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Quality design, fast and affordable!
Your one stop shop for online design needs.

Target Audience: Online Marketers

DesignPax allows online marketers to quickly order fully-customized banner ads, logos, landing pages and email campaigns, and receive professionally designed, campaign-ready graphics within 48-72 hours. Formed to help marketing managers, small-business owners, affiliate marketers and eBay merchants slash the cost of production, DesignPax improves campaign quality with eye-catching creatives that are uniquely designed for each client.

Please visit and share your experience:

  • Spend 5-10 seconds on the homepage and tell us if you understand what the site is about.
  • Click on Get Started and tell us if you understand how to order banners, logos etc.

4 thoughts on “DesignPax – Banners, Logos, Landing Pages & Email Campaigns

  1. This site and service is always in demand as more and more businesses are looking to enhance and improve their online presence. I think by showing more colors and examples on the home page would enhance the users first impression of your services vs making a dual tone site design which is well executed nonetheless.

  2. Site is simple but straightforward. I agree with the last comment that it needs a little more color. The other difficulty I am having which could be a huge barrier is I do not know what I am getting by checking out. Case studies could help but I think they should take more of a quassi-“Ad Ready” approach and give the buyer the option to use templates/controls to try designing the banners upon checkout in a more automated sense OR pay a premium to have DesignPax uber customize.

  3. The site is clean, simple and straightforward. I understood right away what the site was about.

    As for ordering some design work, the forms were easy to fill in, but while I was on the form-filling pages, it would be nice to see some example work without having to leave the page or opening a new tab.

    Overall, I would have liked to have easier access to examples, from the front page, and within the form pages.

    Similar to what previous commenters mention, for a design website, I would expect the design to be slightly more polished; nice typography, some creative uses of images and perhaps more colours.

    I see where you are going with the very simple interface, but the colours make the site feel a bit “sterile”, almost generic and in consequence I think there’s an opportunity lost for creating a visual identity.

  4. I see that you homepage is quite simple easy to communicate through to others. It is much more comprehensive than the one give in the screenshot. I think you should partner up with other email service providers to succeed like Email Now! Marketing – Email Now is an all-in-one Web-based Email Marketing software that is easy to use. You can send beautiful emails, track the results and manage your customers all at one go….I think that way you will make a good start off profit…

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