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Check your symptoms. Check your world.

Target Audience: People feeling ill.
Website URL:

Feedback sought:

1) Visit What do you think of the design?
2) Search some example symptoms. Was it easy? Was the process straightforward?
3) Are you encouraged return if you feel unwell?
4) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.

10 thoughts on “ER Advisor – Your hospital in the Cloud

  1. If the website were functioning it would be an excellent tool for parents with small children. I typed in ‘headache’ for the 7-12 age range.  I’m sure that it would have ended up easier if the site wasn’t down. So, no, I would not return to this site since it was down on my first trip.

  2. Hi Leigh,

    Weird that the site was down, I just tried it and it worked fine. I’ve never had server issues before, the site is always up. Odd. Thanks for checking it out anyway though!

    1. Visit What do you think of the design?
    The website’s design works! It’s clean and simple which makes finding information a breeze. The graphics and logo make the site more visually compelling and interesting without overcrowding any important information. The background image promotes a happy, carefree feeling which is comforting for sick clients who are looking for help. The busyness of the background image does not disrupt the viewer from the essential information due to neat structure of the div boxes. I found the “Trending:” tags at the top of the pages are a little disruptive because it is constantly changing and thus my eyes keep moving back to it while I’m trying to read other information. Perhaps if you limited that part to a certain corner or a small div box in the site, it would be less distracting.
    2. Search some example symptoms Was it easy? Was the process straightforward?
    When I try to search symptoms, I keep getting a page that reads: “The web site you are accessing has experienced an unexpected error. Please contact the website administrator.”
    3. Are you encouraged to return if you are feeling unwell?
    If the site were working properly and promised to do what it says, I would definitely return. I think the “fun” and “serene” feel viewers get upon seeing your graphics may be a little more comforting than a site like Your site’s simplicity is also a winning factor because most viewers do not like to be bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information. Until it works properly though, I do not see myself returning.
    4. Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.
    There are certain colored words or phrases (“200 symptoms,” “Add to My Symptoms,” “health professionals,” and “symptom maps”) that seem like you should be able to click on them, but you cannot. This is misleading. Also, is the “Symptom Maps” page supposed to show where different people with certain symptoms are located? You may need to clarify the purpose of this page. Other than these issues and your symptom search tool not working (which is a pretty big problem!), I would say the site has a lot of potential. Once it can fulfill the promises of what it is supposed to do, I doubt will have any problem getting future clients.

  4. Thanks for the review. Odd about it not working…did you click Add to my Symptoms? We’ll look into it right away. Thanks again!!

  5. *Update

    Think we figured out the problem. You HAVE to choose a symptom from the drop down menu. For example, you can just type the full word ‘headache’ and click Add to my Symptoms. You have to click ‘headache’ from the drop down menu or it doesn’t register. Working on a fix. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Cheers, Mike

  6. The simple design is refreshing. Glad to see something that’s non over run with sponsored ads.  I appreciate the straightforward instructions. Very easy to use.  The symptom data base is a little shallow.  but advice is comforting what to do at the present time, and what to do for the next step.  It might be nice to offer a link to book mark to your home page, or make a widget on the desktop for quick easy access.

  7. Hello. My feedback is shared below.

    1. Design
    The first thing that you notice on the landing page is the tagline. It immediately catches the eye and appeals to the target audience, i.e. people who are feeling ill, and is hence quite effective.
    The overall design itself is clean, cheery and colorful which adds a refreshing touch for the user. It projects a happy and positive feeling on the user.
    A suggestion though, the Trending bar should be placed below the add symptom box rather than top of the page. Maybe you could add a trending page to the website which shows some/all of the trending illnesses.

    2. Searching for symptoms on the website is pretty straightforward and simple. Its just that the symptom database requires updation as it needs to be quite extensive. Also, maybe on the result page you could also mention which illness the patient maybe suffering from (just a suggestion!). Another small thing you could probably add is below the text entry box, you could offer an example sort of thing for the inexperienced users. Example: headache.
    Also, it shows an error if you add the symptom without selecting from the drop down even if the text is exactly same (eg. Headache). 

    3. I would definitely return to the website  and suggest it to friends and relatives, once the few, small quirks are smoothened out. 

    4.  The concept is quite unique and holds great potential. It can definitely attract the masses. Keep it up!

  8. Hello,

    Well at first glance this site may need a little more character to help people feel comfortable the bright yellow was a little in your face. Once I entered my symptoms i feel like I got the same answer…wait 24 to 48 hours and if symptoms persist go to hospital, there wasn’t really any meat in the results and sometimes  that is what people are looking for. Nw I understand this isn’t webmd but a little different color scheme and maybe some personality in the responses would be beneficial.

    That being said I think this will end up being a frequently visited site for all the sick people out there with internet access looking for assurance.  

  9. Thanks for the replies! We are currently looking at re-doing the site (design wise) as we are in talks to be acquired. Thanks!

  10. 1) Visit What do you think of the design?
    The landing page is a little sparse. I didn’t realize at first that the big box at the top was for seeing if you need to go immediately to the ER. Perhaps the ER check needs to be in red and white? I like the icons for the features — the symptom checker, etc. Why aren’t they clickable?

    2) Search some example symptoms. Was it easy? Was the process straightforward?
    So the big yellow box is the symptom checker? It’s easy to enter symptoms, but it tells me to go to the ER for everything.

    3) Are you encouraged return if you feel unwell?
    No, this site is confusing and unhelpful. I thought “symptom checker” was more like the symptom-checker features of the Mayo Clinic site or WebMD — a way to find out more about my symptoms. It just tells me to go to the ER.

    4) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.
    This is site not useful or relevant to me as-is.

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