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Everytime - startup featured on StartUpLift for startup feedback and website feedback

Everytime allows users to gather and organise video and audio references.

Target Audience: filmmakers, sound artists, writers, photographers
Website URL: https://www.EverytimeHQ.com/
No. of Feedback Providers Requested: 1

Feedback sought:

1) Look around the home page – what is your initial impression of what you see?

2) Think of something you want to find on this website. Now try to find it. Did you find what you were looking for? Was anything confusing?

3) Are you encouraged to create an account Can you tell us why (or why not)?

4) Go to search engine of your choice and find one other company that offers a similar service. Compare the two companies. Which on do you prefer? Why?

5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.

One thought on “Everytime – Bookmark any Moment in any Media

  1. 1) The website looks very professional and like a business that people trust with their money and media.
    2) Something I looked for was a connection to any social media website (ex. Facebook or Twitter) and they have a link at the bottom for Twitter, which looks very nice to most people that would visit a website like this.
    3) Yes, I am encouraged to create an account with Everytime. This is because they look professional and because their service is nice. It lets people share their photographs and videos or just keep them to their selves.
    4) I would prefer Everytime because they have the option to keep your work private, which no other site has that I know of. It is very convenient.
    5) The option to take a tour of the website is great because it lets you see how everything works and lets the consumer decide if they like this service that is being provided.

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