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Edicy is an easy to use service for creating responsive (mobile optimized) business websites.

Target Audience: Small businesses, state agencies, corporate companies, design agencies
Website URL: https://www.edicy.com
No. of Feedback Providers Requested: 2

Feedback sought:

Please visit the site, browse for a while, go through the website creation process and share as much as you can providing an overall review of user experience.

2 thoughts on “Edicy

  1. My first impression of the site was that it aimed at simplicity which is something I love because it makes it easier for me to browse through it and since I visit some sites on my phone I knew it would make it simple to load on there too. I have my own websites and I was utterly interested in looking into this site as I am not too tech savvy so having a website that takes care of all those confusing things would benefit me. I just like to write my content have it show up in a sweet looking page and be done with it…this site offered that. I looked into “learn more” and everything explained in such detail that I knew exactly what your site offered.I was interested in looking into trying it for free because there were so many enticing things such as the small video explaining some of what this company offers. One of the things that always makes or breaks a deal to me is reading testimonials from people who have tried the service I’m interested in and I liked that this was something highlighted in this website.I have to say that this page was attractive, the designs offered were as attractive and I would like to recommend it. I use WordPress and there are a few things there I don’t quite get but this was broken down in a way that was just right for me.

  2. The site was clear and easy to use.  I immediately knew that the company is a web design business that specifically targets customers looking to create their own multilingual websites.  The video on the front page is very informative and easy to find.  It has a very clear menu and it is easy to find the pricing and further details about their services.  The overal design and layout of the site is very professional and motivates the user to trust that they are providing a quality product.  I would use their services in the future.

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