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Online painting, drawing, photo-editing and graphics design.

Target Audience: Anyone who wants to paint, draw and edit photos online and anyone wanting to buy custom designed merchandise.
Website URL: https://www.fatpaint.com/

Fatpaint.com is a free online painting and drawing graphics design software (dtp), photo editor and custom printed merchandise webshop.

Fatpaint has support for doing layered brush painting, vector drawing, photo editing, page layouts and printing on Zazzle merchandise. It runs inside the browser and cliams to be the only flash based graphic editor to fully support pressure sensitive pen tablets.

Fatpaint makes the process of creating page layouts, drawing and painting online with brushes seamless.

Besides all the advanced features, Fatpaint has built-in, lots of graphical content, such as 980+ fonts, 3000+ vector clip arts that can be used as brushes, the 15.000 public domains images. It’s easy to search for images because of the extensive internet searching features.

To top it all, Fatpaint is integrated with Zazzle.com, a world leading custom printed products company. So while you are making graphics, it’s easy to preview it on most of the zazzle products, such as the t-shirts and mugs. The merchandise preview and ordering features are right next to the canvas, so at the press of a button you images can be displayed on the Zazzle products.

Those looking for a full featured online program for drawing and painting with their pressure sensitive pen tablets, and those looking for an easier way of designing custom printed products, should try out Fatpaint.com.

Feedback sought:

  • Visit Fatpaint.com. How is your first imprevission? What do you think the site is about?
  • Now press the “Start Now” button and make a quick painting, drawing or just create a text slogan. Did you like the painting tools? Have any suggestions for improoving them?
  • Then preview the graphics you made on t-shirts. If you ever wanted to buy a t-shirt of some of the other products, would you do it using Fatpaint.com?
  • How do you think the site compares to other online painting and drawing programs?
  • Please share any additional feedback/comments you might have.

Premium Subscription (worth $29) to 10 Most Constructive Feedback Providers

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