Flexjobs Review Product Features Customer Support Pricing Pros And Cons

Flexjobs Review: Product Features, Customer Support, Pricing, Pros, and Cons

Are you tired of con-men tricking you into applying for non-existent jobs? It’s disheartening to discover that the job you meticulously applied for was a scam. Heard of FlexJobs? It’s a remote site where you can find remote jobs or opportunities to work from home. It’s been around since 2007.

Flexjobs Review

Flexjobs is a top-rated job board. FlexJobs partners with several reputable companies offering remote positions on either short -term contracts, seasonal jobs, long-term working relationships or other alternative programs.

FlexJobs is a genuine job board with most open positions offered for remote work instead of the on-site its concentration on the adjustable positions for its users instead of the traditional 9 am-to-5 pm jobs. It will provide you with various options to select whatever job that suits your resume the most.

 How Does Flexjobs Operate?

FlexJobs provides a platform where thousands of companies post vacant positions/ jobs directly on the site. A dedicated team then carries out research, and whenever they find out that the employer and the job is legitimate, they post it on Flexjobs.

Each position on the FlexJobs site is accompanied by a summary written by its staff, the company description, and headquarters.

The post also includes a direct channel for applicants to apply for the vacancies directly to prospective employers. The site administrators go through the job board to verify whether the jobs are legit or fake. If a scrupulous job is found, it is pulled down immediately, and the account holders are banned from the site forever.                  

FlexJobs Features

As much as there may be many other job sites out there, FlexJobs stands out from them all since it has unique features that include:

  • Offer discounted career coaching by matching your expectations with a qualified career expert to guide you through your job search.
  • It provides free skills testing ranging from databases, medical transcription, content writing, and web design. Successful candidates who score above 70% have the advantage of their score displayed on their profiles for better visibility from prospective employers.
  • You can create a customized online resume on your Flexjobs member profile, which is visible to employers. The site allows you more than one profile to create each for the specific jobs that interest you.
  • Flexjobs sends you email notifications, allowing you to apply for real-time job opportunities within 48 hours of posting.

Benefits of Using FlexJobs

Benefits of Using FlexJobs
  • Highest quality remote jobs that allow you to work from home
  • Thousands of flexible job categories 
  • Access to career coaching and reviews on your resume
  • Career coach specialized in remote job search guidance
  • Offers webinars and skills courses
  • Grow your chances of job search success with detailed expert coaching, webinars, and virtual job fairs
  • The software helps you filter jobs that match your skillset and qualifications
  • Readily available flexible job listings 
  • Access to specialized research on employers
  • Top-notch friendly customer support
  • Gives refunds within 30 days for unsatisfied clients 

 FlexJobs Customer Support System

Flexjobs has a vibrant and pro-active team tasked with taking care of all your concerns. The support team is accessible 24/7 and is open 9 am-6 pm on weekdays only. You can chat with the customer support team via live chat and get all the answers you need from them.

Alternatively, you can send emails describing your situation, and the team responds to your concerns in real-time. 

FlexJobs Pricing

FlexJobs Pricing

Flexjobs has various payment plans to choose from. They include a one-month option, a three-month payment plan, and a yearly payment plan.

The one- month option goes for $14.95; it is affordable and works for people with short term job search goals.

The three-month package goes for $29.95 for those looking to grow their career and take their time perusing through the FlexJobs job boards and seek career advice on the best possible options or, better still, get short-term remote jobs.

The yearly plan goes for $49.95 and is suitable for freelance opportunities. Besides all these payment options, FlexJobs occasionally offers promo codes shared on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, making it even more cost-effective.

Since Flexjobs provides you a refund within 30 days from signing up, it makes it risk-free and worth giving it a try. 

FlexJobs Pros and Cons


  • Flexjobs vets every job to ensure that it is legitimate before listing it
  • It has more outstanding sorting and filtering options to carry out your search using particular keywords by category.
  • It has a money-back guarantee where you can request back your money within 30 days of registration or renewal of account, meaning you have nothing to lose. 
  • It gives you a central hub for job opportunities, therefore saving you time in your job search. 
  • It has various jobs ranging from entry-level to executive, from freelance to full-time, and more than 50 job categories to choose from. 
  • The FlexJobs site does not have pop up ads to distract you from your job search activities on the platform.


  • Does not offer free trial options. 
  • Some jobs listed on this site are also listed on other sites and are therefore not exclusive for members.
  • Most positions listed on the FlexJobs site are mainly IT jobs, which may be a setback for people from other fields.
  • Most jobs do not indicate the salaries on the site.


All said and done, Flexjobs offers you a quicker, safer, and most trusted solution to clients for remote job search solutions. The platforms offer numerous benefits compared to other job boards. On the downside, they do not offer free-trail offers. So, people looking to start a career on this platform are greatly disadvantaged. 

Another positive note is the 24/7 customer support, where you can lodge your concerns via phone conversations, live chat, or email. The yearly package is a little pricey but has the best features, including career coaching, free webinars, and regular skills testing to improve your credibility for faster job success.

Therefore, Flexjobs is worth a try, and besides, you don’t lose money since the platform offers a full refund for dissatisfied customers. Pick your favorite plan, go through a couple of skills tests, and sign up for the jobs you have been waiting for.

FlexJobs: The #1 remote job site to find remote, work-from-home, hybrid, and flexible jobs