Evergreen Sessions – Let’s Enjoy The Planet Responsibly

Evergreen Sessions - Startup Featured on StartUpLift

“We want to make it easier for outdoor enthusiasts to find environmentally-friendly gear.”

Target Audience: Outdoor Enthusiasts.
Website URL: https://evergreensessions.com

Evergreen Sessions helps inform consumers about all of the sustainable outdoor products available, while also creating an online community of environmentally-conscious people interested in outdoor sports and recreation. The site hopes to create a massive database of environmentally-responsible products, reviewed by the very people that purchase and use the products.

The idea for the site started about two years ago, while the founder, Michael Caruso, was looking for a new leash for his surfboard. He noticed that he couldn’t find an online outlet that explained which leash was made in the most environmentally-responsible manner. So, with some help, he decided to build a site that fulfills this need since he believes other people will find value in learning about the environmental impact of the products they purchase.

Here is a short launch video for a quick overview of Evergreen Sessions:

Feedback sought:

  • What would you find helpful/useful in your search for products?
  • What would you like to see on the site?
  • I encourage anyone that is interested to test out the site and let us/me know of any ideas, feedback, or comments you may have. We are going to build the site based on user feedback, so every little bit helps!

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