Flight Delayed – Compensation for Delayed, Cancelled or Overbooked Flights

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Flight delayed or cancelled? Request a compensation up to 600 EUR from the airline in a minute!

Target Audience: Air passengers
Website URL: www.flight-delayed.co.uk

Feedback sought:
1. Did you know that you can get up to 600 EUR when your flight is delayed?
2. Tone of voice, does the language and design apeal to you?
3. Is the website easy to use?
4. Would you rather file a claim at the airline yourself?
5. Would you file a claim at the airline if you knew it would take you at least 1,5 to 3 hours and with us only 3 minutes?
6. Please share any additional feedback you may have.

17 thoughts on “Flight Delayed – Compensation for Delayed, Cancelled or Overbooked Flights

  1. 1. Did you know that you can get up to 600 EUR when your flight is delayed?
    No, was not aware until reviewing the website.
    2. Tone of voice, does the language and design appeal to you?
    Yes, it is a very easy to read website, the only error is on appeal (the website has it spelled like apeal)

    3. Is the website easy to use?
    Ye, very easy to use
    4. Would you rather file a claim at the airline yourself?
    No. Much easy if the company does it so that no information is left out, and it is accurate.
    5. Would you file a claim at the airline if you knew it would take you at least 1,5 to 3 hours and with us only 3 minutes?
    It would depend on the situation, and if I was in hurry to leave on the next flight.

  2. 1. Yes I liked how it tells you on opening applet that you can get up to 600 EUR.
    2.I like the simple easy to navigate layout. I like how it walks you through the process.
    3.The website is easy to use. It is simple and straightforward.
    4. Its seems much easier to use https://www.flight-delayed.co.uk to file a claim.
    5.I would of course use a service that saves me time like https://www.flight-delayed.co.uk .
    6. I liked How on the opening page it immediately directs you to go through a solution process.
    The website is a fairly simple layout that is easy to navigate.
    The opacity of the page on the “how it works” page makes it difficult to read.
    The opacity of the page on the “Privacy” page makes it difficult to read.
    The opacity of the page on the “Contact Us” page makes it difficult to read.

    The word Apeal appears to be misspelled. 
    There doesn’t appear to be any News on the “News” page. You may want to  remove the page link until you have something to populate it with.
    The Font on the “Terms and Conditions” Page was easier to read despite the opacity. You may want to consider uing it on other pages.
    Lost luggage
    Lost baggage
    Lost luggage
    Delayed luggage
    Delayed baggage
    Damaged luggage
    Damaged luggage
    This is at the bottom of the “Site Map” page. You really only nead a lost luggage link. The baggage link is redundant.
    The “Delayed baggage” under the header “Delayed luggage” should be consistent with the header and say also “Delayed luggage”

  3. 1. Did you know that you can get up to 600 EUR when your flight is delayed?
    No I was not aware that I could any compensation for a flight that is delayed.

    2. Tone of voice, does the language and design apeal to you?
    The background of the website is absolutely beautiful. The graphics are stunning, clear and match exactly with the flow of website. However I am not in love with the layout design only because it seems like something is lacking on the page. Something in my mind is not comfortable with the simplicity of the page because it seems like your site is dealing with a complicated matter. I think that the question that is posed of the page is great because it’s probably info most users are not aware of and it is easy to understand. The process seems simple enough just by clicking on the start button and taking it from there.

    3. Is the website easy to use?
    As I thought it seems easy enough to use but I can’t really see how the full process works because no flight information to type in. It would be nice to get a simulation process with a fake number so that a user could see in detail what the process is using your site.

    4. Would you rather file a claim at the airline yourself?
    If I was able to have my claim go right to the airport then I would much be okay with using such a site to file a claim. The question I have would be what is the advantage of using your site versus just going right to the source? Would your site push to help the process of my claim? Or would you be more of a one stop shop for problems with flights?

