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December 28, 2010

DealsForEquality – Support Businesses That Support Equality

Cash Award: 5 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

DealsForEquality - StartUp Featured on StartUpLift

A unique opportunity to make a statement through spending and patronage.

Target Audience: GLBT community, their friends and family – people who support equality.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • Visit Select Austin.
  • What do you think about the look and feel of the site? the navigation?
  • Find the business directory and select a business. Is the description interesting? Would it make you want to shop there?
  • Can you tell what the website is about? What the goal of the site is?
  • As a business owner who supports equality, would it make you want to join and participate in the site?
  • Do you find information about the Social Media Package/Buy A Day complete? Do you have any questions about how the site works?
  • Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

About Deals For Equality:

Deals For Equality is designed to help businesses that support equality reach out to the GLBT community, their friends and family.

The first phase of the site is to build the directory and help spread the word about these businesses. In addition to being listed in the directory, businesses can purchase a day to be featured. On that specific day, we will create a video, post to facebook, twitter and create a blog post all about their business. On that day, it is all about them.

Cash Award: 5 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.


New submissions are closed. Requested number of feedback submissions have been received.