eGroovyContacts – The Address Book That Updates Itself

eGroovy - startup featured on startuplift for website feedback

The online address book that updates itself.

Target Audience: In todays world everyone has many contact details for all their friends, colleagues, family and schoolmates.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

  • Try to log in using various APIs (Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail)?
  • Set up a card during the registration process be sure to include a photo and both private and professional contact details.
  • Share your card with all your contacts be sure to use the security settings to select which data is sent to whom.
  • Call you contacts to receive feedback about the invitation form and ask if they are likely to respond.

We appreciate your help and await your feedback.
Happy Holidays,
Jeffrey Gelfand

2 thoughts on “eGroovyContacts – The Address Book That Updates Itself

  1. eGroovy contacts was so easy to use. that now i think that instand of me hand writing all the addresses of my contacts i will use eGroovy now. I like the website it made it made my life so much easier. if more website could come out with ideas like this it would be a lot better on the internet.

  2. Egroovy is a great site to get organized with your contacts. It is true I have people’s numbers stored everywhere from my cellphone to old fashioned address books. And with everything being online now a days and since I’m on the computer more it’s just easier to get on my account find someone’s info and use it. I like the fact that I can make my own little business card and put my pic on it so I can send it to my contacts. Great site it’s fast and easy to understand, not too confusing because once a site gets confusing then people get frustrated with it and don’ come back

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