FB-Player – Video Player and Photo Viewer for Facebook

FB-Player - startup featured on StartUpLift

Watch all your photos/videos and photos/videos of your friends on one place

Target Audience: Facebook Users
Website URL: https://www.fb-player.com

Feedback sought:

  • Visit https://www.fb-player.com.
  • Spend no more than 5-10 seconds on the home page. What do you think the site is about?
  • What do you find bothersome? What do you like?
  • Please share any additional feedback/comments you may have.

About FB Player:

This application contains Facebook Photo Viewer and Facebook Video Player

FB Photo Viewer:
You can watch all your photos and photos of your friends on one place. This app enables watching photos without entering profiles or unnecessary browsing on Facebook, all with one click. You can sort out photos by your friends’ names, select only photos you are tagged on, or select the albums you want, from the dropping menus, and many more similar functions… Find out who puts most likes (Top Liker) and who writes most comments (Top Commentator) on your photos and photos of your friends, because you do not have this function on facebook. All in all, this app is your Online Photo Album with the Facebook statistics, which is not published by them.

FB Video Player:
Facebook video player contains a lot of functions, like viewing video clips only from your Home page. Watch all the clips you shared on Facebook quickly and without any browsing, no matter of the date you posted the clip. Select any of your friends and find all the clips he/she ever shared or posted on facebook, in the fastest possible way.

3 thoughts on “FB-Player – Video Player and Photo Viewer for Facebook

  1. What do you find bothersome?    The website design seemed very busy. 
    What do you like?   I like that It is an application you can install to view photos and videos from facebook. Not a plug in for a browser. It seemed more convenient.

  2. At first glance of https://www.fb-player.com it appears to be associated with facebook, therefore anyone who has a facebook account would most likely be interested. I was interested when I saw the FB logo. The information on the front page is clear that this application is about organizing your friends pictures and videos in one local. What I don’t like about the site at first glance is the pictures appear to be random and disorganized therefore gives me the impression that is how my pictures will view, which for me who am organized is a big turn off. What I did like is that it was simple, the logo, the information, how to sign in and a couple of navigation buttons. The other thing that was out of order was the web site viewed larger than expected. Maybe it is my display settings but I had to force a smaller screen. Lastly, personally I don’t see the significance of organizing all of my friends and family facebook photos when facebook does the job already.

  3. What do you think the site is about? About organizing friends photos and videos on Facebook.

    What do you find bothersome? What do you like? What I find bothersome is the homepage is too big to fit on the screen. It’s a little annoying when trying to navigate. Also, the page is too busy with all the pictures posted on the site. I know the site is about Facebook pictures, but there needs to be less pictures. Other than that, it’s very easy to understand and easily explained in what you need to do to sign on.

    I have a Facebook account, and this is something I am not interested in. I really don’t find a need to organize my friend’s photos. I never find myself going back to view my friends pictures more than once. When a friend of mine posts their pictures and I view them from the wall, that’s the only and last time I will ever look at them.

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