    5. Would you file a claim at the airline if you knew it would take you at least 1,5 to 3 hours and with us only 3 minutes?
    Of course, time wise it would be much faster to use your site versus airline claims. I have to wonder why is your process to short and theres so long? I would hate to file a claim through your site only to be I need more and more information than what your site asked for. After filing a claim through your site what happen with the process as far as your site is concerned?

    6. Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    On your homepage I was really expecting to see more information than your provided about your site. I like it when sites have about pages and how it works but I think users need to see some light info on the homepage and your site does not do that. It was a little off putting to see that under each tab you asked for the same information flight number and date. What if a person does not have their flight number? It seems their would something on your site to help with that otherwise it seems a person would just head right to the airlines sight itself.
    You said:
    What can we do for you?
    Collate evidentiary burden
    This sounds complicated so I would consider using more simplified terms.
    You said:
    Work together or give the work to us? Check your flight en choose in what way we can help you. We will do everything to direct your claim without problems through the procedure with the purpose of getting your compensation
    en might have been “or.” Also there was no period at the end of this sentence.
    You said:
    The criteria that determine what you have the right to come ensue from this.
    Again use simple terms. If your going to have the regulations there for those are into legal matter than allow for it to be clicked on leading that specific info listed.
    You said:
    This way we can for example check if you flight is carried out by a European airline company.
    I find that for “for example” is not needed here.
    You said:
    These details form the first parts of your file, so that you have a strong position in your complaint against the airline company.
    This sentence is not worded correctly making it sound incomplete. “Form” should be “from.”
    You said:
    EU-complaint form
    What does EU stand form? Users needs to know what every form is without guessing.
    When it comes to pricing I think that it needs to be listed separately. From looking at your site it would seem like your site is free up until the last portion of your page. You may turn off many who find that they have to pay for the service. I wasn’t able to fully see how your service works so I am not sure when you introduce the pricing but nonetheless “hiding” the price is a big no no.
    With the premium account you say all services are included which might make a user have to guess that you mean the above mentioned list on your page. You also mention the goodwill gesture but the wording of it is incomplete. After reading the information in the begining explanation I had no idea of what that meant. In that portion of the text your telling yours they can pay for a goodwill gesture but with no clear mention of what it is until later in the text. You say that the goodwill gesture is one of the last steps you can offer so what is the final last step offered on users behalf? After finally reading the text about the goodwill gesture it is clear as to what it is I just wish I could have got an understand earlier in the text.
    You said:
    if you opt for a Pro-account, then we ask you to print the documents yourself and to send them to the airline company.
    The “I” in If needs to be capitalized.
    I have mixed reaction to reading your how it works page because it’s so lengthy but I also appreciate that you go into detail about the process. This is what I was referring to earlier when I mentioned about not having any info on your homepage about the process in general. Users might not feel inclined to read every word of your page into how the process works when they don’t have a sort of lead in to what they are about to read.
    On the faqs page you give delightful text as to what your site is about, where is that on the homepage? You say that your have an extensive database but users would no that from looking at your site. Users need to know who they are working with and people want to see testimonials about success with your site.
    You said:
    Only in s of delay over 3 hours you have the right to compensation according to the law.
    Only in what of a delay?
    Is is correct that a person does not have to opt in for one of your accounts until after your can claim that they have a valid case?
    You said:
    Can I use my login account again when I late have a delayed flight again?
    I assume you would want to take out the word late or just reword the sentence.
    If you multiple claims through your site does that alter the price in any way? Your faqs page is well developed but it quit lenghty to go through. You might want to put in a search bar so that users don’t have to look at each question to find their answer.
    You said:
    About Us

    Our platform offers you the opportunity to ask money back from the airline company in a simple way. We are not able to help every passenger in Europe, but in addition to Dutch, we master several other European languages.

