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“We bring the best of Emerging Fashion to our Viewers.”

Target Audience: Fashion Forward Women in their 20’s and up.
Website URL: www.Fablogue.com

Feedback sought:

  • How can we improve our offering?
  • What do you think of the price point and quality of the merchandize?
  • Would you recommend us to your friends? Why or Why not?
  • Please share any additional feedback you may have.

About Fablogue:

Fablogue is a fabulous catalogue of curated, luxurious independent designer fashion. We at FABLOGUE, continually seek out the best independent designers that create artisanal, finely crafted designs. Hence keeping our offering fresh and relevant. Our designs are wearable, made in limited quantities with integrity and attention to detail.

3 thoughts on “Fablogue – Curated Emerging Fashion

  1. How can we improve our offering?

    The first thing I noticed was that the eggplant coloured text on the brown is very difficult to read. I don’t think that I would read any of the info under the photos if I just landed here. The photos, however, are great. The products look really posh, nice quality on white. There are two prices for the Tote bag, and I’m not sure what they refer to?
    When you actually click on the images you can find all the information and it’s really clear. I think you would do better to use more images and less text on the front page.

    What do you think of the price point and quality of the merchandize?
    As I mentioned above the merchandise looks like it is very good quality, but it also seems to be very expensive.
    Would you recommend us to your friends? Why or Why not?
    Probably not, mainly because neither I nor my friends would pay that much for clothes or accessories. But also I’m not sure what the sizing is, and there is no immediately obvious size chart that I can see. In Australia a size 4 would be a child’s size. The smallest we have is 8, so it’s a bit difficult to imagine what size it would be.
    Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    I also think that the text “luxury emerging fashion” is a bit blurry and a bit lost at the end of the logo. Maybe it could do with being a bit bigger.
    The checkout looks like it is pretty straightforward and clear.


    You already run the gamut from eco-friendly to made to order clothing; I really can’t think of anything that you can do to improve on this.  The only thing you could try is to possibly have some type of special, but I’m not sure that would be appropriate for this type of high end site.
    The quality of merchandise of FABLOGUE is definitely superior to other sites.  I looked over the jewelry, clothing and bags very well, and found contemporary items, one of a kind designer bags and clothing that can be tailored to fit me the buyer.  Items are featured directly from the designer, and your price point merely reflects this.
    I would recommend FABULOGUE TO those friends of mine that demand high quality items.
    I really don’t have anything negative to say concerning FABULOGUE, with the exception that it is relatively expensive, but again that reflects the quality.  It is a clean site devoid of distracting graphics, and text that is not necessary.  All areas are clearly marked at the top, and along the side.  The Blog is nice as there is a lot of information contained there, both fun and informative.  I especially enjoyed the chit chat on the awards shows.

  3. How can we improve our offering?
    Improvement of the offerings on this site, I think, would be adding more pictures to the home page.  Also, more of a variety.
    What do you think of the price point and quality of the merchandize?
    From the pictures, the merchandise looks like there is a lot of quality but as far as price of the merchandise, I’m not sure if by looking at the pictures the quality is going to add up to it.

    Would you recommend us to your friends? Why or Why not?
    If I had some friends that could afford the prices, I would mention the site to them.
    Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    One suggestion I have would be add just the name of the designer to each picture of merchandise that the designer designed.  Then add a tab for more info to the block and move the designer information along with the designer’s picture and what inspired the designer to design that particular merchandise.  When I clicked on the designers tab, there was a picture and information of one designer and I couldn’t find any link to take me to another one.  If the designers info link is added to the merchandise being offered, I think you then could add more merchandise pictures to the home page.

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