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Risk free practical tools to analyze new business concepts.

Target Audience: Young entrepreneurs.
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About FIG:

FIG offers a pragmatic new approach to investing in young entrepreneurs.

FIG works with young entrepreneurs, specifically undergraduates and graduates of the past five years, to see them crystallise their ideas, support them through the development of their business plans and introduce them to suitable investors.

FIG offers these suitable investors, known as FIGureheads, access to its unique website to browse and precisely filter investment opportunities that are of interest to them with a view to investing themselves or to offer their expertise as part of a management team.

FIG has a presence both on-line, through the website at, and off-line through a variety of events. These events are aimed at both attracting and supporting the young entrepreneurs and catering for the FIGureheads at the PTI (Pitch to Investor) events where they are able to meet carefully selected entrepreneurs and see their pitches.

FIG is committed to delivering the best possible experience to young entrepreneurs. The FIG team have been in young entrepreneurs’ shoes and understand how hard it can be when you are young and starting out on your own.

We work hard to give young entrepreneurs access to the appropriate resources and the best network of professionals and experts possible. FIG offers an environment that can turn ideas into reality. The way we see it is that if we give students a good start, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

One thought on “FIG – Find, Invest, Grow – Connecting Great Ideas With Great People

  1. A first glimpse of your website shows that you somehow help ideas/enterpreneurs conncect with investors?
    I think you have done a very good job overall of explaining what is it that you do. All the tabs on top provide a thorough understanding of your services/ business model (FIGProcess, seeds, etc.). However, if you could show some examples of some successful connections and create case studies based on them, that would be very helpful. For instance, how a connection began on your site, how it was nurtured and how it flourished and where it is now.
    You have got a great model and I would definitely recommend expanding the services outside of the UK, especially to US, Australia, Canada, etc.
    I really like the overall look and feel of the site. Great job on design.

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