Engineer Outsourcing – Hire Up To 200 Engineers In 24 Hours

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A CAD marketplace for hiring remote engineers, drafters & companies worldwide.

Target Audience: Engineers, drafters, remote staff.
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Feedback sought:

  • What do you think of the name?
  • Do you understand what we do?
  • How do we explain it? Could we say it in a way that’s easy to understand?
  • Any marketing, SEO and strategies that could help build awareness for the free marketplace & library are welcome.

About Engineer Outsourcing:

Engineer Outsourcing is a free CAD marketplace that allows company to hire remote engineers, drafters and companies anywhere in the world.

The service allows users to hire up to 200 engineers in 24 hours. User sign-ups include companies in Canada, the United States, India, Romain and the Ukraine.

Engineer Outsourcing also has a free CAD blocks library. The library allows users to share engineering drawings and get feedback from peers.

Cash Award: 5 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

13 thoughts on “Engineer Outsourcing – Hire Up To 200 Engineers In 24 Hours

  1. My first impression of the name of this company is that they provide engineers on a contract basis for projects. This was borne out by reading the site, although I also found that they can provide draftsmen and CAD/CAM operators.

    The site clearly explains what the company offers, and how using their services would benefit the buyer. The link titles are clear and unambiguous, making the site very easy to navigate. The FAQ page is comprehensive and helpful. The language is straightforward and easy to understand.

    The only SEO tip I would offer is to make the quote on the home page text, rather than a graphic, so that it can be picked up by search engines. Also, there is a spelling mistake in the ‘Connect’ paragraph on this page: the word ‘business’ is spelt wrongly.

    All in all, an easy to use site.

  2. Answers based on feedback sought:
    1) The name Engineer Outsourcing is ok. Engineer is a good first word. The only issue might be the stigma that could be associated with Outsourcing. As a professional working in the US, the word outsourcing is seen as a negative term. It means your job is being sent overseas. If you don’t might this negative connotation, then EngineerOutsourcing works. But there are other sites that use the word freelance. I don’t know if Freelance Engineering exists or maybe Independant Contractor Engineering (ICEngineering is what I would personally go with).
    2) What you do is try to locate people who can do the same engineering job for less money. Like your website says “1 draftsman here = 8 draftsmen there”.
    3) I think you do a good job explaining what your company does and the services you provide. I believe you state it in a way that is easy to understand.
    4) To build brand awareness among people, you could employ a ghost blogger to keep the public up-to-date on your services. You could pay someone who writes SEO articles to publish a couple on your company, and include a link to your website.

    Additional feedback: I would highly recommend reviewing your homepage of your website for grammatical errors and consult your website designer for neatness. Looking professional is key to getting business.
    Let me give you examples:
    Left hand column reads:
    Connect Bussiness & India (Business is misspelled here)

    Are paying 85% more than your competition for drafting, CAD, CAM & engineering outsourcing services? Call Engineer Outsourcing today for a free co

    The paragraph cuts off. The thought is not completed. I think you want to say: Are you paying 85% more…

    On this page:

    Last bullet point under “Custom User Tools”
    Collabtive Project Management Integration- Collabtive groupware

    Is Collabtive a software or copyrighted name? Or are you trying to say collaborative meaning group effort?

    I highly recommend that your website be evaluated for grammatical and spelling misstakes. You want to look professional.

  3. I like the name outsource means to transfer (manufacturing tasks,etc) to outside contractors, esp.,in order to reduce operating coast. Therefore I think it is a perfect name. Because basically that is what your company is all about is it not?
    I like the web page it is friendly and inviting but also has a business attitude about it. It is well spaced out so it can be read easily.
    You explain in easy to understand words so that anyone can immediately understand what you are about. I think it is a good site.

  4. What do you think of the name?

    I think that the name Engineer Outsourcing is a good name and it explains exactly what the company is.

    Do you understand what we do?

    Yes, you are a company hires engineers for less money.

    How do we explain it? Could we say it in a way that’s easy to understand?

    I think your site clearly explains what it is and the service it provides. The site is also easy to navigate and easy to understand.

    Any marketing, SEO and strategies that could help build awareness for the free marketplace & library are welcome.

    I think it would be helpful to have testimonies on the site. It would be good for your company and service. You can also team up with another company which is likes yours but does not provide the same services and connect your links such as your site provides a link to their site on it and they do the same.

    You have a few spelling errors and grammar errors which can make people not take your company serious. In order to make good business, your site needs to look professional which includes correct grammar and spelling. I also want to mention that the font used on your site makes it hard to read. Some of the letters look to close together and the Blue color is way to bright and takes away from the page.