    The first sentence needs to be reworded. The next sentence sounds as if you have doubt about what your can do. If there are multiple languages then you might want to list those. This doesn’t sound like an about page, where you give details about your company, but more like a disclaimer.
    I see that when your sucessfull your asking for donations but what happens when no one donates? Are the accounts monthly, semi annual or annual? What happens if a person wants to close an account? What happens if a user wants to pull out from from the claim that is being sought after?
    On your site map page there seems to be no difference in the lost luggage/baggage I would suggest combing the titles to one comprehensive page.
    I also noticed when clicking several topics on the site map page there is a flicker to the homepage text box. Is that on purpose? I would also like to be able to click on the header under the faqs page to make it go away instead of having to click on another header to make that one close.
    Great site, I would like to have a service in the U.S. like this.

  4. 1. no

    2. definitely. the design is simple and it appeals to me as a trustworthy one. the language is simple with a good background design.

    3. really easy to use. no second thought on that.

    4. if thats easy, i would go for it. but if its along process that consumes a lot of time and loads of documentation and a lot of following, i will drop the idea of claiming.

    5. yes, i will claim it with you if its online in 3 minutes rather than something that takes 1- 5 hours as i have already waited for more than 3 hours for the flight.

    6. a. a simple iphone and android app would be rally great as it helps me claim it on the go. and i very much want you to maintain the same simplicity in the app design too.
      b. its not easy on eyes reading some pages like FAQ, HOW IT WORKS, PRIVACY POLICY, CONTACT US and other pages.
     c. you can add a HOW IT WORKS video for people who want to watch it short.


  5. 1. Did you know that you can get up to 600 EUR when your flight is delayed?
    No I did not know this until I clicked onto the site.

    2. Tone of voice, does the language and design apeal to you?

    The background design is appealing to me. the language is appealing. Im still not understanding the point of the website. It is like you go to the site and there is a popup that you dont know what it is. I was a bit lost for a while about how to operate and navigat through the site.

    3. Is the website easy to use?

    The website is easy to use, I do not like the way it functions at all. It looks innovative to do a site like this, but im afraid this will be confusing to a lot of users. I think the better option would be to have a standard website, with main content, supplementary content tabs, and links. I do not like the interface and the way it operates at all. Even after reading through the how it works section I am still confused about the purpose of the website.

    4. Would you rather file a claim at the airline yourself?

    I would not necessarily want to file a claim through the airport myself because we all know that would be a hassle. I would find a better option then this site though because I am having difficulty understanding this site.

    5. Would you file a claim at the airline if you knew it would take you at least 1,5 to 3 hours and with us only 3 minutes?

    I would definitly use this site if it is going to save me a lot ot time. I know calling a airport to get anything done and having to talk to 8 different people to get things done.

    6. Please share any additional feedback you may have.

    I am a independent contractor for google and I rate websites daily. The design of the background and website is done well. I have a problem with the interface and how the site is navigated. I would recommend sticking to what users are use to doing. I know it is nice to have something different then the rest, but the internet is something I would not try and be innovative with a website. Users understand how to look for tabs at the top of a page, and navigate a site, I would try that instead of this way. there are a number of things that raters look for on a website, your contact us page is above par, compared to a lot of other sites I see daily. some of your supplementary content has no information for users. If I click the press releases tab, you have one article plugged in, find things to fill it in with. The news tab has no information, plug something in there. the how it works tab I would put more in lehmans terms so people can better understand it. the FAQ tab is very useful and helpful, I like this section. Go into more detail on your about us page, you are portraying your company, make people feel important and that you take the time to explain things. Also go through all of your tabs and website and do a spellcheck, I have seen numerous words misspelled and that is unacceptable and simple to fix. All in all once I got use to the interface and the website I was able to navigate and use the page easily. I just believe people are use to a traditional website and that is the better way to go. good luck in the future!

  6. 1. Did you know that you can get up to 600 EUR when your flight is delayed?
     I really didnt know you can get back 600 Eur when your flight is delay, which is very unique.
    2. Tone of voice, does the language and design apeal to you?

