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Efficiently manage your supply chain and logistics processes.
Transportation management. Supply chain. Routing guide.

Target Audience: Companies that ship anything – large or small.

eRoutingGuide provides tools that automate several manual processes within the logistics workflows thereby eliminating unnecesary phone calls and paperwork.

  • eShipAssist: eShipAssist is a simple, effective tool that makes your facility’s directions, hours, and rules easy to find and understand. It reduces phone calls by automatically communicating basic facility information and eliminating unnecessary conversations with drivers and dispatchers.
  • eEasyTMS:eEasyTMS gives you tools to automate the key parts of your logistics process, with functionality for truckload rate management and calculation, route optimization, carrier communication and invoice pre-audit in a simple web based solution. The result for your business will be less reliance on manual processes and a more efficient logistics operation.
  • eRoutingGuide: Enabling easy distribution and timely updates, our solution streamlines management of your company’s Routing Guide. The result is better compliance, fewer headaches, and reduced shipping expense.
  • eFreeRateCalculator: No charge tool to calculate truckload freight costs. Simply enter in your per mile rate and fuel surcharge, and the system calculates the cost.
Feedback sought:
  • I am interested in getting ideas to improve my site to increase the amount of leads it generates.
  • It is clear what the service is?
  • Is the value proposition clear?
  • What are the points of friction in getting people to sign up?

2 thoughts on “eRoutingGuide – Transportation Made Simple

  1. The site is clear and straightforward, especially to anyone with experience in the transportation management field. It seems like a great option for any company manually handling their transportation or using low level software.

  2. I really like the site design, nice colour scheme.

    With regards to the business model? Is this a service that companies who use transport are already aware of? Or is it a new concept?

    I don’t work in transport, or deal with anything like that, however, what does this service offer to make outsourcing it seem sensible? It seems more than doable in house to me?

    I think unless someone was actively looking for the service, it would be difficult to convince them they actually needed it.

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