely be of use as then there would be no need to search for such information separately, but I think that the information which is being displayed in the picture is enough when we are receiving a call. Any other information which is made available should be provided separately like maybe as a prompt message after ending the call or linked with the contacts.

    4) Please share any other feedback you may have.
    I think until the app is released, maybe a simulator can be provided on the website to help users get an idea as to how the app would work and look like or maybe a video tutorial can be added. It will help users understand the app in a much better way. I also think a feedback/contact option should be added once the app is released because it will help with the trust factor as people will perceive the company to be dedicated to their clients and also it is nice to know that help can be sought when and if there is a problem or confusion. The features are very good. I think that the app would be great!
    I’d like to thank you for providing me this opportunity to help you. Good luck with the app! Thanks.

  2. Feedback Provider: bondvamoose

    1) What do you think about this app?

    My first impression is this was the kind of app I’ve always been looking for. It’s really hard to remember all our customers and colleagues when we got so much going on. This app would be a shocker and a miracle for sales dealers and managers.

    2) Would you use it? Why (or Why not)?

    I would absolutely buy it and use it if it works as it’s supposed to. The reason is in itself, we can’t remember each and everyone in our busy job. It gives us the opportunity to detail each individual’s profile with the last time of call and transcribed audio for company research purposes. We could make this app mandatory in our company and link the transcription service to a single company email to store it in our servers. It’s a brilliant Idea and you are going to excel in it for sure.

    3)Should we sync the number with other sources (e.g. LinkedIN)?

    I think you should absolutely do that. I would recommend also including a range of professional network sites like xing and ryze and others. The app should sync the contacts in your linkedin and vice versa which would yield more business and connectivity of the company.

    4) Please share any other feedback you may have.

    I also think, if you could provide a company specific network through this app which should be restricted to all the employees within an individual company. I also really liked the incentives, calculator during the call. It’s very important with my own personal experience. Timeline is a good option too. Please go for it as we need companies like you make our business experience better with your creative idea. Thank you.

  3. 1) What do you think about this app?

    I have used CRMs, however, I have not used Salesforce. I just went onto the site with my Android and it is obviously mobile compatible.

    Therefore, my first question to you is: are you providing any services that are already available via Salesforce? For instance, can people access their accounts from their mobile devices? Can they make calls from their Salesforce account or do they need you to sync their phone address book with their Salesforce account. (FYI: Would this work for the millions of people like me whose address book is on Google and shows up on my phone? If so, that would tie in with your Question 3.)

    The “5 seconds advantage” is a feature that I would play up more. It could be exceedingly valuable for salespeople who are not able to remember the details about all their leads and prospects.

    The record/transcribe feature could be helpful. (Of course there are legal questions regarding recording someone without their permission.) Where does the recording live: on the phone or online? Transcription would be a help in completing paperwork later—something that salespeople, in general, do not like.

    2) Would you use it? Why (or Why not)?

    I honestly don’t know. I would want to see it in action in conjunction with Salesforce before making such a decision.

    Do you offer a free trial period and/or more details?

    3) Should we sync the number with other sources (e.g. LinkedIN)?

    I should think being able to sync with other sources would be very valuable. Certainly, LinkedIn, Google, and Outlook.

    4) Please share any other feedback you may have.

    Your home page above the fold (above the scroll) is very eye catching, but not very helpful; nor is it enticing. The average visit to a website is 6 seconds. It took me longer than that to figure out what you were telling me. Even, then, without additional information below about the features, I wouldn’t have understood where you are going with this. Additionally, not everyone relates to playing golf; I don’t understand why there is a photo about golf here.

    Who are you, Dealhackr, selling to? Are you selling to the individual salesperson or to their company? The approach would have to be different. People buy based on emotion—male and female. What problem does your Dealhackr solve for the salesperson and/or for the company?

    * For the individual salesperson: How are you making their lives easier? How are you helping them to make sales and earn more money for themselves, being that most work on commission in part or whole? How easy is it to use? Will it save time doing paperwork?

    * For the company: What problems do companies have that this would solve? What difference is this going to make for the company, the team, and individual employees? Will it more than pay for itself? By how much? Will it wind up saving money or making the company money?

    If I were you, I’d pose the problem upfront, then, let your visitors know that you are the solution, and I’d use a video to prove it.

    FYI: “Featured on” (re. KillerStartups) is practically invisible. You probably want to use a white font.

  4. 1) What do you think about this app?

    Hi, the app seems to be one of a kind. Personally, i have never seen or heard of such an app so it is very exciting just reading about it. The app has the feature of basically syncing my account with salesforce which would give me many benefits most important in my opinion being the note regarding the the details of my clients. I deal with a lot of clients and it is not possible to remember things about everybody so this might just prove to be an very handy app. The option of getting my call transcribed can prove to be useful too however, i do not know about how that would work out. Issues such as language, accents may arise so i have my reservations regarding that.
    In all i feel that this might just prove to be a very handy app so that’s great

    2) Would you use it? Why (or Why not)?
    Yes, i would definitely use this app. The way it has been shown in the image it seems to be very well designed. All the information about a client in 4-5 key words would definitely help me in my endeavors. The fact that it mentions whilst the call is coming when was the last time we spoke is a very good feature as well. The fact that i can Review deal structure, competitive battle cards and price calculator during call is an added bonus.
    This app fulfills the basic needs of a salesman so i would definitely use it and probably recommend it to my peers as well.

    3) Should we sync the number with other sources (e.g. LinkedIN)?
    Syncing the number with other sources has pros and cons.
    The pros being that your information about a person is updated and the information base becomes huge. Even unknown callers would have an id and it would make such conversations easier.
    The con, which can be a very big con, is that the information which was very brief earlier might increase and point out the unnecessary details. So that would require filtering.
    In all, i feel syncing up with other sources might just prove to be beneficial.

    4) Please share any other feedback you may have.
    I just wish to learn more of how will the transcript portion of your app would work. If for any reason it is not efficient then it may result is very unfavorable reviews and the cons would outweigh the pros. So i hope you would look into that and explain it better.

    Thank You.

  5. 1) What do you think about this app?

    When I opened this website and looked at the home and features page it seemed as though it would be an ideal incentive for the business world and recruiters/ those who are in constant contact with multiple individuals. This app seems as though it would help with the organization of those calls and contacts as well as refresh the person using it before answering the next phone call.

    2) Would you use it? Why (or Why not)?

    If it was necessary for the type of business I was in I would definitely use it.

    3) Should we sync the number with other sources (e.g. LinkedIN)?

    I think it would be beneficial to sync with other sources such as linkedIN because that would then allow for more information to be accessible as well as other facts about the incoming caller that the person using the app might not have known, the nice thing about linkedin is that your resume is constantly accessible by whomever looks at your profile and that could only add to the experience of this app.

    4) Please share any other feedback you may have.

    I think this will be a very beneficial app in the business world.

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