     The language is calm, I like the fact that the website is blue. and you have the options of the buttons on the left hand side that has four options to choose from.
    3. Is the website easy to use?
     Yes, the site is ready for use.
    4. Would you rather file a claim at the airline yourself?

    Yes I most defitnly will instead of waiting on lines with the airlines can be pretty confussing. I will use this because it easy to read5. Would you file a claim at the airline if you knew it would take you at least 1,5 to 3 hours and with us only 3 minutes?
     Yes I would because it quicker and faster, instead of waiting on lines at the airport. I rather be on this website6. Please share any additional feedback you may have.

     I would mostly develope a wall where a customers can share there stories how flights delayed helped them and how convent it is!!

  7. 1. Did you know that you can get up to 600 EUR when your flight is delayed? Yes, it is very clear from the homepage, the first line of text that you read in the emphasized box.  It left no room for doubt.  
    2. Tone of voice, does the language and design appeal to you?I love the pictures of the beautiful airports.  The logo is really modern and eye catching as well.  I like the tone of language but I tend to think negatively of the word, “entitled”.  It has a negative connotation to me.  I think it’s really arrogant to feel entitled about anything.  Maybe you could add the words “to compensation”.  That makes it feel more legal and less personal.  But then again you have already used that term earlier, so maybe just use the word, “eligible” instead of “entitled”.
    3. Is the website easy to use? I think that the site is easy to use and the information is easy to find.  I like that the first box is simple and then leads you to the information you need quickly and easily.
    4. Would you rather file a claim at the airline yourself? I’m not sure I would know how to file a claim at the airport, or where to go, or if I really wanted the hassle.  I would be more likely to just want to get out of there and forget the whole thing.  If I was truly inconvenienced I would probably try to email my complaint through the company website and probably get little accomplished. 
    5. Would you file a claim at the airline if you knew it would take you at least 1,5 to 3 hours and with us only 3 minutes?  I would want to see testimonials of people who got satisfaction using this service.  I am suspicious that the airlines would respond to this service in the same way they would to me. 

    6. Please share any additional feedback you may have. I think that the service could be very valuable to people with a legitimate claim.  I like that the fee is fixed and that if a claim is paid that the company mentions a donation would be appreciated but not required.  I like the FAQ page.  I think the term “cure” is a confusing.  I would like to see some testimonials of successful claims or a success rate for claim resolution.   I like that you give two options for accounts.  One that requires a little more effort on the customer’s part but requires a lesser fee is a good option.  I think mentioning a donation is an endearing quality.  I also think that the design of the site is really attractive.  I would like to see which airlines you have submitted claims and their success rate.  Maybe if you rated the service’s experience with airlines and their complaints the airlines would pay more attention complaints from this service in the future. 

