Facebook Custom Audiences As A Service

Implement Facebook Custom Audiences On Your Website

Most of us are familiar with Facebook Ads. But not many of us have implemented Facebook Custom Audience On Our Website.

When done right, Facebook Custom Audience is a goldmine for businesses. You might be capturing a few of your visitors via email forms on your website. But, here’s the kicker: Facebook Custom Audience gives you access to all of your website visitors.
You can create a Custom Audience from your website for any group of customers or prospective customers that you’d like to reach with targeted Facebook Ads. For example, you can run a campaign to reach people who visited your website but didn’t buy to encourage them to go back to the website and purchase your product or service.
You can create “buckets” of your website visitors that have (or have not) performed certain actions on your website and go after them accordingly. Here are some examples of the types of bucket you can create and track:

Content View: Track key page views (ex: product page, landing page or article)

Add To Cart: Track when items are added to a shopping cart (ex. click/landing page on Add to Cart button)

Initiate Checkout: Track when people enter the checkout flow (ex. click/landing page on checkout button)

Add Payment Info: Track when payment information is added in the checkout flow (ex. click/landing page on billing info)

Purchase: Track purchases or checkout flow completions (ex. landing on “Thank You” or confirmation page)

Lead: Track when a user expresses interest in your offering (ex. form submission, sign up for trial, landing on pricing page)

Complete Registration: Track when a registration form is completed (ex. complete subscription, sign up for a service)

The types of “Customer buckets” you require will vary based on your needs and the type of business you are in. We will work with you to identify and create these buckets for you.
As a special promotion price, for only $199, we will setup buckets for all significant events in your business if you sign up today.
Once implemented, when you need to go after new customers next time, they will be sitting right there in your bucket.
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Note:This offer is only valid for startups and small businesses. If you need help on a large scale or would like to get the implementation done in-house in your office (NYC / Tri-State Area), contact us here.

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