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March 13, 2012

emaginationFLow – Publish Imaginery, Crazy, Fiction and Silly Ideas

All Awardees Selected.

eMaginationFlow - crazy ideas - startup featured on StartUpLift for website & startup feedback

eMaginationflow enhances your imagination by capturing and awarding for crazy ideas that occurs to us suddenly and generally gets forgotten.

Target Audience: All
Website URL:

We have launched a beta version of eMaginationFlow with an objective to start adding users and publishing crazy ideas. So the main purpose here is to find out whether you can submit crazy, silly ideas on the listed topics. We are not looking for feedback on the look and feel or usability feedback at this round. Remember you will get paid for every valid crazy ideas submitted and published. The amount paid is displayed under the topic.

Here are few steps to guide you.

1) Visit
2) Read the About page, watch the video to understand the service.
3) Read the Terms and Privacy Policy.
4) Register as a user.
5) Browse through the Topics and if you think of a Crazy, Silly idea – enter the idea and submit. Do not think too much. The more an idea is unreal, the better. But ensure your description is clear and can be understood.
6) Submit as many ideas as you can think of. Use miscellaneous topic if your crazy idea does not fit the topics listed.
7) Please share any feedback you may have or send email to if you have any questions or find problems or have feedback.