  8. 1. No, I’m in the States, so I didn’t know that. (Just one more way the EU treats its citizens better than the US does, if I may say so!)
    2. The language is understandable, but I noticed quite a few misspelled words and grammatical errors. You might have a proofreader review your copy and fix these mistakes because they can detract from a site’s professional credibility. Other than that, the only thing about the language that bothered me was the repeated use of the phrase “collate evidentiary burden.” That’s legalese that the average person might not understand. I’d suggest rephrasing that in more colloquial terms.
    Yes, the design appeals to me. The dissolving photos of an airport from different angles are attractive and effectively communicate what the site is about. If you wanted to add variation, you might replace them with one exterior shot, one interior shot of passengers waiting, and one runway shot. But it’s fine as it is now, too.
    I also liked your choice to eschew a navbar with tabs in favor of a menu that opens on the home page. That’s very convenient and prevents visitors from getting lost in a maze of different pages. On the other hand, I didn’t like that I had a hard time figuring out how to close this menu when I was done with it. Also, this is a minor point, but when I was reviewing the FAQs, I would have preferred the option to click on a section header and have all the answers in that section display. It was a little tedious to click on each question one by one to see the answers when I wanted to read the whole section.
    Lastly, I’d suggest rearranging your menu to: “How It Works,” “FAQs,” “About Us,” and “Contact Us.” These are the main topics that interest visitors and usually in that order. I’d relocate “News,” “Press Releases,” “Terms and Conditions,” “Privacy,” and “Site Map” (in that order) to the bottom of the home page, outside of the menu window. These are pages that fewer people will want to visit, so you don’t need to attract as much attention to them. In their current placement, they take up space and probably distract the user from his/her more pressing concerns about what your site does and how to use it.
    3. Yes, it’s easy to navigate, particularly in comparison to sites that have lots of different pages to click through. The only thing that confused me was how to close the menu. Finally, I figured out that I needed to click “Check Your Flight.” I would’ve preferred to just have a traditional “x” in the upper right corner to close the window. I initially had this same confusion when I clicked “My Claim” and then wanted to close that window as well. Yes, there’s a “Back” button, but I would’ve preferred the more familiar “x” to close the window. Other than that, the site is quite easy to use.
    4. Probably not. From my understanding, you charge the equivalent of about $18 USD to draw up the necessary paperwork and about $27 USD to mail it and to include a “goodwill gesture.” That seems like a pretty reasonable fee for saving me hours of time accessing, completing, and mailing those forms on my own. So I would probably choose to go with your service rather than taking everything on myself.
    5. If I knew I had to wait that long at the airport to do what would take three minutes with your service, I would absolutely use your service. No doubt about it.
    6. I like your site. I like the concept, I like the design, and I like how easy it is to use. As stated above, you need a proofreader and you might rearrange some aspects of the layout, but these are minor points. However, I’m left with a few questions about Flight Delayed:
    –How much time do you really save users? Since I don’t live in an EU country, I don’t know this information, but is there an easy way for fliers to obtain and submit the necessary complaint forms free of charge via an airline web site or some official EU web site? If so, they may not have much incentive to use Flight Delayed. If not, I think you need to emphasize that fliers have to go through a very inconvenient process to file a claim unless they use your site. I’m thinking they might not be aware of this if they haven’t filed a claim in the past.
    –Are there any other online services that do what Flight Delayed does? If so, how do you plan to separate yourselves from the competition? If not, you might want to emphasize that you are the only site that files complaints and pursues compensation for fliers.
    –You talk about upfront costs under “How it works?” but do not do so under “FAQs.” You only talk about what users owe you (or don’t owe you) after receiving compensation. But I can guarantee that one of the primary things visitors will want to know is how much they’ll be charged upfront, and they may not see the answer buried toward the bottom of “How it works?” You should definitely have an FAQ question that explains it.
    –At what point do users have to start paying for your service? Does the user have to pay before he/she can even check a flight for right to compensation, or is the flight check free? What about the report on the flight details and weather conditions? I just think you need to clarify what users can do at your site for free and what they need to pay for.
    Depending on your answers to the above questions, you may want to add some selling points to your home page to show visitors why they need your service (i.e., Flight Delayed is the only way to file online, Flight Delayed is the only way to file without an expensive lawyer, a high percentage of DIY complaints filed by fliers are rejected, etc.). You also may want to add a separate page about pricing or at least more detailed pricing information.
    That’s about it. It looks like you’re going to provide a valuable service. Good luck!

  9. 1. Did you know that you can get up to 600 EUR when your flight is delayed
        No. I always thought that a delay was a possibility and somthing that just happened and you had to deal with. I never would have thought of being compensated for it. I have seen some people given free flight vouchers and free hotel rooms to give up over booked seats but never for delays. I would say the majority of people do not know about this.

    2. Tone of voice, does the language and design apeal to you?
        The design is beutiful and perfect. It is simple and clear and direct. It reminds me of Apple computers design in its layout. This makes it exrtemly easy to see where you need to click,type or go next. The language is just a good, with direct easy directions. This streamlines the process and leaves you no doubt about what to do.

