Demio Review: Webinar Software for Marketers

Demio Review: Webinar Software for Marketers

Webinars are popular with online marketers since hosting one is an effective way to sell your products and services and engage with your audience. Running webinar software is no easy task; it requires fundamental technical skills to put together quality content and ensure that streaming videos do not freeze. Make sure you have sufficient knowledge for you to run successful webinars.

This article will give a full review of Demio, a dependable software for marketers to conduct live webinars. With Demio, you’ll have reduced setup time, provide flawless experience, and excellent results through market-focused features.

What Is Demio?

Demio is a popular software used to set up and run efficient webinars within seconds. All you have to do is create a catchy title, pick a date and time, and that’s it!

What is Demio - Demio Review: Webinar Software for Marketers

Webinars offer great platforms to conduct engaging marketing campaigns to launch your products and services. They’re fit for pushing online content such as e-books, blogging tips, coaching, and offering related online solutions.

Demio Features

  • Innovative Webinar setup
  • Landing page builder
  • Quality HD live streaming and recording
  • Unrestricted Webinars
  • Unlimited member registration
  • Limited storage (100 records)
  • Customer support- live chat and email
  • Interactive features to enhance audience engagement 
  • Detailed analytics
  • Multiple segmentation 
  • Works on all devices

Demio does not require application downloads for it to function. All you have to do is log into the webinar room from your preferred browser, create a unique link, and invite your audience to join your live marketing presentation.

Demio has screen sharing options complete with a webcam and microphone to enable live chats with your audience. 

Types of Presentations with Demio Webinar tool.

  • Live marketing sessions
  • Interviews
  • Group Classes
  • Customer onboarding sessions
  • Live product demos
  • Q&A sessions

Demio is a great marketing tool with intelligent features to boost your customer engagement and retention. You can host online events, training sessions, and other features to realize your sales goals.

Demio Overview

1. Demio Registration 

Your webinar registration section appears on the landing page as your face brand. It is the first thing that people see when they login to your webinar page.

Demio Registration - Demio Review: Webinar Software for Marketers

Create attractive pages with ease, using Demio. You can customize the pages using pre-set options available on the webinar site, or develop brand new ones using custom-made features from the internet.  

2. Webinar Invites

Your audience does not need to install Demio to join in on the conversation. All you have to do is create a link and share it with your participants to attend a Demio webinar. It is a stress-free, one-click process.

Webinar Invites - Demio Review: Webinar Software for Marketers

Your audience can watch the webinar from any device, either via desktop or laptop or on a smartphone connected to Wi-Fi.

3. HD Streaming

With Demio, you can do HD streaming, conduct live interactive sessions with your audience on a smooth, hassle-free platform. There are no delays or screen freezing, and you can have live chat sessions with your audience without any delays or disruption.

HD Streaming - Demio Review: Webinar Software for Marketers

4. Webcam Sharing

Demio allows webcam sharing with a maximum of three co-presenters for complete interactive sessions. Invite your partners to co-host with you on Demio and optimally engage your audience and create collaborative meetings with two or three partners to add value to your audience with quality perspectives.

Webcam Sharing - Demio Review: Webinar Software for Marketers

Your partners can help with live demonstrations, PowerPoint presentations, and videos without additional apps. Demio is a one-stop webinar tool that covers all your webcam and screen sharing needs without freezing the screen to fetch more presentation tools. 

5. Branding on Slides

Demio offers great branding options which allow you to label your marketing content material using your crafted logo to brand your entire content. These include your registration pages, landing pages, training slides, replay pages, email pages, etc., convey your corporate image using your brand logo across all your webinar material. 

Branding on Slides - Demio Review: Webinar Software for Marketers

To apply your logo, simply create blank pages and incorporate it on all user-pages, including headers, landing pages, and all relevant content you need to showcase on your webcast hosting sessions.

6. Automatic Notifications

Demio has this great feature to remind clients of scheduled webinar sessions.

Automatic Notification - Demio Review: Webinar Software for Marketers

Automatic notifications remind registered users to go online whenever a webinar session is about to start. It also reminds users of upcoming meetings or major announcements on your page. This presents a fantastic marketing tool to advertise your content or prep users on forthcoming promotions and hot deals.

7. Recording and Replay Pages

When you start your webinar sessions, they are automatically recorded and added in HD resolution in cloud storage and replay them on demand. You can also download in MP4 format and share your clips with your potential clients.

Recording and Replay Pages - Demio Review: Webinar Software for Marketers

If you have a busy schedule, Demio lets you pre-record sessions for future release making it 100% automated. Using Demio enables you to focus on other matters and spend less time online.

8. Minimal Delays Between Presentations

Unlike other webinar software, Demio presentations offer a real-time response when it comes to delivering speech between presenters and the attendees. There’s zero latency during live streaming providing you with a smooth real-time interaction with your audience. The free flow experience is like none other in the webinar industry.

minimal Delays Between Presentations - Demio Review: Webinar Software for Marketers

This is because Demio does not rely on other apps like YouTube to live stream. Demio webinars are 100% real-time, giving users’ quality video and audio user experience.

9. Demio Integrations 

Demio was created to solely scale up marketing and sales numbers for the online business community. Therefore, the tool seamlessly integrates with other marketing automation tools like Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, ConvertKit, Drip, MailChimp, MarketHero, and Ontraport.

Demio Integrations - Demio Review: Webinar Software for Marketers

Demio has full API with Zapier, which makes it possible to integrate with multiple applications.


Demio has four main pricing plans with billing options of monthly or annually. The starter package goes for $34/mo., while the 100pax attendance room goes for $74/mo.  Annual subscribers save up to 30% in subscription fees with this option.

pricing - Demio Review: Webinar Software for Marketers

All the plans include a free 14-day trial period before signing up for either of the two payment plan options. 

How Demio Compares with Competitors

Demio has excellent features that make it an ideal engagement tool with cool features such as live chat, @mentions, and gestures.

1. Demio vs. Crowdcast

Demio is a sales and marketing tool for webinars, whereas Crowdcast handles training Q&A and webinars.

Demio vs Crowdcast - Demio Review: Webinar Software for Marketers

Although a fantastic system, Crowdcast is not a marketing tool; therefore, it lacks interactive tools compared to Demio, where marketers have a broader field to cover their presentations.

2. Demio vs. Zoom

Zoom is a conferencing software that offers virtual meetings and training via video calls. The platform cannot handle multiple webinars, as the goal is to provide video communication services.

Demio vs Zoom - Demio Review: Webinar Software for Marketers

Therefore, Demio prevails over Zoom because of the limited interactive user experience when creating a webinar event. 

Demio provides real-time (no delays) webinar platform for marketing professionals to connect with their audience.

3. Demio vs. WebinarNinja

On the flip side, Demio cannot create hybrid webinars like WebinarNinja

Demio vs WebinarNinja - Demio Review: Webinar Software for Marketers

Launching a webinar on Demio is easy to set up. It takes seconds to set up and register. All you have to do is add your preferred webinar title, pick a date and time, and you’re good to go.

How Does Demio Help My Business?

With Demio webinars, connect with your audience and initiate a real-time conversation. The platform lets you share d your product details and, at the same time, allows you to interact with your audience entirely as you present and market your products and services to your invited attendees.

Final Word

Working on building your online business should be comfortable with the Demio webinar marketing tool. Demio provides full sections of your audience: those who attended, who stayed till the end, who left early, and who missed the webinar.

You can also do live chats with attendees from Demio to answer important sales questions and close more deals.