Deals For Deeds – Reinvesting In The community, One Deal At A Time

Deals For Deeds - Startup Featured on StartUpLift

“We bring you the deal and you do a good deed. At the same time.”

Target Audience: Socially conscious consumers.
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Launched by two young entrepreneurs, Deals For Deeds is an online marketing platform with a mission and vision to provide their members with exclusive offers, while supporting businesses, non-profits and charitable organizations.

Blending aspects of daily-deal/group-buying model with the power of cause-related marketing principles, Deals For Deeds delivers longterm value for businesses while simultaneously promoting community involvement and social giving.

Feedback sought:

  • We’d like to receive feedback on our website, particularly whether the social-giving component of our site is clearly conveyed, as well as what users think of the check-out process.