    3. Is the website easy to use?
        I think the design and wording of the site makes it extremly easy to use. Without cluttering the site even a novice to online dealing would have an easy time navigating through it. Having only a few buttons to choose from and easy navigation makes all the difference

    4. Would you rather file a claim at the airline yourself?
        No. It would take longer to find the number and connecct with the right department than it would to start the process online. I would rather log on, fly through the steps and be done with it. I dont want to wait on the phone for the menu or on hold. And i really do not want to spend the time , gas, and money to park to go to the airport and do this. 

     5. Would you file a claim at the airline if you knew it would take you at least 1,5 to 3 hours and with us only 3 minutes?
         No, I’ve already been delayed and now i just want to get through with this. I dont want this to become an all day event with going to the airport or spending time on the phone. If i knew i could just do it online i could do it anywhere on a smartphone or at home on the computer or even at work

    6. Please share any additional feedback you may have.
        I think the site is very clear, i’m just not sure about how the service charge/fees work. If I were able to get compensation from the airlines can the your fee come out of that or is it up front? It would be nice to streamline this so after filling out the info it would be all taken care of. Keeping it simple and quick would be the key for me. I dont mind paying the fee even if it was only slightly higher than your competetors. For it to be made simple and to me “free money” i dont mind having the fee taken out and not having to worry about it.

  10. Using Mac OS 10.7.3 with Safari and Firefox.
    Feedback sought:
    1. Did you know that you can get up to 600 EUR when your flight is delayed?
    I did not know that (I knew you were entitled to compensation, just didn’t know how much). Of course, being from North America, I am not overly familiar with Travel Regulations in Europe (though I should be, I’ve done enough travel to that part of the world).
    2. Tone of voice, does the language and design appeal to you?
    The website is attractive, with nice images in the background, though after a while it feels like they are changing too often and too fast, to the point it becomes distracting as I read through the How It Works and FAQs. 
    Landing Page is nice, though a bit sparse for ‘selling’– maybe the info that appears under your link in a Google search can be worked into your site ( We help consumers who suffered from flight cancellations, plane delays, denied boarding or re-routing. Claim your compensation of up to EUR 600. )

