Ergolution – Productivity Solutions For The Evolved Workplace Now And Into The Future

Cash Award: 3 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

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Track Employee Data. Reduce Injury Claims. Simplify Workflow. Minimize Compliance Costs.

Target Audience: Human Resource Managers, Risk Managers, Office Computer Users.
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Ergolution is a web-based application that integrates injury reduction practices into the lives of desktop knowledge workers and efficiently manages employee injury data, which reduces expenses. Ergolution helps reduce injuries, make injury reporting efficient and make employees more productive and empowered at work.

Mission: “Lead the global work injury reduction software market and have injury prevention integrated into every desktop and mobile computing experience to eliminate ergonomic injuries.”

Feedback sought:

  • Do you feel compelled to want to sign up for an article or gap analysis?
  • Do you understand what we do?
  • How do we explain it? Could we say it in a way that’s easy to understand?
  • Any marketing, SEO and sales strategies are welcome!

Cash Award: 3 Feedback/Reviews Awarded $5 Each. No Awards Remaining.

17 thoughts on “Ergolution – Productivity Solutions For The Evolved Workplace Now And Into The Future

  1. Initial thoughts are, this is something that really only applies to large companies.

    I have a vague understanding of what you do.

    I would suggest there is only one “call to action” on the site, instead of both.

    A final point, I’m using Windows 7 and Chrome browser; your default font is not displaying correctly, it’s very faint and difficult to read.

  2. Hello Scott,

    Wow, great feedback thank you! I think having only one call to action is good. I’ll make a note of the browser issues. Thanks!


  3. Do you feel compelled to want to sign up for an article or gap analysis?
    The free report option is featured quite prominently, and seems interesting, so I would definitely download it in case I am interested in similar topics. The gap analysis seems a bit more difficult, so I would register for the analysis only in case I have a real need for such service. Otherwise it may seem to be a bit more heavy, as I might think that it involves speaking to a person from Ergosolutions or submitting spreadsheets with about my company, which makes me a bit reluctant to click. I would suggest that next to the gap analysis link you would emphasize the ease of getting this analysis – in fact when I look at it, it just takes answers to 20 questions and 5 minutes of my time, which is way more attractive than doing 2 hour internal research.

    Do you understand what we do?
    According to my understanding, you provide a web based tool which would minimize the injuries of desktop workers. The way you do that exactly is not entirely clear to me, but I would assume it is mostly via instructions, questionnaires, follow-ups and similar tools, which the employees / HR manager read or use in order to identify risks and minimize them.

    How do we explain it? Could we say it in a way that’s easy to understand?
    I would say something on the lines of “minimize desktop / office employees injuries” without explaining about “web tools” and so on. Also I would eliminate the simplified workflow argument, because it seems that you are talking about a pure productivity tool (project management or something similar), which is probably not exactly the case. In addition, you could use powerful and easy to grasp images / ideas, such as back pain and so on, which are very familiar to a lot of knowledge workers.

    Any marketing, SEO and sales strategies are welcome!
    To my view, ergonomics is a bit of a heavy word, so unless you are targeting only HR professionals who are very familiar with the concept, I would suggest you include something like “what is ergonomics” or ergonomics definition from the dictionary.
    Secondly, I would substitute the below sections of Health Care, Insurance, etc, with either real stories of how Ergolution have helped or some related content – e.g. instructions for taking breaks or adjusting computer screen, and so on. HIPPA compliance sounds quite solid, and I also liked the 10 ways Ergolution could help, except that you might consider decreasing the number of ergo- words in that text 🙂

    Good luck,

  4. I would sign up for a article to read. I felt that the information that are provided on the site explain what you are doing and how it would benefit both the employers and the employees. As far as the the marketing. I see no major problem in that area.

  5. Hello,
    In regarding to the 4 points of feedback sought:
    1)I submitted my name and email, and a report came up on the screen. “10 Ways to Build a Successful Ergonomics Program” – These are very insightful tips! Is this what you are referring to by feeling compelled to sign up for an article?
    I also evaluated the click-through process of getting a GAP Analysis. The process seems straight-forward and easy to do. Good job with this web form!
    2)I understand that you want to eliminate workplace ergonomic injuries. I also would suggest that you re-word your mission statement. It is a little too wordy. For example, it should be understood that you want to do well and thrive in your market. May I suggest an alternate mission statement? Like this: Our goal is to satisfy clients (or customers) by providing the best solutions to eliminate ergonomic injuries in the workplace. The part in your mission that pigeonholes you in the “desktop and mobile computing” market may not be the same market in 10 years. I think if you focus on what you do best, and make it clear in a marketable mission statement. If your services are focused on ergonomics, then your company may branch into consulting and then you would not necessarily be on a computer or mobile device.
    3)I think you do a good job defining ergolution.
    4)It appears that you are using social media such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook. Have you considered paying someone who has SEO experience to write an article or two on your company to create some content that is searchable online (such as an article or a Squidoo lens)? This type of positive branding can make your website and company more visible to the public, and create needed credibility.

  6. I would be compelled to sign up. I like the web site lay out it is well spaced and not crowded. I think you explained what you do very well in terms that are easy to understand. I am sure you will have no problem marketing. I am sure companies will want to find ways to cut down on their work related injuries and save money. I think this is a new and interesting website idea and will go far into the future of helping companies with their work related injuries to save money.

  7. • I am not sure that I would be compelled to want to sign up. This seems like a good option for a larger business, but not a small business. I am not sure that a small business owner would be able to or need this information.

    • If I am understanding the website correctly, you are a consultant that can help companies create a better working environment for the employees by ensuring that chairs, computer and things like are set up to ensure that employee does not get injured. Like too might movement to create carpal tunnel in the wrist and things like that.