  5. What do you think of the name?

    When I first saw the name EngineerOutsourcing, I knew what kind of company you had and what kind of website it would be about. I wasn’t sure if was strictly for the United States, overseas, or other countries. I think the name gets the point out to people about the type of company you have.

    Do you understand what we do?

    Yes, I understand what you do. I know that you hire engineers for less.

    How do we explain it? Could we say it in a way that’s easy to understand?

    I think you do a good job at explaining what you do and it is easy to understand. I think the FAQs section is a great way to explain what you do and how everything works. The answers are not complicated and anyone can follow and understand what your company does.

    Any marketing, SEO and strategies that could help build awareness for the free marketplace & library are welcome.

    I think the homepage needs to be organized better and easy on the eyes. With all the different colors all over the page it is hard to focus and keep my attention. I want to jump all over the page with all the colors. I don’t think it is necessary to put a lot of words in different colors to make them stand out. It doesn’t look as professional and well kept as it could be by using different colors.

  6. i)I liked the name, but i think if you would have used a more flexible term like engineer overseas contractors would probably sound better.
    ii)yes from the name you could understand the whole concept of the website, but i think like the saying that states a picture is worth a thousand words, if you would have used a picture of the globe maybe with the best spots to hire outsource engineers, would be an enhancement to your website.
    iii)i liked the layout of the website with an emphasize on the black and blue colors, which make a good combination, but i think if the words that were highlighted in brown(Managed service, and callback) were colored in red or green would probably be less offsetting to the whole layout.
    iv)i wasn’t very fond of the way that the website tried to convey the message that 1drafter here= 8 drafters there, if you used terms like 1:8 ratio of engineers salaries elsewhere would sound more personable, but overall i think the website conveys the message for people looking around the world to hire cheaper labor force.

  7. What do you think of the name? I think the name Engineering Outsourcing is self explanatory. An easy name is a plus when it comes to searching for what you need. I love it. KISS method as it’s best–Keep It Simple Stupid.

    Do you understand what we do? Yes, you bring the service and the provider together at the most efficient cost.

    How do we explain it? Could we say it in a way that’s easy to understand? It can be simply stated as a freelance outsourcing. Bringing the worker to the work!

    So many people are looking for employment right now. The internet is the most common search for such employment. Word of mouth about your site can easily be achieved through social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, but also consider such sites as Cafemom where moms are always inquiring as to employment resources, for both them and their spouses.

  8. First off, I think the name is very self-explanatory, about as direct as it can get. If I was an employer who wanted to outsource my engineering work, I would probably search on “outsource engineers,” so my guess is that your site will rank well at the search engines.

    I definitely understand what you do. You connect North American businesses who hire engineers with certified engineers in other countries who are willing to work for lower rates than those typically paid to North Americans.

    I think you already explain the site fairly well, but the user has to scroll down to the bottom of the home page to find this explanation. It’s located under “What is” If I were you, I wouldn’t bury this information so far down the page. I’d have a simple explanation of what you do front and center. Somewhere above the fold I’d include a bold statement such as “Hire experienced certified engineers at affordable rates!” or “Get 8x more brain power for less overhead!”

    As for marketing possibilities, I suppose you need to consider your targets, who are a) businesses that need engineers and b) engineers looking for work. Are there web sites or web zines dedicated to engineering where you could either buy advertising or post about your service in forums? How about job hunting sites? Could you post your service there? Even Craigslist might be a viable option. You might also submit some articles about outsourcing to Ezine or a similar site. As for your CAD library, are all your images tagged for better search optimization? Could you come up with some copy for your library? Could you maybe answer some CAD questions at Yahoo! Answers or similar to promote yourselves?

    Finally, I just want to make a few overall comments:

    1. The minute I laid eyes on the home page, one word came to mind: BUSY. It looks busy and cluttered to my eyes.

    2. As some other people here have mentioned, you really do need to hire a copy editor and make sure your English is spotless. Americans may have trouble taking you seriously if your site looks anything less than professional, and your use of English contributes dramatically to this impression.

    3. Some of the pages, such as the “Post a New Project” page have a right to left orientation. I would make sure all pages are oriented left to right. Western eyes look left first, then read across to the right. So, in this instance, “How it Works” should be on the left, and the form to fill out should be on the right.

    4. I think you do a very good, thorough job of explaining how your site works in the About Us section. As long as you clean up the English, I think all of this looks good.

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