    The grey-on-grey text-drop (the background that the text is on) and text makes reading the ‘How It Works’, ‘Privacy’, ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘About Us’ sections a bit of a strain to read, especially when ‘darker’ background images are showing due to the slight transparency of the grey text-drop.
    The buttons are large, easy to read, and easy to click on. 
    The Text language, as it is, is straight forward, none forceful, and for the most part is easy to read. Some grammar issues (maybe due to the different nuances between my North American/Canadian English and British English).
    Your ‘How It Works’ section does an excellent job explaining how the compensation. Some of the language, however, may not be commonly known– such words as Collate may not be understood by many of the people visiting your site (it may be that it is a British/European thing, but this is the first time I came across the word). That whole sentence (just after ‘What can we do for you?’ in the How It Works part) does not make sense at all if one doesn’t know what collate means. Also, it is a bit awkward to read ‘what you have the right to come ensue from this’— mostly because of how the text is justified and ‘to come ensue’ starts a new line in the paragraph. 
    Your FAQ is extensive and further explains the details of the services you provide and the legalities it covers in relation to recovering compensation for delayed flights. 
    Your terms and conditions are short (FINALLY! someone who understands that we don’t want to read 12 pages of stuff we don’t understand!).
    3. Is the website easy to use?
    I did a ‘Flight Cancelled’ check for BA714 that was cancelled on April 13th 2012 from Heathrow to Zurich due to fog. 
    In going through the process, the site accurately displayed the flight I choose, and asked me if it was the correct flight. I clicked yes. It asked me if I had a connecting flight. I clicked no. My first time, on Safari, in doing this, my ‘flight information’ box ‘doubled’, displaying the same information twice. It did not do this the second time (I repeated the same process in Safari after finishing it the first time) nor did it do so in FireFox (which I did more or less at the same time I did it the first time in Safari). 
    I selected ‘No’ to the option of rebooking a flight. I gave my ‘fake’ email address, and submitted the results, and was told that I was entitled to compensation of 250Euro.
    In being presented with the ‘congratulations’ on being entitled to compensation, I was again confronted with the awkward ‘Collate’ word., and given my choice of service options (and re-introduced to the ‘What Does This Mean’ section as found in the ‘How It Works’ section.)
    I ordered the ‘Pro-Account’ which asked for my information, and indicated that I would also have to submit information regarding my ticket details, etc. Of course, I did not proceed that far.
    The process up to that point was easy, and there were no problems.
    4. Would you rather file a claim at the airline yourself?
    Your services are aimed at persons who are not familiar with the legislation and regulations at apply to delays, re-routing, denied boarding, etc., and in that regards I would consider your services worth consideration. However, if someone is familiar with Regulation (EC) no.261 (and takes time to read the compensation policies as presented by the airways), I am not certain what advantages you offer outside of ‘doing the leg work.’
    5. Would you file a claim at the airline if you knew it would take you at least 1,5 to 3 hours and with us only 3 minutes?
    I think something like that depends on a persons schedule, knowledge, and even curiosities (personally, I would do it myself just to see what it is like). In regards to your ‘3 minute’ claim, I hold it with some reservation. Not knowing exactly what information you require from me (such as what information is needed to complete the ‘Passenger List’ and what Documents I need to send and how (PDF? Image? Ticket number?) I am guessing that must people will take much longer than 3 minutes to submit the necessary information when applying for your service.  Of course, it only took me 3 minutes to find out if my situation warranted compensation, but that’s different from submitting the info. I suspect that a first time user to your site may take 30 to 60 minutes, depending on how close at hand they have the necessary information.
    6. Please share any additional feedback you may have. 
    Bad Grammar: Your ‘How It Works’ button shouldn’t have a question mark. You are not asking a question, but answering one. It reminds me of lower level English language students and poor translations on 1980s Japanese toys.
    It would be nice if you provided a link to authoritative verification to your claim that 90% of claims are rejected on their first submission. Otherwise, it sounds like you are ‘creating statistics’ in order to convince people to use your service. 
    Though I never reached the stage where I am required to submit any financial information (to pay for the services), as with any site where I am presenting personal information, I am curious about what security systems you have in place, and what services execute the transactions.
    There was no noticeable difference between Safari and FireFox in appearance or user-ability.

  11. Well i entered a flight no..They asked whether i had booked a connecting flight
    had my flight got delayed…I accidentally clicked on yes. now if i had to click on no
    i had to do the same procedure over and over again….
    In the flight cancelled section they asked me my email address
    and the back button does not work here.

  12. 1. Did you know that you can get up to 600 EUR when your flight is delayed?
    Before I came to this website I had no idea. 2. Tone of voice, does the language and design apeal to you?
    The design is very creative and does “appeal” to me. Only flaw I noticed is once you have clicked either the “How it works” button or the “My Claim” button you can’t hit the back button on your browser because it will take you to a blank page. Maybe fix this?3. Is the website easy to use?
    Yes, everything was easy and simple to find.4. Would you rather file a claim at the airline yourself?
    Depending on the situation, if I was close to the airline being said, yes. If I knew about this website and didn’t feel like dealing with the drive and talking to a bunch of people I would use this website.5. Would you file a claim at the airline if you knew it would take you at least 1,5 to 3 hours and with us only 3 minutes?
    No, if I could get it done in 3 minutes rather than waiting 3 hours I would use this website, so long as I knew their online presence was accredited and they had good feedback.6. Please share any additional feedback you may have.
    To many pages that seemed could have been mixed together. For example, I would have the privacy and the FAQ page merged into a single page. Also, at the bottom of the FAQ page a link for users to contact you if they didn’t find the answer they were looking for in the FAQ.

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