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Fanranker ranks sports fan based on their Twitter activity.

Target Audience: Sports Fans
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One thought on “Fanranker- Raise Your Fandom

  1. 1) Look around the home page – what is your initial impression of what you see?
    My first impression was that I had to read through all contents on the page to find out what this exactly is. ‘Why a Fanranker?’, If this was highlighted somewhere below the title, I think it would have come across more effectively. To me the purpose of the site (Why a Fanranker) was placed in the same category as Contact Us and this didn’t sound fair. The purpose of the page is Primary and needs to be focussed on where as Services are Secondary.
    2) Was the concept of the site easy to understand and was the site easy to navigate?
    Yes, once going through the details (as explained in my answer to point#01, it was easy to comprehend the site. Some of the links are not functional, but the ones that are, were easy to navigate.
    3) Are you encouraged to (create a new account, subscribe, etc)? Can you tell us why (or why not)?
    No. I can see a Login and I could see a Signin using Twitter account. There was no sign up option that came across. What about users who do not have a twitter account or do not want to use a twitter account?  
    4) Does the site make you want to invite your friends to join? Why or why not?
    Yes, would be a fun way to challenge ourselves in terms of acquiring more information about sports in general, sports stars, what friends are following etc. Personally I don’t approve of bragging, but should be fun 🙂
    5) Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.
    None apart from my observations in point#01. Signup would need sorting and moreover, since it limits users currently I think with the ones that have twitter accounts. 

    Would certainly be a crowd puller for the young generation who would have fun using this site.

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