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  1. Spend no more than 5-10 seconds on the home page of our site. Is it immediately clear what we do?
    Yes, your website homepage clearly communicates the purpose of your site and services.
    What do you find bothersome? What do you like?
    The homepage is lacking graphics.  It seems boring.  There is also wasted space towards the top of the page between “Email NOW!” and “All-in-One Email Marketing Solution.

    I do like the color scheme.  It is pleasing to the eye.  I also like the absence of advertisements in the margins!
    What do you think of the sign up process?
    I was unable to complete the sign up process.  See comments below.

    The first time I filled out the fields, I clicked on the Anti-Spam Policy link at the bottom of the screen.  When I clicked the back button (the Internet Back button), the system did not retain the information I had already entered.  I had to enter all information again.

    Repeating the same sequence of events with accessing Terms of Sevice OR Privacy Policy and then pressing the internet back button also cleared out the registration information from all fields.

    The second time I filled out the fields (along with the “verification code”) and clicked to Submit.  The system noted an error with the Preferred Username field.  The error under the field stated “Please enter a valid phone number.”  The field is clearly for the user name and even the tooltip to the right of the field defines this.
    How do you think the site compares to other similar sites/competitors like mailchimp.com and boltmail.co.nz?
    Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.
    To recap, the homepage would be nice with some type of professional graphics.  Perhaps some on subsequent pages within the site.

    Is your logo the text, Email NOW?  Have you thought of something more creative?

    A back button that does not wipe out previously entered information on the previously accessed screen.

    Fix the registration process so I can continue to review the site.

    Bullet 1 – “we” should be lower case
    Bullet 2 – “simple” should be “simply”
    Bullet 4 – (comma insert) “add links, and more”
    Bullet 6 – (comma insert) “age, or company”

    The following screens are identical to the above and have the same issues:
    Edit Email Campaigns Visually
    Send Highly Personalised Emails

    Don’t like the “graphic” on the upper right corner.  It looks like the way we try to insert interesting text in a PowerPoint presentation.  It doesn’t look professional.

    Bullet 2 – “optimisation to “optimization”?
    (comma insert) “tricks, and advice”
    (comma insert) “sending, and more”
    Bullet 6 - insert period at end of sentence
    Bullet 12 - “thrus”…is that correct?

    The following screen is identical to the above and has the same issues:
    Built-in Spam Checker

    Bullet 1 – add “s” to list
    Bullet 3 – (comma insert) “emails, or both using”

    Bullet 1 – click-thru (with hyphen) or click thru(s) without the hyphen as seen in /email-campaign-features/?
    Bullet 2 – (comma insert and “or”) “event, or Add/remove”
    Bullet 6 – (comma insert) “browsed, and exported”

    The following screen is identical to the above and has the same issues:
    Create Surveys & Feedback Forms

    Bullet 1 – (comma insert) “last year, or even”
    Bullet 3 – (comma insert) “goals, and e-commerce”

    Bullet 1 – (comma insert) “requests, and bounced”
    Bullet 2 – the first use of “contacts” should be singular
    Bullet 4 – (comma insert) “phone number, and more”
    Bullet 7 – (comma insert) “preferences, and more”
    Bullet 9 – change “comply” to “compliance”
    Bullet 11 – (wording issue) “keeps lists a list of contacts”???/features/email-campaign-features

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  3. Hi Lnoe,
    A good set of feedback there. Thank you for that! We have modified the things you have given feedback on with some exceptions still to be made.
    I am still thinking on why the history is being wiped out when you surf email now website. Are you browsing with Firefox private session? We have fixed the registration form and hopefully everything should be working fine.
    The Logo text is “Email NOW!” and I am still wanting some ideas to implement on making the site creative. What do you reckon?
    Also regarding the homepage, it contains lots of rotating banners, were you able to see this? Did the banners rotate, if not, was your javascript for the browser turned on?
    Email Now Team

  4. I am using IE 8.0.6001.18702.

    I will check out the registration and get back to you.

    The rotating banner was not working, but will check the javascript.


  5. Javascript is enabled.  I thought I would share my settings just in case one of the other settings could be an issue:

    Active scripting-enabled

    Allow programmatic clipboard access-prompt

    Allow status bar updates via script-disabled

    Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows-disabled

    Enable XSS filter-enabled

    Scripting of Java applets-enabled

  6. The website is specifically designed to operate on Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and all but trying to make every single element work for Internet Explorer is time consuming but we will do so in future. Can you please try using the Firefox and see how it is? We have rotating banners 🙂 hope you like it! Thanks for the efforts!

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