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Get free, personalized bids from lawyers, accountants and consultants.

Target Audience: Individuals and small/medium sized business seeking professional service providers, lawyers, accountants and consultants.
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Feedback sought:

  • What would stop a potential client from posting a service request?
  • Could you explain our service after looking at the homepage for 10 seconds?
  • What do you think of the registration process?
  • What could we add to make you feel more comfortable using our service?
  • What do you dislike about the homepage?

About ExpertBids:

ExpertBids allows individuals and businesses to get bids from lawyers, accountants, and consultants. The site makes the process of finding the right service professional more efficient and more transparent.

Here is how it works:

Clients first post a Service Request. This is then posted to either lawyers, accountants or consultants depending on the nature of the request. These professionals can then search the Requests by location, category, and other criteria. When they are interested in a Service Request, they can send the client a personalized bid using either a flat fee or an hourly fee. The client can then review the details of the bid and the professional’s profile, which includes information such as their name, educational information, licenses, websites (ie, Linkedin, Facebook, etc.), and finally, past client reviews of the professional’s work.

Using this information and the bids, the client can choose any of the bids. An email is then sent to the selected professional, and they can then pay a small fee of $14.95 to receive the client’s name, phone number, and email address and the two parties can connect. If for any reason the professional does not obtain the client, all fees will be reimbursed, which removes all risk for the professional.