    • You are explain it by informing the reader that you can reduce employee injuries and eliminate the risk for potential injury

    • I think you did a great job explaining this. Most people who will be going to your site will have the understanding of what you do and the reducing employee risk should pull them in

    • I think that you are doing a good job at marketing yourself. You can also try some small business forums and things like that to help grow your business and get your name out there.

  8. Do you feel compelled to want to sign up for an article or gap analysis?
    I would not be compelled to sign up for anything on this site at the moment since i am a student-athlete; however if I were out of college and have a job i would look into it.
    Do you understand what we do?
    Yes if im correct this website is for helping lower the rate of work injuries? In other words make the work place a much better enviroment for people. Even if it doesn’t take much to sit in a chair things could still danger people.
    How do we explain it?
    The main part of the website says reduce injury claims. This explains it perfectly well, it is exactly what the site is all about.
    Could we say it in a way that’s easy to understand?
    Actually the way this website is put up it explains what it is about perfectly. It is very understandable.

  9. I do not like the color scheme. It is a little too toxic to be engaging. Use more solid blues to create a desire to an article. It would be easy on the eyes.

    I was able to understand what you do, but because of the website, I am unsure if I will interface with it well. Because of the passive tense and poor color choice, I feel it lacks the clarity I would need to have in order to trust and adhere to the company’s products.

    Don’t use the passive tense. Words such as “is, have, may.” Use more descriptive active verbs throughout the website. Sometimes this is just a simple sentence change.

    If you could tell me just how you would maximize my ergonomic health, by saving, time, money and increasing productivity with one image. That would be optimal.

  10. The only reason I would feel compelled to sign up would b to better understand what you do, what you are putting on the table and what it would mean for me. The description given really isn’t enough for a person with limited education in things of this nature to make an educated and sensible decision.

  11. I was interested in looking at the product since it sounded like it could help people like us who work in IT. I was going to recommend this site to the HR.

    The only issue I have is when I click Get Started section on Product Tour there are various fields that have to be selected like “How many employees do you have?” that has range but the user is unable to select any one of the range. There are others with same issue.

  12. 1) Do you feel compelled to want to sign up for an article or gap analysis?

    No, not really. The site is great and I like the design. It does look as it is supposed to and the colors are appropiate yet it looks a bit sad. The call to action on the right is easily ignored. Probably, if the “get started” button is changed to orange (a much more positive color), it will stand up more and get more attention which will probably increase the number of trial analysis.

    Same with the “view report” button. It is big but it uses the same shade of blue so it can be ignored.

    I also find a bit hard to read the text. It is a bit small for that font.

    I also find that even after reading the whole site, I don’t see what’s in it for me… apart from the obvious (the possibility of reducing injuries which may increase productivity.

    2) Do you understand what we do?
    Yes and no. I know that the final goal is to reduce injuries and the claims associated with those… but I fail to understand how it is done, and how a software can help me. I do see benefits on tracking employee’s data and knowing when he/she on leave, and I do think that I may even indirectly track productivity.. but I don’t know why I should use this software instead of any other.

    On the other hand, you do need to read the site in order to know that we’re talking about a software.

    3) How do we explain it? Could we say it in a way that’s easy to understand?

    While the text is easy to read and understand, it does not really explain what the site is about. I do assume that people in Human Resources Departments are familiar with this type of software and know what to expect. But for someone like me, it is a bit confusing.

    As an example, the use of the word “ergonomic” makes me think of hardware or furniture (ergonomic chairs or keyboards)

    The product tour page does have a bit more of information but then I get the feeling that it is a productivity tracking software… how can I use it to reduce injuries? You can’t say that it is a product tour though. I would expect a real tour, either with a video showing how the software works, and what it does, or with pictures.

    Probably more detail will be necessary. Definately, further explanation.

    4) Any marketing, SEO and sales strategies are welcome!

    Good for you to include your facebook/twitter/ social network links. No need to tell you that the best thing that you may have is a blog with frequent, interesting posts (you could give away little tips of how to avoid injuries, the best way to track performance, there are thousands of things you can write about. You may even include an interview with a satisfied customer)

    Coding wise, I think it can be improved and therefore make it a bit easier to read for search engines. It is also a personal preferences, but I see too much divs and, of course, using tables to position the contact buttons is an easy solution… but I think that there are more SEO friendly ways to do.

    I would try to reduce the number of css files in the header, if possible, just to reduce the http requests. That also helps with optimization.

    Of course, the use of the “style” attribute is quite annoying from the SEO point of view. But this is Joomla Template, it would need to hacked entirely to make it really seo friendly.

    All pictures should have an alt attribute (not all of them do) and you should also use a title attribute to your advantage, for SEO purposes.

  13. The first screen on your homepage with the short paragraph disappears too quickly to read easily. The other screens are just a few words, so they are fine.

    Linked pages have very small text. Consider that not everyone is able to read small fonts. This is a common thing with websites. Slightly larger font would make it easier to read. Were I visiting your site, the discomfort of trying to read such tiny print would detour me.

    While many people may understand what Ergonomics means, your Solutions page does not make that overly clear. Even your About Us page is unclear on this. I understand the word and have some background in workplace safety, but that is not guaranteed when someone is seeking your services.

    I am not compelled to sign up for your report from what I’ve seen. Perhaps starting out with a question, such as, “Are you looking to provide a safe work environment for your employees? Our free report can show you how we can help you do just that.” This venturing back to “ergonomics” and its definition. Two simple sentences can sum up your company’s work and why the person visiting your site needs to see your report.

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